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Name: Winter Lisandra Pierce

Gender: Female

God Parent: Ares, Athena, or Poseidon

Mortal Parent: Arianna Pierce

Appearance: Winter has long jet-black hair that she keeps either in a bun or in a braid. The only time it's ever down is when she sleeps. She has sky-blue eyes and her skin is a slight tanned pale, with light featured and a diamond-shaped face.

Personality: Winter is tough, and would always plead for what she wants. Some explain her as a temperamental fit-throwing spoiled brat, she sees herself as a sweet fun-loving bright girl. Truly, she is both. She has a fire in her personality, that would make anybody who makes her mad sorry they did, and she gets mad easily, especially when she doesn't get what she wants, but she is fun-loving and sweet to the people she cares about. She's easy to trust, and might be a bit too trusting as well.

History: Arianna Pierce was eighteen when she met the God of War. Greek Mythology was her favorite subject, and it always was, even after she fell for the God and got pregnant by him. Ares had to leave, but promised that her daughter would always be looked after. Arianna went through with the pregnancy, wondering to herself if she had any other choice. Nine months later, after morning sickness and many hormones, Winter Lisandra Pierce was born, late in the year, just after the winter solstice, which is what her name came from.

Winter was originally born in France, but her mother was a business woman originally from America. Since Winter was too young to stay home alone, she was brought along with her mother on trips, everywhere. In result, she has been to a number of countries, including Russia, Canada, Sweden, and Spain, and knows about ten languages. She didn't stay at home alone until she was about twelve years old. Her mother was on a business trip in Prague one day, when a Manticore attacked her when she was walking home from school. Winter was alone in middle of an alleyway when it happened, but somebody saw her get attacked and saved her, and though she didn't get her name or anything, the girl called herself a Demigod, and a Daughter of Demeter. The Demigod girl told her that Winter was a Demigod as well, and offered to take Winter to Camp Half Blood. Winter refused, saying she needed to talk to her mother about it, but she would go once she talked it over with her mother.

She didn't know her father was a god, so after spending days and even weeks being angry at her mother, she spent the rest of that year reading on her Greek Mythology. As soon as she went to the camp for the first time, when she was thirteen, she was beyond excited. Though her mother didn't want her spending the whole year there, she convinced her otherwise, using her best tactics, tantrums, of course. She's now in her first full year, trying to find a way to fit in.

Possessions: She keeps a silver knife with her, and a necklace, both things that her mother got her from France when she was a baby for Winter Lissy Goddess of Pie~ 04:46, February 16, 2013 (UTC)

What age was she when she came to camp? Is the knife Celestial Bronze? If yes, where did she acquire it? How was she able to reach 12 years old without a monster attack? Also, what did you mean by "Camp Half-Blood appeared"? Take your time.I've got forever to wait- Demi ღ

Artemis doesn't have children seeing as she is a Maiden goddess. Take your time.I've got forever to wait- Demi ღ

Fixed Lissy Goddess of Pie~ 05:14, February 16, 2013 (UTC) Sorry I don' have a sig yet~

Where did the daughter of Demeter come from and why didn't she bring Winter to Camp Half-Blood directly after the monster attack? Also, out of curiosity, where was Arianna when the attack happened? Was she at home or on a business trip? Take your time.I've got forever to wait- Demi ღ

Fixed. Lissy Goddess of Pie~ 05:26, February 16, 2013 (UTC)

well, I think it's fine now :)

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