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Name: Veronica “Roni” Fantozzi

Gender: Female

God Parent: Asteria, Aglaea, Harmonia

Current Age: 16

Mortal Parent: Anthony Fantozzi

Appearance: I was hoping to use the model Savannah Stehlin from the model hunting agency but I wasn't quite sure if I could access that as a new user.  The character I had in mind is very similar to her so here's a basic description:

5'10", 140 lbs. Brunette hair, blue eyes, caucasian, dresses casually often, looks a bit mature for her age with no physical deformities, clear skin.

Personality: Roni is generally a painfully shy and secluded girl.  She’s not very good at speaking to others, and because of this she prefers to be silent whenever possible.  It’s not that she doesn’t want to talk to people, she’s just a bit afraid to.  When she does open up though, she tends to ramble, and can go on for hours if uninterrupted.  Though this is a rare occurrence as she has to know the person well.  She’s also a bit headstrong and prefers to tackle her issues by herself using her intellect.

History: Anthony Fantozzi was a very well known astrologer, in fact he was one of the top minds in his field.  While speaking at a convention dedicated to space he met a woman named Anita.  She was like no woman he’d ever met before, and he thought she had an odd aura to her.  Becoming interested in each other, the two decided to spend a night discussing the stars.  However that night turned… elsewhere.  A few months later Anita gave birth to a baby girl… and disappeared.  Anthony was shaken up by the whole ordeal, however he knew he had a little girl to take care of.

Veronica grew up mostly surrounded by academia due to her father’s lifestyle, and though he tried to give her as normal of a childhood as possible she often refrained from social interaction with others her age.  After a very unsuccessful time in pre-school her father decided to homeschool her instead, deeming that she’d get more out of it like he had when his parents home schooled him.  Veronica, even at a young age, found solace in reading books and staring up at the night’s sky rather than talking to others so she was entirely onboard with the idea.  Her first telescope, a cheap kid’s model, quickly became her favorite thing to play with.  As she grew the more Veronica obsessed about the mysteries of what could be out there… and the less she spoke to anyone or even left her room.  Her father noticed this and while he was worried about how shut in she was, was happy to have someone to share the stars with once more.  She even started attending seminars her father gave and sat in the back to observe.

Until Veronica was thirteen she led a life of simple life, or at least a simple life to her.  She trained her mind with the work her father gave her as well as other endeavors related to astrology, and trained her body through running and using her father’s work out equipment.  Though at thirteen something odd began to happen, she started having quicker reflexes than usual.  She saw things slightly before they even happened, as if she was predicting the future.  She could see perfectly at night and even began surpassing her father in knowledge of the stars.  These strange abilities manifested more and more, and Veronica hid them from her father fearing how he’d react.

However sometime in the summer when she was thirteen (born in February) Veronica had a bit of an ant problem.  More specifically while she was out for one of her jogs an ant the size of a motorcycle suddenly jumped out into her path, a creature that would prove to be a myrmeke.  She screamed and began running from the beast as fast as she could, however the beast was hot on her trail.  Veronica foresaw it spitting a jet of acid, so she ducked to the side as the beast sped past her firing the acid.  The myrmeke whirled around and was going to attack her again when Veronica heard a loud scream.

From almost nowhere an odd looking man jumped on the back of the creature and began beating it with what looked like a club.  The myrmeke managed to throw the man off whilst he screamed at Veronica to run.  With the myrmeke about to kill her savior Veronica charged at the creature from behind and punched it from behind, except she felt a bit more power in this punch than usual and a green flash erupted from her hand.  Her hand felt warm as the myrmeke collapsed, a thin hole punched straight through it before it dissolved into gold dust.

Veronica had no idea what had happened but went to check on the man who’d attacked the myrmeke.  She found that he wasn’t so normal himself, a satyr in fact.  She recognized him as one of her father’s students, and he warned her of the dangers she’d face because of who she was.  He told her of Camp Half-Blood and that she’d be safe there.  However, Veronica was hesitant to go with him.  She was content with her life, and didn’t want to suddenly be removed from it.  The satyr said that this would be a one time offer, and Veronica told him that she could take care of herself.  The satyr gave her Camp Half-Blood’s location incase she ever changed her mind and then left.

For two and a half years Veronica remained with her father, and since he was becoming a more active speaker at conferences and such she moved around quite a bit.  During these years she trained herself in secret, discovering new abilities and honing her old ones.  She also began researching Greek mythos and the creatures that resided in it.  Since she was never in one place for too long she was able to avoid having to deal with monsters too often, but she did (probably at about a six month clip) have to deal with the odd small hellhound or myrmeke that found it’s way to her.

Around her sixteenth birthday though she became aware of a figure in the crowd of one of her father’s presentations that didn’t sit right with her.  Upon closer inspection she found the woman to be snakelike in appearance, she knew this to be a scythian dracaena.  She knew it had to be there for her, and it was trying to pull a fast one.  At that moment Veronica realized that these monsters wouldn’t stop coming for her, and they’d just keep getting more deceptive with their approaches.  Fearing for the safety of her father Veronica went back to their hotel room, stole money from her father’s spare coat, left him a note detailing she’d been accepted to a private school for the gifted, and got on a train to Camp Half-Blood.  After a few hours of travel she made her way to the long island sound.  She happened to cross paths with a satyr who was returning to the camp after a failed recruitment, and reluctantly accepted his enthusiastic offer to guide her to camp.  Though they didn’t encounter any monsters on the way, they found a bit later on that a scythian dracaenae had been tracking them for some time, and was defeated by other campers when they got close to the campgrounds.

Possessions/Weapons: Veronica prefers to simply use her powers, however when having to use weapons she'll lean towards the classic celestial bronze bow and arrow (perhaps a few iron arrows for good measure) at long range, while having a celestial bronze hand axe for short range.

PS: I hope I did this right, I read the rules but I'm not entirely settled in them so I probably made a few glaring errors here.  I'll gladly fix anything that happens to be amiss about this.

SolitarySouls (talk) 04:38, June 27, 2016 (UTC)


Heyooooo gotta say this is a pretty good claim and I would love to claim it if you can answer me one question. How did she get her weapon? (If I missed that I'm sorry) also good luck and I hope you get claim :)

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She probably just picked it up from the armory, as she didn't have any weapons on her when she got to camp.  SolitarySouls (talk) 07:33, June 27, 2016 (UTC)

Ohhhhhhh nice! Anyhow last question and you get yourself a welcome to camp sign! (promise) How long was she at camp (cause we do have a 2 weeks rule here >.< to avoid metagaming (sorry))

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions…

She definitely hasn't been there for any longer than a few days.  One of her first places to visit would've been the armory. SolitarySouls

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