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Name: Victoria Lisky

Gender: Female

Age: 14

God Parent: Zeus, Apollo or Zephyr (Since my preference is Zeus, the character's father in this claim will be him)

Mortal Parent: Angelina Lisky

Appearance: About 5'5", light brown hair and electric blue eyes. Fit body and tan skin, along with a beautiful smile.


She has a sweet personality. She is beautiful, polite and graceful and loves romance. Although she's sometimes a little girly, she can be very brave and willing to protect her love ones. She's usually an upbeat, energetic and optimistic girl. She tends to tell the truth instead of lying. She is a potential leader who is bright and intelligent. She is caring, loyal and friendly.


Angelina Lisky was the daughter of Phillip and Catherine Lisky. Phillip was a well-known politician in Washington, and Catherine was the ambassador of Brazil in the US. Because of this, Angelina was taught and raised to be a politician just like her father, although she didn't have much interest in politics. A few months after her 21st birthday, she was ready to be a politician when she was invited to a White House conference with her parents. She got bored during the speech, so she went to the restroom, and on her way back to the conference, she met a gorgeous man. He has bright blue eyes and black hair, he was wearing suit and very tall. He introduced himself, he said his name was Zachary Skening and he was a politician. She was immediately attracted to him, and so was he. After that, he asked her out on a date and she agreed. They went out together for 2 weeks, and they fell in love deeper and deeper. Then he finally told her the truth, that he was a Greek god and the whole Greek myth was true. She asked him what was his true name, and he revealed to be Zeus, the king of the gods. Angelina was shocked. She couldn't believe she went out and fell in love with a Greek god, and not just any god, THE KING of the gods. However, she didn't care about this, as she had already fell deeply in love with him, so they continued to go out. They got closer and closer, and then, Victoria came along.

After Victoria was born for 3 days, Zeus disappeared and left a note that said: "I have to go back to Olympus. Hope you'll understand. And one more thing, whenever you think it's time for our daughter to be trained like a demigod, drive her to Camp Half Blood, Farm Road 3.141, Long Island, New York 11954. Goodbye". As soon as Phillip knew about this, he was extremely furious and angry, and decided to disown her. However, since Catherine was a caring and kind woman, she still loved her daughter a lot even if she had a child before marriage. She secretly help Angelina to become a single mother. Angelina moved to Baltimore and got a job in a law firm, thanks to her college degree in law. Catherine helped her by secretly sending her money until she got back on her feet and got a job and a house, she often visited her to help her with raising Victoria. 

Unlike some demigods, Victoria's childhood was quite a normal and peaceful one. Victoria grew up to be a beautiful and graceful girl. She learned how to be polite and well-mannered from her mother, since Angelina was born in a wealthy family and was raised to be a courteous lady. Victoria went to school and had a normal life. She had friends, but not so much.She really enjoyed Greek mythology and Literature. She enjoyed playing outside and looking at the sky. She adored eagles and birds. As she started to go to school, she showed her demigod's signs like ADHD and dyslexia. She also showed signs of claustrophobia and talents in leadership, probably because she's a child of Zeus. She befriended with a young girl Wendy, who was actually a wind nymph. Wendy was commanded by Zeus to come and help Angelina and Victoria and take Victoria to camp. 

When she was 11, she had her first monster attack. She was sick, so she was allowed to go home early. She was on her way home from school. On her way home, she had to go through a dark forest. That day, she felt something strange in the forest. As she walked, she heard noises coming out of the trees. She walked quickly, and then in front of her was a group of monstrous pigeon-like birds. The birds kept chasing her, making Victoria ran and ran as fast as she could, but the birds got closer and closer. Suddenly, the clock of a nearby tower rang. It made a loud and horrible noise, which caused the birds to be distracted. Victoria immediately took a nearby sharp branch and hit the birds at their wings. They immediately fell down. This allowed Victoria to escape. She finally got home and told her mom about the terrifying experience. Her mom led her to bed and she was so tired that she quickly fell asleep. The morning she woke up, she asked her mom about the weird monster that she told her, but her mother said she didn't say anything, that she went home like normal days and then go to sleep. She convinced Victoria that what she saw in the forest was probably just a daydream since she was sick. She believed it, probably because early that day she took some pills that could cause hallucination.

She continued to go to school and forgot about the monster, until her second monster attack. It was one year from the first attack. She was on a field trip to an old airport. At lunch break, she went to visit the roof terrace. She was looking and enjoying the beautiful sky when she saw a monster flying towards her. It looked like a winged woman with ugly face and the lower body of bird. She then stood right in front of her and attacked her. Victoria ran and ran but there was no way out. Sh was on the highest floor of a 12 ft tall building. She was cornered and about to fall when she saw 3 rocks. She immediately picked them up and threw at the monster. She aimed at her wings, because she thought it was her most vulnerable part of her body, and it was. Usually, Victoria is not an expert at throwing balls, but this time, the wind somehow helped the rocks to attack the monster right at the wings. The winged woman fell down, and lost her balance. Victoria took a chance and pushed her down to the ground. When the monster touched the ground, she transformed into dust and disappeared. She was so frightened, so as soon as she got home, she told her mother all about this. Knowing that she couldn't hide from Victoria any longer, Angelina told her about her demigod identification and her father. She warned her about the dangers and monsters that might attack her. She gave Victoria a dagger, just in case.

Then the third monster attack was when she was 13. She was in her aunt's house in Minnesota along with her mom and Wendy. She was swimming and having fun in a beautiful lake when she saw a monster coming. It had face like dog, with black snouts, brown eyes, and pointy ears. Its body was sleek and black like seals. It had stubby legs that were half flippers and half foot, and human-like hands with sharp claws. It was seven feet tall. It was barking and growling, and it waddled instead of walking. Under the water, it swam really fast, fast enough to catch her in a few seconds. She swam out of the lake and quickly got back on the ground. The monster followed her, but it seemed like it got weaker when it was on the ground. In his hand was a long and sharp dagger. The monster attacked Victoria and Wendy furiously and quickly. Wendy suddenly created a gust of wind from her hand that took away the monster's weapon. The monster was disarmed, and pushed Wendy, made her fall down. As she laid on the ground and unable to stand, Wendy shouted loudly: "Victoria, it's coming at you. You can protect yourself. Just focus in your hand and think about powerful lightning!". Victoria did what Wendy said, and her hand released a bolt of lightning and stroke right at the monster. It immediately vaporized.

Victoria took Wendy back to her aunt's house and told her mother everything. Then, Wendy revealed to be a wind nymph that was sent by Zeus to take Victoria to camp. She said Victoria had to go to camp now, because more monsters was coming at her. They quickly got on Angelina's car and drove to camp. She arrived at camp right on her 14th birthday, which made her 14 when she arrived at camp. Before she came through the gates, Angelina hugged Victoria and said goodbye to her, Wendy gave her a long sword that had a lightning symbol on one side. Wendy said that it was a gift from her father. Victoria said goodbye to both Wendy and her mom, then she went to camp and started her journey as a demigod.

Weapons: A long sword that had a lightning symbol on one side

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So Xax will be your claim checker today :) First of all, I want to congratulate you since it looks really good, however, there are some minor issues:

  • Please separate the paragraphs some more? Being a claim checker you normally have to read a lot of claims and when one is too dense, we don't wannna read it >.< But you caught me in a good day, so I read it :)
  • Also, when you say that Victoria stabbed the birds with a branch? Although in real life, you probably could, I'm not sure that the same would happen with stymphalian birds... You could say she hit them with the branch?
  • There are some grammatical/speling mistakes in the claim that could be overlooked, but please do check the claim again yourself and try to fix them.
  • Just expand a bit on early childhood, which important events happened since she was born until she was 12?

And... that's about it. When you finish fixing it, I'll reread it, and if it looks fine, I'll tell an admin or RB to check it. Sounds good? "If life hands you a lemon, throw it at someone!" DrXax DrXax Minion.gif

Hey Xax, I've done some changes:

  • I've seperated it
  • I've changed from stabbed to hit
  • Well, I'm not a native English speaker, so I've changed some minor grammatical errors, but can you tell me the errors? Thanks.
  • Well, as I wrote, "Unlike some demigods, Victoria's childhood was quite a normal and peaceful one." so there's not much to tell about her childhood. :)

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14:54, February 14, 2015 (UTC)
  • Did you really separate the paragraphs? I still see 5?
  • Also... Although she may have a peaceful childhood, what would she do in her early childhood? Did she like sports? Did she like painting? Or reading? Was she bullied? Did she had a lotof friends? Stuff like that.
  • And the gramatical errors are on the last two monster attacks. I believ you say something like "A monster with faces... and with the bodies...". If there's just one monster then no more "S"s are needed :) Hope I explain myself?

"If life hands you a lemon, throw it at someone!" DrXax DrXax Minion.gif

  • Now I've seperated sorry :) That's the best I can do :)
  • Added that
  • Sorry. Copied from the monster encyclopedia. :) Changed that

I'm done. Is it Ok, now? :))

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15:32, February 14, 2015 (UTC)

It looks ok to me. Let's see what an admin/RB says :) "If life hands you a lemon, throw it at someone!" DrXax DrXax Minion.gif

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