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Name: Xander Bledsoe



God Parent: Mnemosyne Hecate Apate

Mortal Parent: Marshall Boreanaz


Personality: He is a bit quite. He most likely spends his whole afternoon alone at his room. He does not have a lot of friends. Some people pertains him of being anti-social person. Most of the time, he does not really care about other people. He is also lazy and does not go along with other persons, besides his family.


Marshall just found out that her girlfriend was cheating him with another man. He got so upset that he went to a bar and drank there. Mnemosyne was also there, just roaming around the mortal world. Then she saw Marshall. Mnemosyne came and comforted him. Marshall told her his problem, and after some talk, Marshall was actually attracted to the woman. They had some laugh and fun. They decided to see each other some other day.

So Marshall broke up with his girlfriend the next day. And after a few more, he decided to meet Mnemosyne. From time to time, they will see each other. Marshall loves how Mnemosyne talks to him, her voice and her bright beautiful face. He likes her, and Mnemosyne also has some affection towards him. After a few more weeks, the two did “it”. After that, they’re meeting has gotten less. Then one day, she vanished completely.

One night, at his front door, a woman came holding a child. The woman was actually a memory nymph sent by Mnemosyne. The nymph explained to him all the details. Marshall thought that it was a joke. He didn't even know that Mnemosyne was pregnant, but he felt that he should believe everything the woman said. So Marshall took care of the child balancing this duty with working as a company accountant in Cleveland.

Marshall was a great father to Xander but then one tragic night, he died in a car accident. Xander was only 6 months old at that point, so the kid has nowhere to go. Not much people/relative knows that Marshall had a kid. George and Parvati Bledsoe, one of Marshall's best friends, who were also a neighbor, just decided to have the kid. The couple decided to adopt the child, because they had a hard time getting their own. The kid went to their hands. They had some trouble but after some papers, Xander Bledsoe was officially the name of the kid.

After two year, when Xander was about 2 years old, the couple decided to move out. So Xander spend his childhood at Minnesota. After three more years, his adoptive parents got their own daughter, Morgan. In this time, Xander was now 5 years old. But his adoptive parents treat them as equals. Xander was really distant with other people, except his mom, dad, and his sister. They were the only ones that he really talked too. Most of the time he just liked to read books, watch television, or sleep. Morgan tried to make him more socialize to other people on so many occasions. But alas, she was not able to do it. Growing up, he does not really have close friends.

He did well in his class. He can memorize words/sentences great. He does well on exams especially if it has something to do with memorization. But in Math he does not excel, in fact, he does badly at it that he almost fails on every single math test he takes. He was not a sporty guy, did not really play sports with other people. Mostly he just plays by himself just for leisure.

At 13, he received his first monster attack. A hell hound attacks him when he was going to a classmate’s house for a school project. The hell hound attacks him. Xander tried to run away, but the hell hound keeps blocking his way. When almost face with death, a demigod came and swung his sword. The hell hound was about to attack with full force. Then the demigod negates the attack, and then quickly slashed it into dust.

Cass, the demigod who saved him told him the truth about his identity. Cass told him to come with her to camp. Xander did not want to go for he was skeptical about this camp. Cass was persistently convincing him to go to camp. She said that he was lucky for she was just with her father for a business trip, and she just saw him when the hell hound was about to attack. It was just by chance that she saw him, and not all time a demigod will just sprout when he is in danger. But after all this she was not successful. At the end she just gave him an address and a ring that turns to a sword, so that he can protect himself from future attacks.

He told this to his parents but they did not believe him. They said it might be a hallucination but Xander knew it wasn't, but he guess that what’s the point in arguing. After that he was more attentive at his surroundings and he spends more time at home, becoming more of an anti-social. He was afraid for other attacks so he practices himself the way to use a sword. He was not good at it but he does know the basis.

At 14, he finally learned that he was adopted. His parents finally told it to him, all of it, his father the accident. They thought that it was the best time to told it to him, he being mature and all. Plus they could not lie any more to him.

Xander did not take this well. He and felt alone more than ever. No blood relatives, plus all this demigod things which he was still doubtful about. Then when he was approaching 15 years old, a Stymphalian Bird attacks him. Every now and then he practices with his sword, so he was able to fight it off. He had a hard time with fighting it. At some luck, he was able to memorize the movement of the creature after some time. With a few swings and a great reflex, he was able to hit the wings of it.

The creature was weekend and after some time, he was able to defeat it. When he returned home, his parents saw his condition with the wounds and cuts. He didn't really give a proper explanation to them. He just said that he did something that made him have the cuts. Even if his parents was curious about what happen. Xander does not want to talk about it, so even if they were skeptic, they decided to close it for the time being. But always opens up at some times. When this happens, he just said that he fell down at a bush with thorns when he jumped from a gate.

When he was 15, he decided to go to camp. He made an excuse to spend summer at that camp. The main reason he wants to go there is to find what he is, and also to fight better. He then convinces then to make him go there. The parents were very much happy for it may make him more sociable. They still have some questions like "how did you know about this camp?", but he just gave them some lies. He felt bad at doing that but it seems the best thing to do so.

His father drove him to the camp using the directions given by the other demigod he met some years ago. It was a long ride from Minnesota to NY. They decided to stop for a while. They went into the restaurant. Then Xander decided to stroll for some time. His father was curious why he would do that, but he just needs some time alone to think if this was a good decision. But then a harpy flew by and saw him. He was just out in an alley. With some time, the harpy readied its claw to him, he unleash his sword. He just had a few trouble killing it. He did practice most of the time when he was alone.

After some time the harpy was defeated, he hurriedly run back to the restaurant. He had some cuts and bruises in the fight. He just hides it in the sight of his father, so that no questions will be asked. His dad did not suspect or notice anything with Xander. The two decided to continue the journey. When they got there, they said their goodbyes and hug each other. After some time at camp he was claimed by Mnemosyne

Weapons:a ring that can turn into a sword..

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Few grammer mistakes throughout the story. Make sure to sign your claim. In the first few paragraphs that contain how the parents met, can you make them more cohesive? They way the first part is written is a bit choppy going from her to there wthout much transition. The baby on the doorstep thing is a bit generic. What peope woud leave a crying baby outside, its unrealistic.Please work on expanding the story a boit at some points it feels a bit rushed.Can you add some ages in the childhood? A backpack wouldnt hurt a harpie wings unless he had a bowling ball or something in there. Can you tak more in depth about the journey to camp?


Fixed all of it. Sorry about the grammar mistake, my bad ☺ I did not put the age for the childhood cuz It is a generalize idea of his childhood; I felt the age for the childhood was unnecessary. And also, there was already a sig there. I think you just did not see it. Anymore that I need to fix…?

"Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it." ~Reone~

What happened when he was 15?

Pandy-LSP render“Oh my glob!! Drama bomb!”~Pandora

I made the current age 15 so i don't have to add additional attack...

"Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it." ~Reone~

The First monster attack is way rushed, please expand.


How did he magically have a sword? Elaborate on how he got the sword. Also, your sentences and jumpy. They are not always complete sentences. It will be easier to read if you adjust this.

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The sword was given by a demigod...

"Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it." ~Reone~

Who was Cass? a classmate? How did she find him?

Did the parents just think it was any normal camp?

Even with practice, it would still be difficult for him to fight a harpy, he doesn't know proper technique, and no one is there to teach him, the most he could do to practice would be cut at things, but that doesn't show him how to properly defend and dodge attacks, he would come out of the fight with at least a few injuries like cuts and scratches... most likely noticible by his parents.

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Where did Xander's father live, and why was Mnemosyne visiting there and that bar in particular?

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Why did the god send a nymph instead of giving the baby Marshell in person? Please add some ages markers throughout the childhood. (Example at age 5 blah blah happend, at age 6 blah blah). Still some grammer and spelling mistakes throughout the story so check again.Why Did xander practice swordplay, was it fun for him or what? It be nice if if you went more in depth in the monster attacks, they feel very rushed.


Please proof-read the claim so as to fix the spelling mistakes :) Also, and this is just a personal thing, that model does not look 15.

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Sorry about my English…that’s not really my strong point >.<…and about the model…I’ll try to find a better one, but for the meantime can we please just stick with him…ohhh, and again sorry if there is still something wrong with my English spelling and grammar

"Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it." ~Reone~

All good then :)

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