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Name: Tomyris "Tomy' Isis West

Age: 15, about to turn 16

Gender: Female

Mortal Parent: Tobias West

Godly Parent:  1, Lyssa 2, Aphrodite 3, Melinoe

Personality: Tomy has the reputation for being a bit of a wild child. With her father often absent on trips, she got involved in bad crowds quite young. She has been arrested multiple times for underage drinking and drug possession. She has also been suspended and expelled for fighting. When Tomy is with people she gets along with however, she is often high so it's hard to see what she is truly like. However, as a young child, despite being volatile and quite mature; she also tried her hardest until she realized it only leads to disappointment. 

Appearance: Model = Mimi Elashiry , brown hair tan skin brown eyes

Weapon: After coming to Camp Half Blood, she has shown to be quite a natural using a battle axe and now carries a Celestial Bronze axe. Tomy's also owns a set of multiple daggers about the length of her forearm, which is always carried, given by her foster brother.


Tobias West was situated in Afghanistan, a soldier fighting there when he met Tomy's mother. They were being shot down like prey, and all he could see was blood. He was so scared, so absolutely terrified when he realized he was the only one of his unit left. After returning to base, still full of fear, he moved to his tiny bed and pulled out the alcohol they had smuggled in a few weeks earlier. An hour later, Tobias West was drunk, full of fear and going crazy with grief.

He didn't even question the beautiful, warrior-like woman who came in. He didn't question it at all and when he was sent back to America, too traumatized beyond repair to continue fighting, he forgot all about it. Until nine months later, when he got home from yet another liquor run to find a baby on the doorstep and a long letter. Now, Tobias might have been an alcoholic but he wasn't stupid or heartless so he took the baby inside and the next morning, he read the letter. It simply stated that one of the women he had slept with had gotten pregnant and she had passed away during birth and it was now his to look after. 

Tobias West didn't question the strange timing because he had slept with so many women after returning that he couldn't even keep track of the number. He simply named the child Tomyris, after the warrior queen who he had been told stories about by the locals in Afghanistan. 

Over the years, Tobias received work as a foreign ambassador and he was constantly being flown out for meetings; leaving Tomyris with countless babysitters. She grew up to be a violent child, often hurting kids in the playground and being cruel in the classroom. She would find joy in scaring people.

Not having an active parent, Tomy got involved in the wrong crowds quite young. She skipped school, never worked hard on homework. When Tobias died of liver failure when she was ten, Tomy was put into foster care.

However, due to her 'anger issues', she couldn't stay in one home long. She was shipped between homes weekly, never staying in one area for longer than two weeks. When she was thirteen and living with a family however, she walking home to school with their son when they were attacked by large silver birds from the sky. Tomy might have thought she was imagining it but she wasn't stupid so she pulled out her pocket knife and held it in front of her. The boy, only sixteen, laughed at her and pulled out...a bow and arrow, the tips of the arrows a weird bronze colour. He shot down the birds before they even came close and then continued walking home. When she asked what happened, he told her she was special, she could see things no one else could see. He gave her a set of long, knives. "Celestial Bronze" "Clear-sighted" "Mist" "Stymphalian birds" The words just bounced around her brain and the next day, after an argument with her foster parents, she was sent to another home.

After the first attack, Tomy couldn't handle her rage anymore. She didn't understand what was going on, she couldn't talk to anyone and all the time she just felt so angry and wanting to scare people. She took to drinking and drugs, getting involved with the wrong circles and getting shipped around more. Since the first attack, she was attacked more. She practiced every day since the attack with knives until one day, when a large red eyed dog attacked her, she could throw the knife perfectly and hit the beast but not until after receiving a long scar on the back of her neck from being caught off guard. The monster dissolved in ashes after being hit with one of her knives. 

After that, it was the weird lady at a musical festival who turned crazy and tried to kill her but once again, Tomy's luck just seemed to win the battle and the knives hit her. 

When Tomy turned fifteen, she went to another festival just out of New York where she met a strange boy her age called Fabian. He seemed twitchy and when he saw her knives one night as she sharpened them, his eyes went wide. Words spewed from his mouth, words she remembered years ago when monster birds had attacked her. He went into a long explanation, on how she must be a demigod and that he was a satyr and that he had to take her to a camp or whatever. Tomy didn't want to go but she had just ran away from yet another foster home, she had nowhere else to go and if she was caught with drugs one more time, she was going to juvie.

So Fabian brought her to Camp Half Blood by taxi where she now lives.

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  • No daggers for main weapons. Only back-up. Sad, no?
  • Also, elaborate on how she got to camp - by train? by bus? walked (hopefully not O_O)?

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By taxi, fixed it in history. main weapon = axe, now changed Meow? Meow? Meow!~ Kitten 01:54, December 30, 2014 (UTC)

You come up with genius namesakes, Meowzie :P

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