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Name: Tyler "Ty" Peril

Gender: Male

God Parent: Hecate, Athena, Iris(I want Hecate or Athena because they go with my story, so please one of them.)

Mortal Parent: Arthur Peril

Family: Elizabeth Vancamer-Peril(Step-Mother), Diana Vancamer(Step-Sister), Nevaeh Vancamer(Ste


p-Sister), Jake Vancamer(Step-Brother), Miley Peil(Half-Sister), Nancy Peril-Vancamer(Half-Sister)

Appearance: brown hair and eyes, tan, very muscular, 6'8"

Personality: He is a true jock. He believes that he is very hot and that is the ladies man. He is spoiled. He is very popular and flirty. He is kind. He loves football and basketball. If you mess with his family he will beat you.

History:Ty's dad was a son of Eros. Two goddesses were attracted to him because of how handsome he is. He attracted Athena and Hecate(Might replace one if Iris is the mother). Both the goddesses dated him and had an affair with him. The results were Ty and Miley. The goddesses told Arthur that they were goddesses but not who. So the kids were unclaimed. Arthur told them that their mothers were immortal but he didn't know who.

Ty was born first on July 25. Miley was born 1 later. They grew up knowing they were demigods and studying Greek myths. Ty went to school, and had many friends. When he was in 5th grade he joined the basketball team, and was the star player. He joined football in 7th and was the best player. He loved his sister and wouldn't let any boys touch her. When he was 15 he and his sister were attacked by a Hellhound. Their dad had given them CB Daggers to be safe, so they it them out to fight. Since they had no training, they had to use their instinct. Miley ran to the back of the hellhound and stabbed it in the rear end. It yelped and kicked Miley, which knocked her out. Ty had a rush of adrenaline from his anger, and jumped ontop of the dog and stabbed it in the head. The hellhound turned to gold dust and Ty fell to the ground. He woke up in his bed with his father above him. "How was your first monster?" he asked. Ty laughed and got out of bed.

Later that month, a woman named Elizabeth moved to Austin with her kids. Apparently they were a family of demigods. She was a daughter of Aphrodite and her children were Diana; daughter of Apollo, Nevaeh; daughter of Palaemon, and Jake;son of Posiedon. At the time Nev and Jake were unclaimed.

Arthur and Elizabeth fell in love and got married. Together they had Nancy Peril-Vancamer. They had one big house and a huge family. 6 kids. With so many demigods in the house they were attacked many times but they worked together to defeat the monsters. One night while they were all alseep they were attacked by a clan of Laistrygonian Giants. They there cannonballs at their house. The family tried to get out but many died in the house when the cannonballs hit the house. The list of the dead are: Diana(daughter of Apollo). 5 children were left. They ran with their parents to try to escape but one of the giants threw a cannonball at the group. Jake(Son of Posiedon) died. 4 children were left. When the survivors got up from the attack they heard a battle cry. Many people in armour came out from the woods. They attacked the giants. Many turned to dust. 3 demigods were left and all of them were unclaimed. Arthur and Elizabeth talked to one of the men. Arthur ran to the demigods and told them to take this money, and go to Long Island, New York, with this man. He took the 3 demigods and Nancy(Arthur and Elizabeths child) to the train. They got to Pennsylvania when they learned that Elizabeth(the mom) died by the giants.

All of a sudden the train stopped. When the group looked outside the saw a giant stopping the train. everyone was running away from the train. Miley and Ty got separated from Nancy, Nev, and Oak, the satyr. Miley and Ty ran from the train. They were now in the woods lost. After a couple hours of traveling through the woods, they met a 2 men, and one of them was a satyr. They knew they were demigods, because of the satyr. They told them about a place for demigods other than the camp, but better. It was called the BC. They told them the goals of the BC and it's factions. Miley was interested and wanted to go. She said she hated the gods for having kids with all kinds of people then don't even visit their kids. She also added that she thinks demigods should rule and the gods should be taken down from their throwns. Ty wanted to go to the camp. He tried to talk, Miley into going but she wouldn't listen. The men talked her into leaving Ty and coming to the BC. So Miley left Ty and went with the men. Ty continued on to camp. 2 days later he arrived at camp and was greeted by his sisters Nev and Nancy. He explained to them where Miley was. They w

Ty's axe with the longer handle out.

ere not happy about her decision. He then was claimed by ?. As a present his mother gave him his axe. Then Nevaeh came and told him and Nancy that Ja

Ty's axe

ke, Nevaeh's dead brother, was a child of Posiedon. She had a dream about him and Posiedon appeared and told her.

Weapons: CB Throwing axe, if Ty wants the handle can get longer it will.

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Just wondering, but do you plan to make all the demigods in this story characters?

Yeah,is that a problem? Sonofboreas16 03:06, June 14, 2012 (UTC)

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