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Name:Walter Flinn



God Parent:Nemesis,Athena,Nyx

Mortal Parent:Ben Flinn

Appearance:He has messy brown hair and usually wheres a simple shirt and jeans

Personality: His loyalty has no bounds and he will do what ever he can to help a friend. He is determined and at times stubborn. He's slow to anger yet even slower to forgive.


Walter's life had been good living in a house located in a small town near New York, he'd spent his free time relaxing, reading, admiring his fathers sword collection or any other activity that he felt like at the time but that was the past, now every thing was different. It had all begun a few days ago when Walter heard a crash from the direction of front door, when he'd gone to investigate the large, trench coat wearing, man, A Cyclops though Walter didn't know it at the time, had charged him he'd rolled out of the way,just in time, as the man careered past in to the wall. Before he could get his breath back, he was forced to roll to one side as the large man came at him again. Walter dropped to a crouch and as he'd hoped the man charged yet again, but this time Walter was ready, he rushed the man slamming in to the his legs the man fell right over Walter, the force of his charge increased his speed and made the fall more painful. Walters father finally arrived and seeing what was happing he sighed unhappily “I'd hoped this day would never come” he took a sword off the wall and drove it into the mans chest and as he did this the man disintegrated into dust. Walter couldn't hide his surprise at this. His father turned to him “I think it's time I told you the truth” He'd lead Walter into the study and explained everything about his mother and that monster that had just attacked . Then he'd given Walter the hand and a half sword that he'd used to stab the monster and said “It's made of celestial bronze, the only thing that can hurt monsters But enough talk we'd better leave if we're going to get you to the camp by this afternoon”.They went outside to get in the car only to find it had been smashed
“BLAST THAT CYCLOPS!” his father screamed “I guess well have to find some other means of transport”.
“I can take care of myself,dad,I'll make my own way to this camp you're talking about.”
“Are you sure, I could call someone to come pick us up?”
“Yes,I'm sure just tell me how to get there.”
I suppose its the best option we have right now, I just hope I won't regret this.”
His father then told him how to reach the camp and gave him some money for transportation. Walter left the next day, traveling by what ever means of transport he could find, Nothing happened in the firshed few hours, but then the Hellhound found him, at first he'd thought it was a dog, but then it jumped at him teeth bared an he saw it was too large to be a dog, seeing the thing come for him he rolled to the side. He decided that his best hope for survival was to escape but the monster was obviously faster than him because,even with his head start the Hellound was gaining. He reached a bus stop just as the bus arrived and he jumped on with out a second thought or even checking where it was going and paid the fee “I'm safe now, at lest for a while.” he thought. When he got off the bus he realized the it'd taken him, by some stroke of luck, in the right direction he started walking in the direction of the camp, but looking behind him he saw the last thing he wanted, the dog- beast. He ran and kept running not looking back. The beast was at his heels all the time, he got no rest or respite from the chase. He kept the pace for another hour or so.Finally he could not run much farther knowing that he'd kill himself if he kept this pace up much longer, but looking behind him he saw the beast gaining. “did that thing never tire!”He screamed in his mind. He ran for an hour more,until he past out from exhaustion.

Walters eyes snapped open, he sat up and looked around, “Where am I?” the room he was in looked like a ward in a hospital. A person, obviously a member of the staff, saw him sitting and walked up to him. “You should rest, you nearly killed yourself.” Walter realized that the worker was right, so he lay back down and was asleep almost instantly. He woke up again, not sure how long he'd been asleep but he felt much better he asked a passing person where he was and the person answered “Camp-half blood” and walked away,Camp-half blood! So he'd made it here in one piece. He was discharged the next day and claimed not shortly after.

Weapons:A hand and a half celestial bronze sword

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what monster was it that attacked him and why couldn't the father provide transportation for his son? Bach23Buch-0117CutepinkclockTardis pixel my first dd by aqua spirit22-d69l8fwBig Bouncy Aristocrat by LeoLeonardo

Where were they living before Walter left for camp?
Bach23Buch-0117CutepinkclockTardis pixel my first dd by aqua spirit22-d69l8fwBig Bouncy Aristocrat by LeoLeonardo

A small town near New York State, or a small town near New York City? That makes a huge difference, but either way, even if he was living in upstate New York, it wouldn't take days to get to camp, Camp is on Long Island New York.
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