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Name: Trey Maschera

Gender: Male

God Parent: Apate, Nyx and Melinoe

Mortal Parent: Antonio Maschera

Appearance: check pic

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Personality: Trey has an extreme case of bipolar disorder. Half the time Trey is happy, bright, cocky and flirty. The other half he's sad, depressed, anti-social and self-loathing. He developed this after his father got his face burned and stopped getting work, meaning Trey lost the luxurious life he had grown used to.

History: Antonio Maschera was a young man from Italy, having recently came to New York to work as an actor. Antonio was actually quite talented, his acting career having gone even more successful than he had hoped for. He attended a premiere party after his latest movie premiered, where he met a rather promiscuous woman. Antonio had a quick fling with her, typical for the man. But little did he know, the woman he had slept with was Apate. Goddess of deceit, lies and fraud.

Needless to say, not too long after Antonio was left with a young baby boy. It was somewhat of a scandal, a star like him having a child from an affair. He tweaked the story slightly, merely saying the baby boy was the child of a girlfriend who disappeared some time ago.

Antonio named his young son Trey and took it upon himself to raise him. He normally left the young demigod with nannies, not having the time to raise him. But naturally Trey got everything he wanted except quality time with his father. Also being the son of a famous actor got to his head, generating a cocky and carefree attitude.

Trey was 14 when he went to the beach with his friends, obviously he was enjoying himself when a two telekhines crawled out of the ocean. Trey thought they were just weirdos in fish suits, but they growled as they ran after him. He ran off, managing to disappear within the large crowd of people managing to lose the monsters. Trey still thought they were men in fish suits, but he quickly left the beach without even letting his friends know.

A few months later, Antonio got in a horrible fire. He was rushed to the hospital, but his face was horribly burned and disfigured. Meaning he could'nt get any work because his looks allowed him to get in as many movies as he did. Antonio wasn't so great with money, so he and Trey quickly began to lose the fortune they were so accustomed to.

Naturally this also meant his entire life changed. His friends never talked to him anymore, all the fancy possessions Trey cared about so much vanished. Again since Antonio didn't know to save his money, he and his son slipped into poverty. The 15 year old boy began to resent his father, blaming him for their current situation.

One night, when Trey was walking the streets alone. After a fight he had with his dad, he was met by a young cop who was concerned as to why he was alone so late. And then a small group of harpies attacked Trey, threatening to tear him to shreds. Fortunately, the cop was a demigod son of Themis. Who fended them off with his crossbow. Obviously the cop realized Trey was a demigod as well, so he took the 15 year old boy to camp where he currently resides.

Weapons: A CB Khopesh


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