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Name: Trea Pierce Age: 16 Mortal Parent: Ethan Pierce God/Titan: Melinoe Appearance (optional): Aine O'Gorman Personality (at least a sentence or two): She is insanely playful, she disguises it with a stoic demeanor. She is so sincere in her act that she might even convince some people that she is entirely lacking in personality. She is excitable and insatiably wild. She is a monster, it is no joke. She is the kind of person who is laughing one minute then crying the next. Making jokes at the expense of whomever or about nothing at all and then blindingly mad or pouting followed by becoming the same ball of crazed energy she started out as. She is highly emotive to say the least. Her nature is so complex that she can experience at least four different emotional reaction in less than one half hour. She has mood swings, but she is not a completely awful mess. She is unbelievably manipulative, but she incomparably History (more than a paragraph): Ethan met Tera (Melinoe) during a ghost tour in France. Ethan was on vacation with his family, he wanted to tour the Paris Catacombs and the Chateau de Chateaubriant. No one wanted to join him on the ghost tour considering it a waste of time. Ethan went alone, and he was never happier that he had done so. He met Tera that day, and everyday since he has fallen more and more in love with the woman he thought to be the manic pixie girl of his dreams. Tera came to see Ethan just once after they met, she brought along a little someone with her. Their daughter. Ethan was understandably at a loss for words. He was able to quickly count back, and work out that the little girl was his. He was not expecting to ever see her again, at times he thought she had just been a figment of his imagination. The baby in her arms made her real. With her father still in grad school working toward a Masters' degree in Architecture she was raised by her grandparents. Aiden and Natalie were tasked with raising yet another child, and they both absolutely loved it. Trea was a joy to them, they were saddened that their son was not able to be with Trea's mother. After hearing so many wonderful things about her they suggested he name the baby Trea. She ended up being a bit of a handful for her doddering grandparents. She picked up a habit of scaring them, either by playing hide & seek with them whenever they were looking for her or the more rewarding form of jumping out and shouting when they least expected it. After so many years they should have begun to expect it, but Trea was creative with them. They were the first people she ever learned to observe. Her grandparents enlightened her father to the idea of adoption, he was so busy with work he never thought much about a second child. When his parents informed him of Trea's changing behavior it seemed best to everyone if Trea had a little brother or sister to play with. It took quite a few years to find the right child, when Trea was eleven she met Valentine. The little girl who would become her sister. Immediately close despite a small age different Trea loved Val as if she were a toy that her family had given her. She did not treat her like she was not a person. She knew that Val was her sister, and she was going to be that from now until forever. Even when Tre was mean to Val she did it out of love. Mostly a need satiate her rambunctiousness. Her sister became her closest friend, and her back up when the monsters showed up. Aiden and Natalie took their granddaughters Trea, and Valentine horseback riding for Trea's 11th birthday and their first gift to their newly adopted granddaughter. They owned a nice ranch in Canada that they only used sparingly. With two little girls they made trips up North like they used to when Ethan was growing up. Trea loved to be on horseback, it probably had something to do with the fear involved. Not her own, that of her grandparents when she started learning to perform stunts on horseback. Trea and Val were together when Trea talked Aiden and Natalie to let them head up the trail. She promised not go too far, a blatant lie. After Natalie was convinced by Aiden to let them go Trea made sure both horses galloped, once they were out of sight she began racing with Val. While trying to goad her little sister into picking up her pace, she got more than she bargained for in the form of a fire breathing horse. whether it was a mistake or fate, Aiden and Natalie went back up to the house after letting the girls ride off. Had they been out there closer to the trail they might have heard the screams. Trea and Val saw the horse first, Trea said aloud that she thought it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, albeit in a deadly sort of way. She thought it was a wild Canadian Horse, and she was intent on riding it, or at least luring it back up to the ranch. Or so she thought, until she saw that it had red eyes and it could breath fire. Fighting a horse that breathes fire was not exactly easy, even with Val there to help. Trea did not carry any weapons on her, she did not lead the kid of life that would force her to need them. Not to mention the fact that if her father or grandparents ever caught her with a weapon of any kind they would probably have her committed. She did the only thing she knew how to do in that moment. while she was having fun with it she was doing everything she could to protect Val. She wanted to tell her to get back to the ranch, she did not do that. She was able to use some of the stunts she learned trick riding to outsmart the fiery horse. A lot of what she ended up doing could have also been considered showing off, it was probably for Val. When she was not putting on a show, she was using her terrified little sister as bait. Easily being able to outmaneuver the horse thanks the amount of daredevil in her, not to mention how little she cared about almost losing her life. She used a horse riding stunt rather appropriately called Death Drag at the perfect time. She was able to get the fire breathing beast to lunge at her impaling itself on large formation of rocks jutting out of the ground. The battles just kept on coming, almost like birthdays and holidays, there was a least one memorable one every single year. A single Myrmeke making them as lucky as anyone who had to fight in the hopes of surviving an encounter with a giant ant that spits acid. The monster being so much bigger than them only made the experience more exciting for Trea as she made her way under the thing creating a bladed weapon made of solid ectoplasm to cut through its undersides. She was near useless after the fact, she was unable to move from sheer exhaustion although she was quite possible still in shock. In their next big battle Tre and Val faced a dog, like the horse they fought a few years ago, Trea thought this was a normal animal until she was those red eyes. She only had a small amount of hesitancy trying to kill a dog since it was likely to tear them both to shreds had she not been able to bash it to death. Seeing a giant scorpion for the first time seemed like some sort of nightmare one wakes from after being chomped in half. She knew she was not dreaming, it was about time for another fight. Only in this one they hacked off limbs before separating its segmented joints. A small swarm of Stymphalian birds put a small amount of fear in Tre, they were the mutant spawn of pigeons with knives for beaks. She thought the giant ant and scorpion were bad, this was worse. She was not sure how they were going to survive this fight with something that could fly since they lacked that ability. Once they realized that this monster too had a weakness they destroyed it. Harpies were only make believe, a creature from a story someone made up until Tre was face to face with one of them. She never meant to let it get so close to her or Val the danger she exposed them both to was the only way she could think of for both of them to get to one of the wings and break it, Trea went a bit insane during that fight. Fighting for the life of her and her sister made her do things she might not have done otherwise. Her sense of brutality did not do much to change who she is, she will still be Trea regardless. It all started with Trea, as it usually does. She was in a mood and it did not seem to be going away. She can remember the moment when everything was turned upside down. It lead to her being exceptionally cruel to Val, tormenting her to no end. She started the day off carrying on with scary stories she began telling Val from the night before. She followed that act up with sounds she pretended not to hear. She knew to combination of things would drive Val over the edge, what over the edge meant at the time she did not actually know but she was eager to see. Trea had seen ghosts before, she was resigned to the fact that every place she had ever been to was haunted. She actually liked it when her hair stood on end or it suddenly got cold, it usually meant a ghost was near. $#^% got real when Val's ghost mum showed up. Trea thought she was going to wet herself. She even said so, she was positive she was more freaked out by seeing Ava than Val was. She thought they were seeing their godly mother at first when Val reacted the way she did that she began to panic a little. This woman was not just some dead person, she was Val's mother. It was the coolest thing that has ever happened to her short of her father adopting Val. She was kind of star struck seeing someone she felt related to. Ava was not her mom but she was close to having a mom as Tre was ever going to get. She hounded the ghost with questions which were probably insanely annoying whether Ava had still been alive or not. She was confused about why Ava suddenly appeared to them until she explained to Ethan that Tre and Val were sisters, they were also demi-goddesses. Ava helped their father get to Camp in Long Island where they were claimed by the Ancient Greek Goddess Melinoe. Weapon(s) (optional): Celestial Bronze Pen/Spear (pen that can become the size of a spear) Dr. Mrs. Delphi von Doom (Hex Me) ಥ_ಥ

Name: Valentine Klyntar Mortal Parent: Ava Klyntar God parent: Melinoe Age: 13 Model: Larsen Thompson Personality: For a daughter of the goddess of ghost, Valentine isn't very brave around ghost, or most things in general. She hates ghosts, not being as afraid as she was around them since her mother appeared, and fears nearly everything like no tomorrow. When someone plays with her fears, she will start off being extremely scared, crying her eyes out and nearly wetting herself depending on what happened, and once they are done, she is full of anger and rage and will get back at them in anyway possibly. Valentine is very to herself, as meeting new people is a massive fear of her's, and will result into running away or finding a close dark corner to go cry in. When someone breaks the tough outer shell of her fear, like Trea has, Valentine is very compassionate and will make a lot of jokes, even if they don't make sense. History: Ava Klyntar always believed in the unusual and the paranormal so when the Greek goddess of ghosts took notice of her while in Los Angles gave her beliefs quiet a shock. Every Halloween when Melinoe would be able to do whatever she wanted, she would always have one part of her watching Ava done her normal Halloween tradition, going to every haunted house that was in the area before she went to her dorm and did research on paranormal related things. Ava had been out with friends at a early Halloween party and Melinoe happened be there as well. Melinoe asked if Ava was doing anything later on and if she was, would she mind if she came along, which she didn't. So they both went off doing Ava's normal Halloween traditions before ending up in Ava's dorm not doing research but something very different to research, leaving once 12am came. This one encounter somehow, or maybe because Ava was a perfect choice, made Melinoe fall pregnant and soon had a child. Melinoe returned to Ava with a baby girl. Melinoe told Ava what her and the child were and Ava was in shock the whole time. Soon Melinoe left and Ava still couldn't believe what had happened. She looked down at her new daughter and it all made sense then, finally coming to terms that this child's mother was a goddess while the baby's other mother was her. Valentine's early life was not at all like how her future years turn out. She was happy, or as much as she could be being afraid of nearly everything, and loving parent that didn't pay as much attention to her as she wanted. It all changed when Valentine turned 7. Ava had been obsessed even more with the paranormal side she met Melinoe and wanted to meet her again, so she had been trying to find ways to bring Melinoe to her. On one Halloween night by the time Valentine was almost 6, Ava extremely believed that if she created a new ghost she would see Melinoe again, so she committed suicide, with one thing still on her mind, wishing that her daughter would be safe. Valentine had been hearing and seeing Ava do some unnatural things for as long as she could remember and when she saw the ghost of her mother appear, it was what sent her into a spiral of fear of everything. After that one moment, Valentine was all alone, family wise, and scared and was put in many foster families, all she didn't like, until one man gave her a more permanent and proper family. When Valentine was 8, a man named Ethan Pierce adopted her. She had a family again that was better than her mother because Ethan paid more attention to her than anyone else before and even better, Valentine got a sister named Trea, who seemed to always play on Valentine's fear but still loved her. Valentine found that her and Trea where a lot alike, apart from the fact she was afraid of nearly everything and Trea is the opposite. They both had moments when Ethan would take them somewhere and they would both see ghosts, which would make Valentine burst out in tears as soon as she saw her greatest fear. On a trip to the ranch owned by her adoptive grandparents up in Canada for Trea's 11th birthday, Trea had convinced their grandparents to let them go horseback riding and once they were out of sight of Ethan and their grandparents all hell broke loss. They rode for a while until their grandparents house couldn't be seen anymore. Valentine, like normal, was afraid that something she was fearful of would appear from nowhere. She was right to be afraid. A fire Breathing Horse was what made Valentine scream for her life because of her instantly seeing its red eyes. Trea was so into riding it until she noticed it was a monster, she was the one that killed it while Valentine ran off into a crevice among some rocks, become intangible and immune to the attacks of the monster horse. There were a monster attacks every single year, two if they were together often. A single Myrmeke, a giant ant that spits acid attacked when Val was nine. The monster humongous Valentine wasn't able to create the same kind of weapon out of solid ectoplasm that Trea was but she did create a net to keep it from catching her when she rant from it. The dog, the Hellhound, lured Trea like the horses two years before. Trea never noticed how the red eyes made it a monster. They both weren't able to fight off the dog as quickly, Valentine was scared that it was chasing them around longer than anything else had. Valentine created the blunt weapon they used to bash the monster to death before Trea took over to finish it off. Their first time fighting a giant scorpion was a nightmare, it nearly chomped in half Trea in half. Valentine and Trea started taking archery classes the summer before Valentine 10th birthday. They each created their own bow and arrows during the battle they used them to severe the monsters joints. They were surprise attacked by the Stymphalian birds it was the only thing to Trea ever showed fear of, Valentine was so frightened she shed her human nature and appeared as an angel while Trea simultaneously appeared as a demon. Detached from human weakness they were able to strike fear and instill peace before they destroyed the flying monsters. A single Harpie is last of the beasts they faces on their own, Trea let it get dangerously close to the both of them Valentine reminding her she would never let it hurt her during and after that fight. Her life became even weirder when her mother showed up. Trea was terrorizing her like normal one night until Valentine felt something that she always associated with her greatest fear. Valentine stopped in her tracks and started to cry, even though she was 13. Trea and Valentine both thought it was Trea that made this happen, a ghost that looked very familiar to Valentine appeared. Trea may have said she was going to wet herself but Valentine actually did. Valentine was as scared as she had ever been until she realized who the ghost was. The ghost was Valentine's mortal mother, Ava, and was sent by Melinoe, being that she went to Ethan's house before it was his with her parents, to finally give both her daughters and Ethan all the facts. Trea kept asking Ava question while Valentine went to go get clean clothes. Valentine only asked Ava one question, "Are you real?", which didn't get a straight answer to. Once Trea was finished asking Ava questions, Ava told Trea to get her father. While Trea went to find her father, Ava talked with Valentine. She told Valentine everything about her and said that her other mother had giving her a gift but she would only get it once she went to a certain place. Trea came back a while later with Ethan and Ava showed herself to him. She told him that she was Valentine's mother and Valentine and Trea were half-sisters, but not from her, but through a Greek goddess. She told Ethan that they have to go to a special place for children like Valentine and Trea, where this place was and she would stay with them until they get to the place, for moral support for Valentine. The next day, the road trip from Montana to Long Island, New York started. The whole time, Ava was right beside Valentine until they reached Long Island, when Melinoe called Ava back to the underworld. Ethan walked Valentine and Trea to the borders of Camp Half-Blood. Trea and Valentine walked down to the valley and were claimed by Melinoe. They both went into the cabin to find three gifts, two for Valentine and one for Trea. Weapons: Slingshot with a pouch full of metal pellets, each pellet being made of either steel, CB, silver or Stygian Iron, that never run out, CB baseball bat. You can't fix me. I'm unbreakable .The Jam Man..contributions.


Yes, I'm Frost, a helper around here... So, let's check over these double forums...

  • Trea:
    • Where exactly did Ethan meet Melinoe?
    • Was Trea exhausted after summoning her blade of ectoplasm or no?
    • Did she recover from her small bout of insanity or no? If so, how long did it take?
  • Valentine:
    • How did she get the fear of ghosts? Traditionally, Melinoe kids shouldn't be afraid of their parents' symbol.

And that's all I spotted so far~ - User Left

Hi there! I'm also one of the claimers here, and I have some points I found that I like you to clear up (asides those Frost stated).

  • I don't have any problems with Trea, so we'll have sweet Val. Ghosts, as passed here in the wiki, cannot be able to appear in places they've never gone to when they were alive, no matter what.
  • Just to make sure, since ghosts are dead people with unfinished business, what was Ava's 'unfinished business'? If it was telling her child the necessary info, killing herself doesn't really show it as an important business she needed to work on even when dead.
  • How long have they been at Camp since arrival? Two weeks is the maximum time.
  • What were those gifts they received? Were they the weapons?

That's just all. See ya!

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Why me of both of us?

  • Fixed that bit
  • It was to make sure Val was safe. I think I wrote that in there
  • Like a couple of days
  • Yes they were the weapons

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Alright. All clear. So who's for who? State next time who Trea belongs to and who Val belongs to, k?

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