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Name: Vifera Savage

Gender: Male

God Parent: Cybele

Mortal Parent: Vandal Savage

Appearance: At first glance unless looking closely you don't usually see a human when looking Vifera. Even when upright on both feet there is something strange about the way he walks his head up back straight confident but wary and on edge tense in a regal sort of way. He has thick shaggy black hair that just barely touches the collar of any shirt he wears. The hair covers up deep amber eyes that have large pupils. The only imperfection on his face is a scar running from his eyebrow to his cheek down his left eye in a diagonal line. Despite that he is covered in other scars and imperfections each from a different fight he won't talk about a different life he won't think about. He wears clothes but has a bad habit of randomly taking off his shirt or other articles of clothes the only thing he constantly has that he doesn't strip off is his Lion coat. He is 5'11 but agile and graceful just by looking at him you can tell something about him is not quite normal.

Personality: Vifera acts more like the animals he hung out with than the humans he has met which are few. He is very guarded and cagey not taking to any at all except Jiminey and various beast he happens to meet. A smile plays across his lips often usually a sadistic, hunter-like, fierce smile that signals death or the acceptance of a challenge. Despite his lack of interaction with other people he can speak English but rarely does his voice coming out deep and gravely. He seems to only become human hen he sings or plays his flute usually becoming lost in the sound of is own voice and memories that pop up. Music does soothe the savage beast.

History: He hadn't had the touch of a woman ,or anyone, for what seemed like a couple of years. Not that he needed it because he has his rifle, his supplies, and nature all around him to use and give back to. He only took what he needed and wasted nothing that he caught making sure to preserve what he obtained. One day he comes back to his campsite and finds someone rummaging through it. He cocks his rifle and holds it ,readied to be fired, at the thing tying to take his supplies. It speaks and he realizes the voice to be female and he talks for what feel like was the first time in a long time. "Hello" he says and she turns around smiling warmly "hello to you as well". They speak and laugh and eat for hours until he looks into her eyes through the fire light and feels his heart twinge. He moves like he does when he finds prey and is on top of her in moments both of them tearing at each other clothes. They stay like that soaked in sweat and panting exhausted from what just happened when they fall into a deep slumber. When he wakes she I gone and he searches the mountain for months looking for any trace of her. When he finally makes it back to his camp and she is there like before but holding a bundle that moves. "He is ours Vandal, isn't he beautiful" he is stunned into silence as she speaks. Eventually he is left with the baby not knowing what to do and feeling lost. He looks left and looks right then kisses the babies cheek knowing this is the last time he will see him. He lays the baby down under a mossy rock knowing the moss with provide shade and protection from the sun and then walks away. The child is kept alive by a satyr who happened to be living in the woods and heard the cries of the baby, upon reaching it a voice in his mind says "This is Vifera, Vifera Savage. Care for the boy and honor shall be once again restored to you. He is a demi-god and son of the mother of nature Cybele

My father... I know nothing about him maybe no remember him. I mean I can't remember him but one memory someone saying Hush. It will be alright. Wait here that is about it. I have no memory of my life outside the forest and know nothing of my beginnings all I know is where I was reborn.

My childhood was as good if not better than most because of Jiminey he had raised me since I was a baby saying that he found me under a green rock. The only part of the story I believe is that he found me and raised me. Jiminey was a disgraced satyr living in the woods because he couldn't save his last "ward". He said by raising me he was "righting the wrongs done" whatever that means. I was maybe thirteen or fourteen by regular years when the craziness started to happen. Needless to say that Jiminey raised me teaching how to live off the land, fight with my hands, taught me about animals and much more. He told me tales of the Greek gods and who my parent is Her name is Cybele mother of the Earth and all the animals that live from it. Since she is your mother you are a demigod a half god, half mortal mix and amazing as far as life goes. He walked over to the other side of the cave and handed me these gauntlets that looked like claws made out of a strange metal and shoes that matched and made my footsteps silent but also had claws. "These are weapons made of celestial bronze the only metal that can kill monsters". "There are monsters in this world and you must learn how to defeat them because they will find you". "These monsters won't hold back and you can't talk to them like you do me and the forest creatures". "The weapons belonged to the child I didn't save because I didn't give them to him in time." "Make better use of them than both of us ever could Vi". Then he handed me one more thing "This is a Satyr flute and will make nature help you with the right tune". He pulls out his own an teaches me different songs for different things. I only survived because of Jiminey he would teach me how to find berries and fruits, what water is clean and what is not, he is the only reason I am alive.

Many moons pass in my time in the forest with Jiminey and we become family not only do I become family with him but all of the creatures in the forest. Running with the wolves, fighting with the bears, playing with the bobcats and basically becoming more one of all the creatures in the forest. Until one day I encountered one of those monsters that Jiminey had talked about and immediately I didn't like what I was seeing. I was fourteen in regular years and I was out looking for berries wanting something sweet when I see her slithering through the forest her tongue flicking in and out of her mouth. I climb a tree and approach her from the tree tops silently hopping from branch to branch like the squirrels I chased. I send a call to Jiminey from my mind I see one of those monsters here Jiminey so come quick, I continue watching it till it hisses and says "I sssmell you little Demi-god come here and let'sss chat". I stiffen from the tree and my gauntlets dig groves into the wood, the branch already weak is cut in half and I tumble to the ground landing in a crouch. I growl at the strange snake woman and she smiles curling a finger as if beckoning me to her and I never run from a challenge. I run at her and we both throw wild slashes at each other until one of her talons catches me across the eye, and I falter. Seeing an opening she slithers towards me ready to eat my face when I hear music a sweet melody from the best flute player I know. Vines come from the earth wrapping around the snake women her arms raised and completely defenseless. I shove my claw gauntlet into her chest and she explodes becoming dust and floats away carried on a passing breeze.

Jiminey takes drastic measure and we start packing making a lighter camp deeper in the forest. We moved often never staying in one spot to long, we traveled across mountains, lakes, rivers, caves you name it and we've seen it. It was what kept us from meeting more monsters or so he said either way I didn't encounter another monster for a long time. Despite that knowing it was becoming dangerous Jiminey and I train even harder teaching me ways to fight with the claws. Showing me how to become truly one with nature by copying how different animals move. My senses, my thought process, the way I am is completely altered by my time in the forest. Until one day our peace is disturbed again I hear crashing coming through the forest and arrows flying through the trees. So I take shelter in the leaves above and watch as a majestic lion crashes through the bushes pursued by beautiful Huntresses and my breath catches. One trips and the lion sees it's opportunity it turns and is bearing down on the girl so I react by blasting a note on my flute as I jump from the tree. Thick vines burst from the forest floor taking the Lion by surprise and stopping it while I fly towards it my claws extended and I stab through both of it's eyes. The lion screams, struggles briefly, and collapses but instead of turning to dust it's body dissolves and leaves it's pelt. As I look at it a young huntress walks up to me and speaks in a voice that doesn't sound like that of the body she has Young one you have committed a brave act and for that the pelt is yours as a gift. What is your name child"? I pick the pelt up wary of the others girls hunting me and state that my name is Vifera Savage a demi god and as I speak a sign comes above me. The huntress in front of me smiles and says "I am Artemis the goddess of the hunt and you are the son of Cybele little demi-god and should go to camp half blood"..

Me and Jiminey follow the huntresses to the half-blood camp they spoke of and they leave us there in an awful hurry to leave. A satyr comes up to Jiminey and looks at him in disbelief You were outcasted why are you back. He smiled I have a demi-god to bring to camp. He walks past the satyr that still has his mouth open and leads me to a giant house near the front of the camp knocking on the door politely. Suddenly a man is at the door he scowls at us both but, let's us in and begins to ask questions about me. Eventually the questions end and he just says gruffly "Welcome to camp Half-blood"... When we left the woods I was seventeen and it took us a year to reach camp making me a full man by the time I got there by normal years.

Weapons: CB clawed Gauntlet&Boot set, Satyr flute

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Hi Nin. Thanks for submitting another claim :D you're racking up quite a few nowadays so hopefully this is gonna go smoothly. However, I have a few ideas on how you can improve! Policy-wise, I'd just make the history a bit clearer but otherwise there's not much to do. 

  • I assume that this character is somewhat based on feral children. However, as he's raised by Jimmy, you do avoid a lot of the issues that would create (not being able to speak/communicate or develop properly), however I would probably specify why a kid was lost in the forest and didn't die. 
  • How does your character know his name? How has he survived so long?
  • Vifera is homeschooled, right. Why wasn't he sent straight to camp?
  • How do the two survive and manage to make a living?
  • Who is the man who sends him to camp? Also, chlorokinesis (plant control) is not specific to Children of Cybele. How would this man know that Vifera wasn't a kid of Persephone or Demeter for example?

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Hey nin you know what I'm gonna say already so lets just cut to the chase shall we?

  • How old was the kid when he was left in the woods? Cause I'm somewhat confuse on that point (sorry if I missed that part) cause one part says the child was a baby when he was left then the other state he was a child capable of speech so which is it?
  • How did the satyr knew he was a child of Cybele? please do explain... cause the note didnt even state he was a demigod >.<
  • How long had he been in camp? and more importantly how old is he?
  • I'm fully aware that weapon is no longer an issue in claims but how did he get his weapons?
  • I'm gonna just ignore that the satyr didnt bring him straight to camp cause he was "banished" but can you at least explain why??

anyhow thats all the problem I see hopefully next time I read this it'll be claim

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Ok then lets see what we can do here....


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