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Name: Tristan Proctor

Gender: male

Species: demigod

Age: 13.5

God Parent: Cybele

Mortal Parent: Trevor Proctor

Appearance: Model=David Mazouz

Personality: Tristan is positive, and embraces and has come to terms with his disability, however wishes for nothing more than for the ability to walk again. He has learned to walk with the aid of plants wrapped around his legs, but would love to be able to do so unaided. He is very modest about his experience with his powers and with throwing knives, having mastering the weapon, as being paralyzed means he never had to focus on learning how to use a sword or bow. He is always worried about being the outcast due to his paralytic state, and therefore a bit reserved and quiet when you first meet him, but opens up quickly once he knows you. He loves a good laugh, and is super excited to finally be in a safe place such as Camp Half Blood around other people like him besides Penelope and Kris. He misses his father, but knows his father is extremely upset at Penelope and loves her more as his family than he does his father. Their relationship is quite complicated.

History: Ben Proctor was a marine biologist, environmental activist, and taxonomist who spent his time literally trying to save elephants in Africa. One day, when protesting at a rally against cutting down trees in the Amazon Rainforest, he met a women in a green dress with long brown hair, who he felt was the first person in a long time to be as passionate as he was about the way the environment was being treated. He took her out to dinner that night, and fell for her, as she did him. Three dates later, they would go back to his place and make love, when she would tell him that she would be leaving to Antarctica to help “save the penguins” and would be gone for much time. He was disappointed, but understood.

Five months later, she returned with a child in her arms, and explained who she was. He didn’t believe her, and did not accept the child, saying she had no proof, at which Cybele stuck out of her hands and made a cup with them, and a flower bloomed right in her hand. (She made it so he could see through the mist temporarily.) The child started crying, as if he knew his mother would leave soon. A man of Welch ancestry himself, Ben named his child Tristan, stemming from the word noise, to symbolize how he had met Cybele: speaking out about the environment.

Trevor was a good father to Tristan. He raised him right, with proper etiquette, morals, and the such. He was raised with the same ideas on the environment’s importance his father had. Tristan and his dad were close, like any normal family with a single dad. It wasn’t until Tristan turned ten that something tragic happened. Trevor was driving Tristan home from a birthday party when a drunk driver drove his car right into them, as he was driving on the wrong side of the street, at over 80 miles per hour. Trevor tried to swerve out of the way, but it was too late. The two cars rammed into each other, and while Trevor only ended up with a concussion and a few scratches here and there, the crash would leave Tristan paralyzed from the waist down. The driver of the other car would die the crash.

At first, like any ten year old, like any human, Tristan was beside himself at the loss of his legs. Then, still in the hospital, he entered a phase of denial, and tried to walk, almost giving himself a concussion. Soon after that he started to accept that this was reality, and he was no longer able to walk. As he was just beginning to accept who he was now that he was paralyzed, his father brought him some even more shocking news. A few days after leaving the hospital, Trevor introduced Tristan to a girl around twenty years old named Penelope.

Trevor had prayed to Cybele explaining what happened, and how he was worried that now Tristan would be unable to defend himself. Cybele answered his prayer through a dream, telling him that she would send someone she trusted to protect him. Demeter had owed Cybele a favor, and Cybele said her debt would be paid if she asked one of her children to protect Tristan until he was old enough to go to camp. Penelope was an extremely gifted daughter of Demeter who for the next two years, would be Tristan’s bodyguard, posing as Tristan’s personal nurse.

Because there were two demigods now, and Penelope being twenty, Tristan’s first experience with a monster came when he was eleven, when two hellhounds came for him at his house. It was for this exact reason, that Penelope lived with Trevor and Tristan in their home. She was sitting on the couch next to Tristan (who was in his wheelchair) when the beasts attacked. She took out a celestial bronze throwing knife, and with perfect aim, threw it right into the left eye of one of the hellhounds. The stone wall right outside the house was covered in vines, which she manipulated to burst through the window, entangling the second Hellhound, while she threw two more throwing knives at the first one, essentially killing it. She then walked over to the second hellhound, and stabbed it multiple times with one of her knives.

At this point, she thought that it may be helpful if Tristan learned to use some of his powers, as the monster attacks started occurring. However, his father did not want her to train him, thinking that it was dangerous because of his condition, and that he was a lost cause due to his physical condition. He made Penelope swear not to teach Tristan anything.

Six months later, when on a class field trip to a national park, Tristan and Penelope were attacked by a stray myrmeke who had caught their scent. Penelope easily bested the beast, summoning a venus flytrap that would bite off the myrmeke’s leg as Penelope would shoot three consecutive arrows at its underbelly. The attack was covered up by the mist, so the class did not notice anything. It was at this point that Cybele would appear to Penelope in a dream telling her that despite what Trevor said, she was to teach Tristan how to use his powers, as her deal with Demeter was that Penelope was only required to protect Tristan for two years, and that he needed to learn to fend for himself.

Penelope started training Tristan in secret, whenever Trevor was out protesting for an environmental cause or out working. Tristan, being paralyzed from the waist down, wasn’t taught how to use any sort of weapon, but only how to use his powers. And he was very good at it. By the end of a month, he was summoning and communicating with animals of all sorts, and manipulating earth, plants and vines to do all sorts of things with simple thoughts. Tristan spent every waking minute for the next three months practicing his powers subtly, manipulating the leaves and vines on trees and things without people noticing, building up his stamina with his powers.

After another six months (Penelope has been with Tristan for a year and Tristan is now twelve), he and Penelope were attacked again by three giant scorpions when attending a national conference about the environment with Trevor. Together, the two demigods took out the scorpions one by one, with Travis incapacitating them, and Penelope taking them out with her knives. Trevor saw Tristan using his powers (he can’t see through the mist, but it was obvious to him, being familiar with the mist) at the conference, and after Penelope and Tristan had taken out the scorpions, his dad went ballistic on Penelope, telling her to leave his family alone and never come back or try to contact Tristan again.

Penelope is so taken aback by Trevor’s reaction, and had come to care so much about Tristan, that she started to cry, apologizing. She promised Trevor she would leave his family alone forever. But she knew that her promise with Cybele outweighed whatever Trevor wanted. She snuck into Tristan’s bedroom that night by climbing the tree near his window. The window being unlocked, she entered, and told Tristan that his mother had told her to take him away from his father so she could pay her mother’s debt back fully, and to keep Tristan safe.

She snuck Tristan out of the house and took him to her apartment on the other side of town. Tristan wanted to be with his father still, but wanted to learn how to control his powers more. Penelope transformed her five room apartment into a training ground for Tristan to learn how to use his powers, only leaving one small room with two beds which they would share as a bedroom. All his food was brought to him from the outside world by Penelope. The other rooms were filled with dirt, plants, vines, rocks, and they opened the windows and made a hole in the wall to allow for small animals to enter. For the next year, Tristan would not leave this room, practicing moving the elements of nature around him, practicing in combat against Penelope, building up with stamina, endurance, energy, and his power. A month before Tristan turned thirteen, he and Penelope were attacked by four hellhounds. Penelope was at first amazed at the number of hellhounds that had come after them, but based on the power of the demigods, the fact that there were two of them, and the fact that neither of them had really left the apartment for months on end, the scent was exceptionally strong. The hellhounds surrounded the two of them, and charged. Tristan summoned a small whirlwind of grass blades and leaves, but they were sharper than usual. He sent the miniature tornado flying at one of the hellhounds, and it would throw it back against the wall, and the hellhound would be incapacitated and scraped up.

Meanwhile, Penelope had already killed one of the Hellhounds with a throwing knife, and had entangled another in vines so thick that the hellhound was barely visible through the vines. Tristan held the fourth hellhound back with a wall of earth, while they were dealing with the others. He then left the wall fall, and as soon as he did, the hound charged, but Penelope had already thrown two knives in its direction. It died, only leaving the hellhound incapacitated and the one entangled in vines. Tristan’s wheelchair couldn’t move at this point because of the plants everywhere, and rocky terrain he created by training for this exact moment. Penelope temporarily animated an extremely large oak tree right outside the window, which reached through the window, took the incapacitated hellhound (which had tried to recover), threw it against the ground, and started beating it with its thick branches. As for the final hellhound entangled in the vines, she told Tristan to keep the vines in place so she could pick him up out of his wheelchair and carry them out of the apartment and away from the fight.

As soon as they left, she told Tristan they were headed to one of her friend’s houses in the neighborhood, and then, she felt it was best he go to camp, as they attacks were getting worse and worse, and more and more frequent. They arrived at her friend’s house, which was a mess. But what would you expect, given that he was a child of Hephaestus. They would stay there for a day while the Hephaestus by, named Kris, made Tristan a new wheelchair, which would be made of Celestial Bronze. The wheelchair also contained weapons to help Tristan out in a fight, to even the playing field despite his paralytic state. Two throwing knives are concealed in the chair’s armrests, and the chair also has a miniature Gatling gun the flips out from the back of the chair and over Tristan’s shoulder and shoots Celestial Bronze bullets, but the bullets are custom made for the gun and expensive so must be used sparingly.

One day, Penelope put on a puppet show to keep Tristan entertained, about her childhood. She manipulated some grass blades to form people, which she made move, and spoke for them. It was actually kind of cool, and gave Tristan an idea. What if he could use grass to make his own legs move? The next day, he wrapped vines around his legs and tried to move them, even in the slightest way. Due to already being quite experienced with his powers, he was able to manipulate the vines, but having no ability to feel below his waist, spent the next three weeks learning the limits of his body, and how to manipulate which vine in order to make his leg make different desired movements. He spent the next month putting off his trip to Camp Half Blood, learning how to walk. Penelope urged otherwise, but reluctantly agreed when he said that he would not show up at a camp where he had to meet new people and be the outcast. This is because ,as she explained in her puppet show, she was bullied as a child for her weight and being fascinated with flowers, when other girls were more interested in things such as dance and much more thin and athletic.

A month later, Tristan left the house for the first time since they with Penelope to go to the supermarket with her, just for some fresh air. (Penelope thought it would be good for him.) Kris, being a normal college aged kid, took advantage of Tristan not being in his house for the first time in approximately a month and invited around twenty of his demigod friends over for a party with beers, ping pong, pool, and playful sparring. So excited about his party, Kris forgot about all the attention all the demigods would draw when it came to monsters. The seventeen demigods that showed up had a few beers, and by then their strong combined scent had attracted the attention of the Erymanthian Boar that was in the area. With half of the demigods already intoxicated, the boar’s first strike came out of nowhere. A Dionysus child was busy helping to sober everyone up to help with the fight, while the three nemesis triplets at the party tried to cause the bore to lose its balance, so it would miss the demigods when it charged. The Melinoe and Hecate kids turned into powerful poltergeists and summoned other ghosts to help try to keep the beast still. The Hades and Persephone children summoned a miniature army of skeletal soldiers to attack the beast’s left leg, trying to cripple it. Meanwhile, the Apollo and Eros children were preparing celestial bronze arrows that they would shoot in the beast’s eye.

But the beast would not die. They were able to keep it contained in one general area and keep it from doing any major destruction, but it just would not go down. They were still battling it when Tristan and Penelope got back to the house. Penelope saw the boar and began to turn Tristan’s wheelchair around, but not before Tristan could see it. He wanted to join the fight, and wouldn’t be stopped from doing so. He manipulated some vines around his legs, and made the vines hold him still in the air. He summoned an army of nearby squirrels to attack the boar, distracting it, climbing all over it’s body. He manipulated the vines in the area to entangle the beast, but it broke out. However, he was what was needed to keep the beast still enough for the Apollo kid to get a clean shot at the Beast’s eye, and piercing it’s brain. Finally, the monster turned to dust. Penelope was mad that Kris would do something so irresponsible, especially with Tristan still around, but was more upset when she found out that he had died in the attack, along with the Dionysus demigod, and the Eros demigod.

Even though she was grieving, Penelope had to focus on protecting Tristan from the same fate. Penelope and one of the other demigods at the party who Penelope trusted, a child of Tyche named Carmen, then escorted Tristan to camp from Kris’s house in Denver (they drove to avoid monsters at airports), and arrived there safely, with no further problems.

Weapons: Wheelchair gun, throwing knives, powers (he does not have another primary weapon other than the knives and wheelchair, as he would be unable to wield it. I hope this is ok)

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