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Winter P

Name: Winter Papakl

Gender: Female

God Parent: Nyx, Aphrodite, Hephaestus

Mortal Parent: Father, Lucas

Appearance: Winter has pale, thin,wispy hair; so pale it is almost grey. It dangles down, dead-looking, the ends touching her shoulders. Her whitish skin is bleached of its glow and colour, so she almost resembles a vampire. Her lips are a dark scarlet color; the only part of her face that is even in the slightest bit colorful. Even her eyes are dull and grey; they look dead and glazed over.

Personality:Winter is moody a lot of the time, so it takes a lot to become her friend. She is insecure and most definitely insane, dark, untrusting...and a lot of other things. She believes she has only one true friend on this planet; and that all the others could be faking, trying to turn her to the evil side. She dislikes anyone who is nasty to her, and considers them her enemy; she exadurates a lot, and jumps to conclusions almost instantly. The reason for this mood is because her father never really wanted a child, and sent her to an orphanage just 3 years after birth. She feared she was unloved, unwanted, so she moped around a lot, retreating into a seemingly impenetrable shell. Nobody but has ever achieved enticing her to come out of it and therefore gained her trust. She prefers to go out at night she likes to sit in the shadows and think.


One dull grey Tuesday, Lucas Papakl,Winter's father, was out walking, like he did when he needed some quiet. He saw a beautiful, pale faced woman cloaked in night-black robes sat under the shade of the trees. He sat in a bush, watching her sit there, staring unblinkingly around her as if the atmosphere were new to her. He jumped out from the bush as the woman glanced backwards, her gaze hardening.

He cowered behind the tree, asking himself how he still had the courage to watch this woman when she seemed to sense his presence. Summoning up all his courage he walked up to the woman and gasped. She really was pretty, prettier up close than from any distance.

"What?" the woman had snapped, but her gaze had softened. "You look smart."

Lucas looked down at his shabby clothes. "Not really. You're really beautiful."

The woman fingered her robes. "Thank you... I am Nyx. What's your name?"

"My name is Lucas."

"I like you, Lucas." Nyx had confessed.

"I like you too." breathed Lucas.

The relationship grew to going out together to sit under the stars every night, staring at its wonderful cloak of black glittering with tiny silver stars. Nyx would seem to tense beside him, but that never struck Lucas as strange. Lucas was very naive, so he missed a lot. Indeed, he didn't even find it weird when Nyx announced to him; "I'm having a baby. Your baby."

Maybe he was too overjoyed for it to strike him as weird. He wouldn't have been overjoyed had he known what was going to happen. After nine months of intense love, Lucas' baby girl was born. She had a fine head of pale hair, hair so pale it was nearly grey. That very same day, Lucas found his wailing offspring on his doorstep in its black shawl. A note was attached to the crying infant's thin cover:

Dear Lucas,

Many would be jealous of you if they found out the baby was mine. You and the baby could be harmed out of spite...and I wouldn't be able to bear that happening. So I have fled. This is my baby, your baby. Please look after her.

I leave you one request; please name her Winter Selene Papakl. I hope you will look after her and cherish her; she is your last remnant of me.


Lucas did name his child as requested, but when Winter was 3 he left the seemingly motherless infant with an orphanage, pretending she was not his. Winter didn't really get on with the other children, none except Luna. But Luna was considered mad by the others too, and she was another victim of their bullying. Christmases bought no presents, and birthdays were never celebrated. Most of the time you were locked in a dilapidated room with slime oozing down the walls. And what was your toy to entertain yourself with? A brick. Honestly, even Galatea, the one year old, had a brick. Every child had nothing but a brick. Not the best of orphanages. Well, orphanages aren't generally nice, are they? It was mushy peas for dinner. Winter hated peas, so she refused to eat it. The cook slapped her round the face.

You weren't allowed to make any noise; you earned a slap for that. So this orphanage was nicknamed "The silent orphanage" because of this. At Christmas, she was confused that there was no tree and presents, but she didn't dare ask why. Guess what they gave her? Another brick. This continued throughout the next two years, until Winter dared to ask why they were there. So, this brought on one of the matron's long speeches. Even Luna hated her after that.

So, there was a speech on why they were there every time a new kid was introduced, as a punishment for Winter daring to ask. And they began to teach her; they had to, else they wouldn't. Any talking was forbidden. Questions were forbidden. Doodling was forbidden. Nearly everything was forbidden.

So, at six, Winter made her decision; to leave and never return in three years. She remembered that decision, and was planing what date to do it on, how she would execute it... what the orphanage hadn't realised was that she was a child prodigy. By her eighth birthday she had everything planned So,when Winter turned nine on June 27 she ran away from the orphanage, and snuck into the back of a taxi. She ended up in the next town, and found a home with an elderly old lady called Gemima. But Winter didn't really like her, because she was a tad strict- "Make me a cup of tea!"- so she ran away from there too. She didn't think Gemima would care. She found some money in a pocket of her torn jeans-quite a lot, too, and caught a bus to London, and of course bought herself some new clothes. But whilst running around the bustling streets, weaving her way around men, women and children, she met a strange man with a twirly moustache while foraging for food. He offered her a warm home and a loaf of bread and hot soup.Of course she went with the man, but recoiled when she saw him transform into a huge, hairy monster. When it was looming over her, an arrow plunged into the monster, killing it instantly. It was another man, and Winter didn't really trust him until she realised this one was her saviour. Why would he save her to kill her? He gave her his bow, and some arrows. Before someone else took her to camp, his words were "Use it well." The woman she was going with had held her breath for a while then told her: "You are a demigod, Winter." Winter rolled her eyes. "Enough trash, woman." "No, honestly." Winter had known she was telling the truth because of the desperation in her voice. "You are the daughter of Nyx." "You're not taking me back to the orphanage, are you?" Winter had asked. "Cause if you are, I'm getting out of this car." "No." the woman had replied. "I am taking you to Camp Half Blood." The scene around Winter was unfamiliar for the whole journey, so she stared out of the window from the back seat for hours. At last she saw the gates of Camp-Half Blood, and was exhilarated by it. "Well, Winter..." the woman had began. "This is Camp Half-Blood." "Who are you?" Winter had called out, turning around. But the woman had gone before she had even introduced herself.

Weapons: Bow and arrow

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