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Name: Winifred Claybrook ('Christina Lockton')

Age: 318+ biologically; 18 psychically

Patron: Artemis

Species: Mortal

Weapon: Silver bow and arrows

Personality: Since Winifred was born in the Elizabethan era, she usually speaks in the Elizabethan language. (But will speak in plain english later on in the future so people can understand her). She is very brave and courageous. She is also one who won't give up in a fight or let her friends down. She'll also risk her own life just for the sake of others.

Model: Rachel Dashae


How parents met

Christina Lockton was born as Winifred Claybrook in England in the Elizabethan era. At that time, life was just love, plays, and drama. Her father, Thomas Claybrook, was a son of Dionysus and he was a very well known actor (since men could only be actors in the Elizabethan era) who had a lovely wife, Agnes Claybrook, who was an ex huntress (she was a mortal). They told Winifred many stories about their own lives and how they tried to survive from many monsters. As Winifred grew up, she was amazed at her parents' stories and was particularly curious about how to become a huntress. Agnes told her daughter that to become a huntress, she (Winifred) had to pledge herself to Artemis but it was better if it was in person. So when Winifred heard that, she told herself that she will be a huntress when she grows up.


In her childhood, she read many Shakespearean plays and always dreamed of becoming an actress even though it wasn't allowed. She was taught by the best teachers (they were rich people) to learn how to read and write. On her spare time, she usually wrote poems and short plays of her own (some were even published). But since she was born to wealthy people, her parents rarely let her go outside by herself thus it made her sort of a rebel when it came to rules.

Becoming a Hunter

Years passed and Winifred turned 18. Her parents were ecstatic since she was old enough to marry. But things weren't easy for them at that time for they had lost most of their wealth because Agnes' cousin tricked them into letting her have a 'portion' of their money (which then turned out to be a lot). Her parents decided to let her marry a young lad named William Bramfield, who's parent's were very wealthy. Not wanting to be married to a man she had never met before, she ran away into the woods that was near her house. Days passed and her parents worried. They wanted to let her live a wonderful life and not a life a poor person would have. Agnes then asked her friend Margaret Crow (who was visting the Claybrook family) to help her find her daughter. Since her friend was once a hunter before, Margaret agreed to find her and asked the hunters to help them as well. Artemis was told of this request and she agreed to find her since Agnes was one of her finest hunters. Artemis went into the woods with her hunters and they looked for Winifred for at least 5 days. On the fifth day, her hunters and their wolves found Winifred in a cave, almost starving to death. They nurtured her so she was healthy once again. Artemis appeared as a young maiden with a silvery aura and she told Winifred why she and her hunters had to find her. Winifred was shocked that her mother only wanted her to marry a man she didn't know, just because Agnes wanted her (Winifred) to have a good life. Winifred then said that she didn't want to go back and she wanted to officially join the hunters. Artemis was amused at this because one had to prove devotion and loyalty to both the hunt and Artemis. Winifred then explained to Artemis how she had wanted to become a hunter for years because of her mother's stories. Also, she didn't want to marry somebody she never met in her life. Artemis let her join seeing that the girl really wanted to be one of them. She asked her to recite the oath of Artemis and with her (Artemis) help, Winifred recited the oath: "I pledge myself to the Goddess Artemis, turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maidenhood, and join the Hunt." Winifred was now a member of the hunt. Not wanting to go back home, she asked Margaret to lie to her parents that 'she died in the woods because of starvation'. Her parents bought it and they eventually forgot about Winifred and went on with their own lives. Winifred solemnly swore that she will always be a hunter of Artemis no matter what. Since then, she had always followed Artemis and her hunters.

How she got to camp/why she's at camp

Many years has passed and when 2014 came, she decided to change her name to Christina Lockton so no one would question her if she was truly the one child of Agnes and Thomas Claybrook. (She was paranoid about that) Since Artemis felt like Winifred was over doing herself because she was always taking on the hardest challenges and training herself until she broke a bone, Artemis asked her if she wanted to go to Camp Half-Blood to take a 'break'. She refused at first but then Artemis told her that she wanted Winifred to 'help the hunters who are there because she had expertise in training others'. Winifred agreed to go to camp and teach the hunters who are residing there. With the help of two hunters, they brought her safely to camp.




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