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Name: Xander Parks

Gender: Male

God Parent: Mnemosyne,Athena,or Themis

Mortal Parent: Johnathan Parks

Appearance: Xander is a rough 6'0 tall.He has black hair and brown eyes and wears glasses.He dresses as casually as he likes and has an athletic/fit figure.

Personality: Xander has a very cool attitude.He's very calm and collective and doesn't get into fights often.He's a quick thinker and plans ahead.He likes to read a lot so he's not very social as much but when he is,he knows what to say.

History: Johnathan Parks was a great writer.He wrote and sold a lot of books that made him famous for his work.He didn't find time to have a social life because he always had ideas for new books.Then one day,he met a woman who had a fascination of books as much as he did.He did the unthinkable and decided to go out with her.They went on a lot of dates,talking about their favorite stories and whatnot.He even should her a couple of his books which she seemed to enjoy them.After seeing her a lot,he began to fall in love with her,and so did she with him.And that's when their relationship grew much more.

10 months later,they had a baby boy named Xander Parks.He was a smart little boy and learned how to speak quickly.They were all happy together,Johnathan,Xander,and the woman.When Xander was born,the woman told Johnathan that she was actually a goddess from old days of Greece.He was really stunned but that didn't change his feelings about her.She said that one day,she will have to leave them behind,that Xander will be attacked be creatures because of her and that when he was old enough,he were to be taken to a place called Camp Half-Blood.Johnathan understood and will oblige.

The goddess was right,after she left,monsters did attack Xander.Even though Xander was attacked ever year,a "guardian" was there to save him.It started when he was about 12,he was attacked by this small hell-hound at the park.His dad was talking to someone at the time so he didn't notice.Xander was reading on the grass when the beast crept up behind him.He felt his presence and turned.He got the shock of his life when he became eye to eye with it.He got up and tried to run but it jumped over him and blocked his way.He was backed up against a tree when something jumped from it and beat it with what looked like a club.He didn't see his face because he was wearing a hood.He kept beating it and then took out what looked like reed pipes,played a not,and wrapped the beast in grass.Xander was shocked and tried to say something to him,but then the figure ran out of sight.

2 years later,Xander is 16 years old and is really excelling in high school.There have been many attacks,but he was saved every time by his "guardian".He's never caught a glimpse of him but he appreciates him saving him.His dad,Johnathan,has been busy writing new books but he still tries to find time to spend time with him.He always talks about his mom and how great a woman she was.Xander wishes he could have met her,but knows that's impossible.In school,he was a very cool guy.Nobody messed with him or disturbed him and he was fine with that.He liked to read a lot in his spare time and payed a lot of attention in class.He didn't notice that some girls liked him,he didn't pay attention.

His trip to camp was a very close one.He was walking home from school when someone grabbed him and put him in a car.He got up and found himself in the front seat of a car.His kidnapper was a guy same age as him.He had a goatee and curly dark hair.But there were two things weird about him.1.)He had two large bumps on his head that look like horns and 2.)Where his legs were supposed to be,there were the legs of a goat.He told Xander that his name is Sean and that he is a satyr.He told him that he was the guardian,assigned by his masters to protect him from harm.He was told not that much about him,just that a demigod of language was born and that he was supposed to protect him.He didn't want to say anything at first because he didn't want to expose himself yet.He also said that he had to take him to a place called Camp Half-Blood,where he would be safe from the monsters.Xander had trouble believing that but he had a sneaking suspicion that he was telling the truth.They were driving towards the end of New York,passing a lot of hills,when a roar pierced the silence.A hydra monster was gaining on them.They pulled to a stop where Sean told him to get out and climb the hill.He said he'll distract the beast while Xander went to get help.He agreed and climbed to find him at the gates of Camp Half-Blood.

Weapons: A pen that,when clicked,turns into a Celestial Bronze double bladed staff

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Why would Xander be attacked once a year, and how come a "guardian" always came to save him?

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