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Name: Xenia Anastasia Molav

Gender: Female

God Parent: Ariadne, Lyssa, Nike

Mortal Parent: Mikhail Molav

Appearance: (Photo)

Personality: Xenia is a fun and
happy go lucky person. She loves to travel the world with her Uncle. She loves eating spicy food. She hates being called a child. She's a bit of a whiner and she's spoiled heavily by her father. Unlike other half-bloods, Xenia does not have dyslexia. She knows how to speak five languages aside from English; Greek, Italian, Spanish, French and Russian.


Mikhail Molav was born to Nicholas Molav, one the cooks of the Royal Family of Russia,  and Cybele. He inherited his father's cooking skills and soon after his father's death in 1895, he inherited his father's position. Under the disguise of a new maid, Ariadne entered the Tsar's service. Ariadne and Mikhail soon fell in love with each other and they started courting.

One night, in the year of 1900, after two years of courting, Mikhail and Ariadne slept together and the result was Xenia. After Ariadne found out, she told Mikhail the truth. Being a half-blood, Mikhail believed Ariadne and soon thereafter, she left.

Mikhail felt okay about Ariadne leaving, he continued on with his life and he started courting another woman, Anastasia Kleronsky. They got married after nine months of courting and they decided to go on a short honeymoon. While in their honeymoon, they rented a small cottage.

A few days before they were going to leave, Mikhail found a small baby carriage outside their door. Inside was a beautiful baby girl and a letter.

The letter:

Dear Mikhail,

Hello my dear, it pleases me greatly for you to have found a wife. Indeed Anastasia is a lovely young woman from my experiences at the Tsar's Court. Now on to business.

As you might have noticed there is a baby in the carriage. Her name is Xenia and she is our daughter. As a half-blood you know what she needs to do and she also needs to be protected. I urge you to take her to a Camp fit for half-bloods when she is old enough.



Mikhail showed the letter to Anastasia, explaining that he found the baby outside. Anastasia was completely taken by Xenia and urged Mikhail to adopt her and he whole heartedly agreed.

Xenia grew up in the kitchens of Tsarkoe Selo, the Residence of Tsar Nicholas II and his family. She didn't see much of the Royal Family as she was always busy helping her mother, who was a laundress for the Little Pair (the Grand Duchesses Maria and Anastasia).

Growing up, Xenia didn't have dyslexia but she did have ADHD. She was very hyper and loved to play games. She learned her lessons through an old lady named Amalya Baslovin. Amalya thought her also English. Being a servant, Xenia didn't socialize with the upper class.

While she was doing the wash one day when she was thirteen, a harpy attacked her. Luckily her father was nearby and rescued her from the harpy. Her father then explained to her about her being a half-blood and that her mother was Ariadne but he made her swear to keep quiet.

The following year, 1914, World War I started and with it, the downfall of the Romanovs. Xenia was continuously attacked by monsters like harpies, hellhounds, telekhines and others. By the time she was fifteen, her father decided that she would have to be taken to Camp.

So he Iris Messaged a satyr to take her and in a few months she arrived at Camp. Xenia had a bit of a hard time settling down. Ariadne still hadn't claimed her but she heard about the Hunters. She wondered what would happen if she joined. She did join and she became one for more than 50 years.

She was greatly saddened about what happened to the Romanovs and sought out permission to see if her family was alright. Her family was safe, as they left the Tsra's household as soon as he abdicated. She was attacked by a hellhound while going back home, but she came out alright. She continued her role as a Hunter, greatly contented until three years ago. Xenia wanted to discover the world so she left the Hunt.

She wandered the world for 3 years and that's why she learned a few other extra languages. She fought monsters and a year before she arrived back at Camp. She met her first cousin once removed, who was already an old man. He sort of adopted her of sorts and she lived with him until a satyr found her when she was attacked by a hellhound.

From Washington D.C to Long Island, the satyr, Marcus and Xenia traveled cautiously. They arrived safely at Camp Half Blood through a combination of bikes, bus, walking and taxi cabs. She was eighteen when she got to Camp.

Now Xenia is waiting to be claimed by her mother.

Weapons: Bow and Arrow

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Before I say anything else, Russia only had a valid royal family in the 1700s

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Yes but there was a Tsar until 1917 so there was still an Imperial Family until then

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Everything seems fine... almost. In one paragraph, you said  she went to see if her family was alright. What happened while she was doing so? What age was she when she came back to Camp?

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She's 18

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Kidnly state so in the history.

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