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Name: West Anderson

Gender: Female

God Parent: Notus, Hebe, Apollo 

Mortal Parent: Maria Anderson 

Appearance: Dirty blond hair, green eyes, pale-ish, indifferent expression Personality:

Can be moody, over protective of her brother, happy sometimes, blushes when someone she likes talks to her, indifferent most of the time

History:  Her mother, Maria Andersone, was one of a daredevil. She loved to skydive, go on scary rollercoasters, and camp in woods that supposedly housed werewolves. One day, when she went skydiving, and met Notus, and since they were the only ones on the plane, they chatted for a while. They stared to date, and 4 months later, Maria found she was pregntant with twins.  They were born 4 minutes apart 1 week late.  

In their childhood, most days it was West, staring out the window and not doing her work. Other days, Cole nagged her to do it, and she did sometimes. On weekends, Cole, Maria and her would go camping. It was a somewhat normal life. 

One camping weekend, a pack of hellhounds tried to attack. Before the attack, Maria gave West some instructions to protect themselves. With quick thinking,West and Cole, climbed a tree for safety, stuffing the note in her pocket. Their mother had no such luck, she had gotten devoured. In self-defense, West did something stupid and crazy with her act - before - think mind. She tossed a lighter in to the pack of hellhounds, setting the fire and the pack ablaze, disintagrating the hellhounds. Later, they took a plane to New York, regarding the instructions given to them on a note by their mother, and an assigned saytr greeted them at the airport and led them to camp.

Possessions: A knife

Needs a ton of more history, Apollo's cabin's full. How did her parents meet? Elaborate on her childhood? Why was the attack so early? 

"long and lost" ~~ Minx the Banshee    

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So you're still working on this then? 

Yes, but I saw a movie and I got help for my brain-deadness. I just finished.

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Explain about their journey to California and about their journey back. Also, Camp is in New York, not New Jersey.

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She lived in California. 

I worded that wrong. 

I fixed it. I don't like typing.

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