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Name: Valerie Way

Gender: Female

Godparent: Themis/Nemesis/Athena

Mortal Parent: Daniel Way (Dan)



Personality: Valerie is the friendly type. She likes alternative rock and is often seen listening to her music with her earphones. She also has a hard time talking to guys aside from her best friend Richard and her father, Daniel.

History: Themis/Nemesis/Athena was the judge holding the name Paige Wesley in one case that Daniel, a lawyer, handled and of which, he won too. The goddess was impressed by the attorney. He held much confidence and such good communication skills. He knew well of what he was doing and the goddess was lovestruck.

And so, one day, when he was supposed to meet a client in the local restaurant near his law firm, he met the goddess again just as the client has cancelled the meeting through a text message. They had a lengthy conversation and had more in the following three months that reached confidential things such as the goddess' identity and more that eventually led to a one night stand.

They never saw each other again but Daniel still remembered Paige and her secret. The baby was left by his doorstep nine months later that comes with a silver metal katana and a note that said: "Daniel, this is our daughter and one day as she reaches 12 years old, she'd have to go somewhere to protect you, the world, and herself. I would be sending someone to fetch her and bring her to Camp Half-Blood. Legal documents aren't going to be an issue, I promise. -Paige" Daniel didn't have a second thought upon the child, he remembers the conversation well although he had some DNA tests which proved true. It's a plus that his family wanted a child into the family too so he kept the baby and named her Valerie.

Valerie grew up with luxury but she knew very well how to take care of herself. She knew that the goddess was her mom as for Daniel hated late confrontations and trained herself of the katana which she brought with herself almost every time she's outside her home or her school. She was known around town for numerous awards for the academics as well as the athletics. She is a very blissful girl ever since she was a child and had a close relationship with her father. She also had a lot of friends and she coped up with school well; her best friend is Richard Summers a year her senior.

She encountered her first monster, a hellhound, at age fifteen after a writing competition she had in Long Island. She took out her katana trying to defend herself and Richard, who was actually her satyr guardian, helped her and when the hellhound was yet very weak they escaped to Camp Half-Blood which was a drive away from the venue of the competition, where Richard tells her about camp and more about her identity. She calls her Dad in Chicago and says her farewell and she finally goes to camp.

Weapon: A silver-metal katana

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