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Name: Will Cliff

Gender: Male

God Parent: Athena <---first preference Zeus Hermes

Mortal Parent: George Cliff/Maria Cliff

Appearance: ||||
William Cliff

Personality: easy going, calm, smart social

History: George/Maria met <place Olympian name here> in New York at a festival and got into a conversation, eventually him/her asked <Olympian> out on a date and after a few dates he/her found Will in a golden carriage at his hotels door as he was in New York for business, he/she took the baby in and decided what to do with him and eventually decided to homeschool him.

He grew up with his father/mother in the middle of mountains beside a sparkling blue lake, his father from a young age taught him nearly everything to know, from Spanish to how to shoot a gun, and he loved his father very much, but being as social as he was, he yearned for company his age and when he was nine, and his father on his many business trips leaving him by himself, he was left because there was nothing nearby, no wild animals, and to far from any civilisation for thieves but yet Will found a mansion only an hours walk from his house, the house consisted of two twins, both girls, their mother was dead and father rarely home and maids took care of them. He spied on them every opportunity he had, just out of curiosity, he hid in the surround forest whenever his father was out, but he always made sure he finished the work his father left him before he did so. 

Eventually one of the twins, named Sophie found him when the two were playing hide and seek and Will introduced himself and showed her where he lived, and Sophie warmed up to him. He was introduced to Ella, the other twin and the three became unseperable, and the maids eventually found them but let it go as they were kids.

On his tenth birthday he was with his father/mother learning about the Greek Gods, when two people kicked the door open, the door smashed on the hinges and crashed into the room with guns, they introduced themselves as the Darkwoods right hand, but didn't explain on what the darkwood was but they looked human but were huge and were dressed with huge trench coats and wide brimmed hats, and Will was unable to see their features, Will's father/mother pushed Will into the hallway knowing exactly who they were, screaming for Will to run which will did, as he was faithful and loyal to his father/mother so he did exactly that but he heard her/him scream and the gun shot and the blood splattering on the walls.

For the next hour Will wandered the forest, hoping to get away from the men and he still doesn't know if they did follow him, but he was unable to think of what to do now, he was in mourning already, already accepting his parents death. Finally he got the conclusion to go to Sophie and Ella but when he arrived he found Sophie in tears and Ella shot in the temple, he stole food from the well stocked kitchen and without a good bye to Sophie ran.

Shell shocked he ran from the house and hid on trains which was a day walk away and other forms of transport till he arrived at New York where he stayed in orphanages where he was constantly attacked by monsters which he barely escaped by quick thinking and books, he threw a lot of books at them so he had time to run until a satyr sensed him when he was passing the current orphanage Will was in and brought him to camp when he was seventeen

Weapons: A phone that turns into any kind of weapon he wants from baseball bats to machine guns --ShadowGod13 (talk) 13:17, August 11, 2013 (UTC)

--ShadowGod13 (talk) 13:00, August 11, 2013 (UTC) ShadowGod13 (talk) 09:28, August 11, 2013 (UTC)


Please add how his parents met :) It's kinda necessary. Also, who exactly were the Darkwoods, monster in disguise or simply thieves? If he was far from civilization, then how could a train get there? Dd he take Sophie along? Why didn't the Darkwoods chase after him?Smiley-sad055 Do you think about me? ★❣Broken❣★ Jap32

Just to be sure, you want him to be a child of Athena, right? How did the satyr sense him? If the darkwoods weren't monsters, then you have to add his first monster attack from the age of 10-12, since Athena, Zeus, and Hermes are Olympian gods and goddessSmiley-sad055 Do you think about me? ★❣Broken❣★ Jap32

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