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Name: William Nightblaze

Answers to: Will

Gender: Male

God Parent: Aeolus, Thanatos, Eros

Current Age: 17

Mortal Parent: Stella Nightblaze

Appearance: Half Japanese and Half Western. Black hair. 5'9" tall. A pair of dark brown eyes that is close to black. He has thick dark eyelashes. Will is pretty looking. He's slender from the outside, but his muscles and abs are solid underneath his clothes. He has a couple of scars on his back, claws scars and bite marks, from travelling around the world with his mentor. His hands are calloused and rough from training. 

Personality: Will was a cheerful and innocent kid when he was still a kid, he was confident and flirty back then and still is. The lost of his mother has made him more closed, made him believe that the world is a cruel place because of the gods, he opens up more to his fellow men, but he's cold toward immortals. He can be patience, but when angry, he loses almost all self control. He's kind-hearted deep down, but sometimes can be really selfish.

History: Stella Nightblaze was a twenty eight year old, beautiful and successful Japanese businesswoman who lived in the states where she first met Will's father. There they fell in love, but it was only love for a couple of weeks. Will's father left under a mysterious circumstance. Will was born nine months later, having only Stella to raise him all by herself. Will's early childhood was happy, Stella brought Will back to Japan and she was a fine mom; she loved him fiercely, she never knew what Will was or who his father actually was, but she always knew that there's something special about her son. Will never questioned the absence of his father; he was happy just having his mother at his side. Will was a smart, quick witted kid, he did well in school, and was physically healthy and strong. He was into everything, dabbling a little bit in every kind of sports. Sadly though, when Will turned eight, his mother was diagnosed with an incurable cancer. Stella fought her disease as long as she could, but she was taken away from Will when he turned eleven; his mother passed away. The day Stella passed away, Will spent the entire rainy day sitting in front of his mother's grave, clutching tightly the memento that his mother gave him right before she passed away. Abandoned by his father and left by his mother, Will turned into an orphan. For the first time ever, he lost the will to live, hoped nothing for tomorrow, missing his mother's embrace in the cold dark rainy night.

His uncle brought Will to his house, back in Manhattan. Will lived there until he turned twelve. One day, when he was twelve years old, he stayed late at school because it was his duty to clean up his class that day. The road he took that day was different than usual because of a roadblock. The sky was dark and there was no one around. Will came across a certain someone, two actually, two women... And they had no legs, they had serpent trunks instead, Scythian Dracanae. Will was attacked that day, his first attack from a monster. Faced with the unknown, it was the first time Will ever felt fear, real cold fear. Will ran, stumbling all over the place as he cried for help, but no one showed up. He wasn't able to run very far before the two dracanae finally caught up to him and cornered him. Will was then tossed around a couple of times by the two monsters, being played around like a toy for fun. Scraped, bruised, and wounded; he would have died but at the last minute, he was saved by an adult demigod. The demigod was a traveler; she was dedicated to hunting bad monsters that were causing a lot of damages to innocent people. It was then that she told Will what he really was, a demigod. Will was angry, he had a father this whole time and his father was a god. His father lifted no finger to help his mother when she had cancer, and he surely didn't when Will almost died. His father didn't show up for his mother's funeral, never called Will once, never did anything. The adult demigod told Will about the camp, a safe haven for children like him, but Will, not wanting to have anything to do with the gods, denied the adult demigod's advice. He decided that he wanted to see the world, now that he knew he was a demigod, so he pleaded for the adult demigod to take Will in his travel. He held a grudge against his father that soon turned into a grudge against all the gods. The adult demigod  saw what Will could become, so she decided to teach him about the kindness of the gods, she became Will's mentor and took him with her in her travel. Will visited his uncle one last time, telling him what he was about to do. His uncle refused at first, but Will didn't give in, he kept expressing his wishes. It helped that his mentor explained to Will's uncle what Will really is. Finally, Will's uncle learned that he could not contain Will in his home, his belonged somewhere else. Will's uncle had always been a good judge of characters, and he had a choice to make, to let his nephew find his own way or lose him completely. So he let Will traveled with the adult demigod, in the exchange that Will send him letters from time to time. Will still honored that promise until this day.

Will spent the next five years seeing the outer world, learning many kinds of martial arts, weapons; training with chinese monks, a japanese swordmaster, and so on. He used the money that his mother had inherited him to travel the world, his mother inherited quite a lot of money, being a successful businesswoman. It was enough to fund Will's expedition throughout the world. His mentor gave Will a golden pocketwatch that can turn into a celestial bronze sword, as a means to protect himself. Will lived in various cities, Beijing, Singapore, Bern, Jakarta, London, moving from one place to another, never staying for more than six months at each city. They were attacked many times by monsters during their travel, if they didn't look for a fight themselves. Fighting became almost a weekly basis for Will. He stayed the longest in Tokyo, for two years, monster attacks were high those couple of years, and they had to stay longer than usual because it was his mentor's job to help reduce the attacks. Will took this chance to rediscover his heritage and learning the disciplines of the old Japanese people. It fascinated him to know that his family was once an honorable samurai family, the name Sanada was once his mother's real family name, and now he knew that it is his as well. His mentor kept telling him about the camp, what a great place it is, she told Will about what seemed to be paradise, no monster attacks, lots of trustworthy comrades . After five years since he first discovered what he really is, under the guidance of an adult female demigod, his hatred slowly diminished, but he could never forget what the gods have done for him. It was then, under one fleetful evening, they were tracking down a monster to a dark alley in Tokyo but was ambushed by a group of cyclops. After a brutal fight, Will and the adult demigod won, but at a cost. Will's mentor was badly injured, and she wasn't going to make it. With her last breath, she asked Will to go to camp, a place where he would be safe. He was angry; again, the gods have failed to save someone he cared about, but he was unable to decline his mentor's last wish. He finally agreed to live at camp.

Finding a satyr was easy after that, they're always looking for demigods, Will just made himself easier to find. He stopped moving around and a satyr finally found him. Will agreed to leave for camp right away. They both took an airplane to New York, and went straight to camp. Will was already seventeen years old when he first arrived at camp. Will's mentor was a good woman, and she loved the the camp, so Will wanted to try to love the place as well, but his heart was still caught in between the good side and the bad side. He ponders, even now, whether his goal is to be a son of Olympus, or try to be its destroyer.

Possessions/Weapons: A silver amulet, in the shape of a dragon's head, a memento from her mother that he carries around his neck, and a golden pocket watch that turns into a sword.

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Why hadn't the janitor attacked him before then?

He isn't allowed to be at Camp for five years.  The limit, I believe, is one year.

Where did he get his weapon?

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I would continue to work on the above points in addition to elaborating a little more about his travels.

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Please clarify what age he was first attacked, and was his mentor the one providing him with the resources to travel the world? Could you also elaborate on what kind of personality Will had as a young boy before he was separated from his mom?

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Please explain how the satyr and the two demigods came across him, were they assigned to protect him?

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The claim is looking good now, but I do not think that camp would send a satyr and two demigods to protect one person, one demigod or one satyr would be sufficient.

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Looks better but still could use some changes. Firstly, unless Will's mom had a lot of money, he will need another source of funds. Secondly, a world trip usually takes a year to a year and a half if you do not stay in one place very long so he would have to do something else for the other four years or stayed in one place for a long time.

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Demigods are not employees of camp, they are tenants. A demigod would never be assigned to go bring campers to camp, and a demgid would DEFINTELY wouldn't be assigned to one demigod so intently that he has to follow him around for 5 years. Even if this was a satyr it wouldn't hang around with him for that long.

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Where was he when he was asked to go to camp and how did he get to camp?

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Please clarify "Will arrived when he was 17" and please elaborate on his trip to camp.

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Wouldn't a satyr seek out a demigod and not the other way around? Could you also please elaborate on his first monster attack like the details of how everything happened?

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Looks good to me, I will ask an admin to review it.

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"Stella fought her disease as long as she could, but she was taken away from Will when he turned eleven"

I am a bit confused when you said that in the history. Was she literally taken away from Will or did she die? >.<


Please elaborate on his early childhood just a bit more.

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Elaborate On Apperance please. And also elaborate more on the childhood, like what did he do, did he do any sports, etc. Also maybe more attack while he was with his mentor? 

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Why would they stay in Tokyo if there were more monster attacks there?

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I love your claim! Sorry, off topic. >.<

How old was he when he got to camp? Jay.

First, please change the monster that attacked him when he was 12 on one of the light monsters here because Cyclopes are used mainly for quests and is considered as a medium monster as stated there. Lastly, please do separate your history into paragraphs so that it isn't hard to read.

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Almost there :) I only have a few questions. Kindly separate your history into 3 or 4 paragraphs for easier reading. Did Will inform his Uncle about his plan to travel or did he just leave without saying anything? If he just left, wouldn't his uncle start to panic and inform the police that he was missing?

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