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Name: Warren Mercer

Godly Parent: Ares, Eris or Zeus

Motal Parent: Tara Mercer

Current Age: 14

Personality: At first, Warren can be rude, sarcastic. But as you get to know him better he's anice guy who is defensive,gentle and caring to the things and people he cares for.

Physical Appearance:  Has green eyes and brownish hair.He's strong and is sort of tall.

History: Tara Mercer was a regular woman who taught history in a Brooke View Middle School.She loved the subject and escpecially loved learning about the wars.She knew all about the Battle at Marathon,The Spanish Armada, The Trojan War etc. One day, she was asked by the principal of the school to go to Philadelfia and give a speech on The Trojan War.She happilly complied and went to the Pennysilvanian city

Ares happened to hear there was going to be a speech about the Trojan War in Philadelfia and decided to go to it.When he saw Tara and he heard her, the way she spoke about the made him fall in love with her.So once the speech was over, Ares introduced himself as John, He asked her out and the two dated for several weeks .Once Ares was sure he really liked, even loved, the mortal, he told her who he really was. She responded uneasily but once he proved to her he was truly Ares,god of war, she believed him. They dated for more time but one day when Tara went searching for him, he was gone.

A couple months later,Tara gave birth to a boy and she named him Warren Mercer.The boy grew up in Philadelfia where his mother had moved to, following her romance with Ares. He was carefree, sweet and somewhat rude which sometimes made it hard to make friends but he was a happy boy overall.He played a lot, but sometimes was a bit short-tempered but overall he likes order and calmed people when they were angry, not liking the occurrence of fights. He was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia when he was nine and he told his mother he couldn't read very well what brought her to think hhe had Dyslexia and the tests proved her right. Throughout his childhood he would always ask his mother about his father and Tara would always say that he was a soldier and that he had fought in a war and was very brave but that, saving a wounded soldier, was killed. He had a nice childhood, good times, nice memories.

When he was 13 1/2, Warren was walking through the woods, taking a shortcut from his middle school to his home.He heard some growling noises but dismissed them.But then, out of the trees and undergrowth, came a dog.It was large, the size of a truck with fiery red eyes. Warren was scared and ran from the monster that was trying to kill him.To his surprise, his neighbor, a teenage guy that lived with his parents, came out of his house and started playing a flute.Warren was astonished at the results and he watched as thick, green vines that looked like they belonged in a rainforest, crawl up the body of the dog-like beast.He was shocked at how the beast exploded into yellowy dust when the thick,wild vines started constricting the dog and the musician produced a golden dagger from the inside of his coat, stabbing the dog.

At first the teenager told Warren that they had to leave but Warren insisted on answers and on seeing his mother onee last time.The boy that played the flute complied and took him to his house and told his mother of what had happened.Tara was surprised but she decided it was time to tell Warren the truth. She told him of Ares, of their romance, of the gods, the monsters. He was shocked but taking in the evidence, the proof and the explanations they told him, he believed. The flute-player revealed himself as a satyr and told him he was entrusted to find him and take him to camp. Tara protested and said that she would not let him go due to not knowing nothing of this so-called Camp Halfblood for demigods, children of a mortal and a deity.The satyr protested and said that Warren would be safe there and he would be trained so he could be safe from monsters like the hellhound Warren had encountered before.Tara countered that she would need to speak with the person in charge of the camp and get to really know what the camp was about and what happened there.

Even though Tara refused to let him leave, she still wanted him to be safe.So she put him in various activities such as fencing, football and karate.Warren learned quickly and was very happy when she gave him a gift from his father that had been given to her before the war god had left. One was a watch, the other a keychain with a small little sword charm. When the watch was forcefully turned, it would expnd and be a shield.The keychain became a sword when the sword charm was turned in a circle four consecutive times,

He was 14  when he was attacked by a one-eyed man carrying a sword on his way home.He managed to use the sword he had and stabbed the man before running away from the cyclops that had been reduced to yellow dust.He ran to his house and told his mother.This time she decided to let him go to Camp.The satyr and Warren began their journey only coming upon two harpies and a hellhound but the two defeated them and continued on their journey to Camp. Once they arrived, Warren was claimed by Ares.


Warren Mercer

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As stated above, please sign your claim and kindly add a bit more to his childhood. It's a big jump, you see, from being born to being 9. In one paragraph, it says he "saw" the monsters but it was never stated that he was attacked. How was it that he wasn't attacked when he knew of who he really was --a demigod? Where was he when the cyclops attacked him? Whilst heading to Camp, did any monster attack him? Also, just to be sure, he arrived at Camp at the age of 14, yes?

Take your time. I've got forever to wait -Demi ღ

Yes, he was 14 when he arrived at camp, I edited somethings on accord to your note so yeah.:D

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OKay, this claim's all good but you have a teeny tiny problem that I spotted. His first monster attack was when he was 13 1/2 and that was also the time he met the satyr, right? He was brought to camp few months after, now 14. Why didn't the satyr bring him immediately to camp?

Also, vines cannot simply kill a hellhound.

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His weapons couldn't have been given the day he was born. That would be direct interference, which is against the policy. Just fix that part and this one's good to go.

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Why would the kid need to tell his mom that he couldn't read well if he was just diagnosed with dyslexia?

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Do you still plan to work on this? If no edits have been made by 1/7 it will be subject for deletion due to inactivity.

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just look at the comments above and see if there's anything you didn't fix that's on there.


Uh... what do you mean by "produce a golden dagger"?

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