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Name: Whitney Clemmons

God Parent: Hephaestus, Hermes, Dionysus

Species: Demigod

Age: 18

Mortal Parent: Rachel Clemmons

Appearance: 5'9", Image

Whitney Clemmons (Model: Paulina Neriodzik)

Personality: Whitney's quite full of herself and thinks lowly of others. She is rude and immature. She thinks of nobody except herself. She is not a very friendly and trustworthy person. All she really wants is attention. She has a long-lasting rivalry with Ione Chandler.


Rachel was a daughter of Aphrodite that Hephaestus became enamored with due to the fact that the actual Aphrodite would not pay him any attention. He took on a form that Rachel became heavily enamored with. She invited him home for the night, which obviously mean one thing. That night Rachel and Hephaestus had a great time and such and such. When she woke the next morning, he wasn't there. Obviously, as her father had told her Rachel's own story of her birth, she knew it probably meant one thing. She spent the next 9 months, sure enough, preparing to have a child. She eventually had a little girl and decided to name her Whitney. When she got home from the hospital a note was left in her house that confirmed her suspicions. It said, "I apologize for putting you through this my darling Rachel. I am a god, and you should know the rule by now. I am the god Hephaestus. I leave you this child."

Whitney was told at the age of 11 who she really was. Rachel decided to do so to save the child from the shock later. Rachel told Whitney about monsters and how Whitney had a certain unknown set of powers. Whitney was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia earlier in life as expected by her mother. She told her friend Sarah, a child of Hephaestus, of her daughter. Sarah agreed to let Whitney use her forgery as a gift for Whitney's 12th birthday. Sure enough, Whiney was easily able to make several weapons on her own. Knowing all of this power she had Whitney became very cocky. At the age of 12, she was walking past some random girl's house one day and threw some scraps in some plants. Apparently the girl who lived at the house was nearby, and she came to scold her. Whitney snapped, "You really think I care about your garden flower freak?" This whole thing started a big argument that made the girl shove her and storm into her house. Whitney swore revenge on this and walked home.

One day Whitney came across this girl on a walk again to discover her name was Ione. Whitney kicked Ione and was ready to beat her up when she heard some strange noises. Suddenly, a giant scorpion came out of the shadows. She knew it had to be one of those monsters her mom talked about. Whitney charged out, this time with her halberd in hand, and swung it at the scorpion. The scorpion easily evaded. Whitney said, "Crap!" then looked over at Ione and said, "Hey useless junk! Take this!" Whitney threw two Celestial Bronze weapons at her, which were a butterfly knife and a cutlass. Ione stood up tall, and the scorpion lunged at her. Ione covered herself with her hands in fear, but the scorpion's wrath never came down upon her. Whitney suddenly saw an earth wall rise up in front of Ione. Whitney could barely even speak. "So you are a..." she trailed off. The scorpion dug through and the fight was back on. Whitney came running at the scorpion at full force while it was distracted and stabbed it on the side. It yelped in pain but didn't die. Ione noticed something really quickly. "Whitney, the underside!" Whitney replied, saying, "Okay stupid!" Whitney was able hold it down by jumping on it and pushing down with her halberd. Ione rolled under it and jabbed it with her newly acquired butterfly knife. The scorpion squealed and exploded into golden dust. The two girls were silent and left the golden dust on the ground, going their separate ways.

The next 6 years of her life were pretty normal, except for the occasional monster attacks. Whitney and Ione always somehow ended up fighting them together. At 13, they fought 3 over-sized dogs winning just barely. At 14, they fought a snake lady who almost suffocated Whitney. At 15, they fought weird fish-like dogs near a lake. At 16, they fought bird humans that scratched Ione pretty badly. Finally at 17, they fought another large amount of the same dogs from the tie they were 13, but they defeated the easily this time. They did tell Rachel about this, so Rachel assumed Whitney was perfectly fine. Rachel swore, however, she would bring Whitney to Camp Half-Blood if she ever was able to tell Whitney was attacked by a monster. Rachel never was able to tell for a long time. Whitney and Ione barely talked at all, but they still resented each other. Whitney told Ione that they were demigods, children of the gods. Whitney did tell Ione about the weapons she had given her. She said the metal was special. She mentioned how her mother, Rachel, was the same as the two of them. Rachel was also how Whitney got supplies for making these weapons. Oh yeah, and Whitney told Ione that she had built the weapons. Whitney said she had an odd ability to be able to do it. Whitney was getting bored of the same old life. She wished for something new and thrilling. Whitney would soon get that wish granted.

Ione was still with her father, who had somehow fallen in love with Whitney's mom over the years. That meant that Whitney and Ione had to spend more time together. They had an okay night at dinner, but on the way home in an alley, some rather large birds flew to attack the group. Ione and Whitney were about to get hit, but Rachel suddenly took them out in one swift slash of her katana. Rachel looked at the two with pain in her eyes. "Come," Rachel said, "you two are going to come with me someplace safe. It brings back memories to think of it just now, but that doesn't matter. Go home and pack up." Damian agreed to let this happen, but he didn't even know about this place. Whitney went home to pack everything important to her: her weapons, clothes, extra Celestial Bronze, and some family photos. Rachel announced the destination as a place called Camp Half-Blood. The 4 people rode by train to Long Island. Rachel served well as a guide, quickly defeating any and all monsters trying to attack them. She eventually stopped in front of a sign that read the same name as she had mentioned earlier. Rachel gestured them to the gate. The two girls walked in, to their future.

Weapons/Possessions: CB Halberd, CB Bladed Boomerang, Shoulder armor for each side she commonly wears

"Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."-Dalai Lama


As you may only have one claim active at a time, this claim will placed on hold until your other claim, Ione Chandler, has been claimed or deleted.

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So, how did Whitney know that Ione was a demigod when the monster came? Did she react? Stay gorgeous,  Stay you.  - Kane Result-50.png 

Um, there is an entire thing on how Ione lifted an earth wall from the ground. We can assume Rachel told Whitney that there were other demigods too. I think it's safe to assume that was Whitney's only logical reasoning. She did react, as I mentioned she was speechless. Did you read the third paragraph? "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."-Dalai Lama

Don't you think it's too much to load the truth to the 7 year old kid? Plus, once you know you're a demigod, your scent becomes stronger and will be attacked more often by monsters. When did or how old was Whitney when she knew Hephaestus was her dad? Where could she possibly got the celestial bronze swords? You do know 12 + 6 = 18 right? So why didn't Whitney's mother sent her to camp? Especially for a child of Hephaestus?

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Yes, I am well aware of that. She's supposed to be 18 on the last paragraph, but I will specify. What celestial bronze swords? If you are referring to any weapons I said she had, Sarah (Rachel's friend mentioned in 2nd paragraph) offered Whitney to come by and use Sarah's forgery any time. I changed the telling of the whole demigod thing to 11. Fixed the date she knew her dad. Rachel was oblivious to the fact that Whitney was being attacked, and she didn't want her to leave unless Whitney really was in danger. You know relatives, they don't want you to leave unless you REALLY have to. Rachel is supposed to be the same. "Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible."-Dalai Lama

How exactly did Rachel know that Whitney's father was Hephaestus? A lot of gods are energetic. Maybe you could have him tell her or write her a letter regarding who he is. Stay gorgeous,  Stay you.  - Kane Result-50.png 

How did Rachel attack the birds? Is she clear-sighed (can see through the mist)?

Stay gorgeous,  Stay you.  - Kane Result-50.png 

Rachel is clear sighted, but otherwise fixed.

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