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Name: Yui Sakai

Age: 13 years old

God Parent/s: Hecate (primary) or Agelea (secondary)

Mortal Parent: Ame Sakai (Father)

Appearance: Yui Sakai has short light brown hair, light eyes and she is very pale just like her father. Yui wears a red and gold outfit that
Yui Full
includes: Gloves and a coat with tails on it. On her top-half of the coat, she has a gold emblem which is a cross. She also has a plain black tank top. As well as all this she has an armored breastplate and a skirt beneath the coat and thigh-high socks with gold rings and cuffed boots laced with gold. Yui also wears red bangles in her hair to put it in two ponytails even though it is short. The red bangles have ribbons that come out of it to make it have a bow effect. Yui also has a scar on her left cheek from her first monster battle.

Yui also has the same clothes but instead of red they are blue. The bangle-bows ribbon is then black and the bangle on her foot is also blue. (Girls got to have a change of clothes)

Personality: Yui is a kind hearted girl and always puts her friends lives before hers. She minds a lot if there is a boy around and changes her personality completely so then they might like her, but so far she hasn't been able to have a boyfriend. Yui also enjoys talking to people but doesn't like sharing information to people she doesn't really know but if she has too she will. Unfortunately, Yui is a little bit clumsy as well. Yui also gets nervousness if something is WAY bigger than her but if someone is around her I.E. a friend, then she will fight after a little encouragement.


Ame Sakai was in Scotland, Edinburgh the place he lived for so many years. He had been trying to do online dating and had found a girl called Kelly Craft, they both decided to meet in a local bar. After two hours of waiting what Ame thought was going to be his bride or even just a date no one appeared. After this Ame got drunk and the night was a bit of a haze.

He remembers vaguely of bumping into a woman, that woman being Hecate but being as drunk as he was he didn't understand who or what she was. As a depressed as he got, he ended up somehow ing in love with Hecate and soon found himself sleeping with her.

The next day Ame was confused as hell to find out he had just slept with someone. Hecate lied telling him she was Kelly Craft. Believing her, he asked Hecate if they wanted to meet again, Hecate was unsure at first but soon she agreed and they went on their the second date.

After their the third date over one year they had fallen in love with each other and Hecate was pregnant with Yui Sakai. Unsure how to break this news to Ame she started with a simple, 'I'm not really Kelly Craft!' Before walking away.

Within a few months, Hecate had told Ame everything and explained how she is a goddess and how she was pregnant with a Demi-God!

Shocked he told Hecate to away and never come back. She did so feeling sorry for Ame but after having birth to Yui Sakai she feed and looked after her as long as she could, like most god/goddess before putting her in a basket and leaving her at Ame front door with the note: This is our daughter, please take care of her and make sure she never gets into trouble and is loved by all And so Ame stepped into 'father mode' and looked after Yui Sakai till she was at the age of 12.

As a young kid and at the age of three she realized everyone was different from her since they all had mothers and soon she started asking her father about her mother. Ame stayed quiet and kept saying that he didn't knows which, of course, was half true.

She was quiet and didn't speak much, especially boys. The teachers at Nursery (preschool, kindergarten) tried to get her to talk and play with the other kids but after one day of playing with them she went back to being alone.

She also rarely slept and spent most of her evenings staring at the moon and use to ask it questions like: 'Are you made of cheese?' 'Is it cold up there?' This was mainly because Yui thought there really was a man in the moon. In some ways, she was talking to her mother.

At five she joined into primary school (elementary school) like any normal kid and made her first friend, Sam. Sam was the only boy Yui seemed to be able to speak too. Other boys made her scared, but Sam was fine. Before Yui knew it she had lots of friends making her and her father happy.

At seven years of age, things changed. And said that they had to leave Scotland and move to America, New York, and Yui was so confused. She left her best friend and everyone she knew to be left in a strange place making Yui upset and so she Went into a 'rebel' phrase and started stop listening to her father and joined a cult.

Yui felt at home with the cult that wasn't real. It was people who had rebelled and now think they were witches.

Yui started practicing 'witchcraft' and during one of the circles rural a bright purple flame was created on Yui's candle. The cult barred her and said she was possessed, but Yui was only doing what she was born to do. Also in the Cult she learned self-defense, kick, punch, block etc.

She started to get into school again and on her 13th birthday she got a present from an Hectae It had a note in golden, elegant writing, This is a present for you, you MUST have it on you at all times! When you are in need hold it fast and think on a weapon. It might just hep you in the future, from your benefactor. Yui opened her present to find two red bangles. She started to wear what is stated above and stopped the rebel phrase. Her father had been keeping the present under his bed until he felt The time is right

But also on her 13th Birthday after Yui went to school her dad got a letter. It was from an unknown personal who had wrote that if worse case scenario happened Yui was to be sent to the coordinates written on this letter.

One day Yui was outside in the school yard. An older girl came up to her and said how pretty she was before asking Yui to come with her, during school in America she had become loner again but even so followed. After a while, they stopped to find themselves just outside school and soon the Mist realized that instead of a normal school girl she was really a Dracane

Remembering what her mother/benefactor had said on her note, she held fast and thought of a weapon, a sword be exact. Two celestial bronze thin swords came into Yui's hand and Yui thought one thing. Fight!

Being untrained only made thing harder but the self-defence she got in her cult helped quite a bit. Her sword were pretty heavy since she never really held a heavy object and so her swinging was pretty much missing most of the time. The Dracane got a lot of hits on Yui making her even gain a scar on her left cheek. After about ten minutes, Yui was tired and unable to fight. A small whisper although entered her head, "retreat doesn't mean you lost, go to your me whenever you feel lost. You will be safe there..." The whisper was no more than herself reminding herself of what her father use to say when she was younger and got bullied.

The Dracane hissed and wouldn't let Yui escape and before long Yui fainted unable to battle. Even so Yui had stalled the battle long enough - the battle was about 20 minutes - for her father to come running and see what had happened. This was because he had heard a faint voice telling Ame: "Your true masterpiece of work is needing your help, paint the path out or she shall die. And if your masterpiece is to die, then that would mean the last love of yours will surely be away..." Another benefactor who made his words a poem almost making Ame think it was Apollo but even so it is really unknown if it was Apollo or not.

The Dracane looked at Ame and smiled. "A mere mortal who can ssssssee us? Issssss that all!" The Dracane had laughed but Ame picked up one of Yui's CB sword and started to attack.

Ame wasn't as bad as Yui but wasn't much better either. Yui tried to help but she was unable to move much and soon she gave up after the Dracane getting another hit on her. She fainted due to being tired and injured.

Ame fought for 15 minutes before things were slipping up really badly. A satyr - however - came to save the day by running into Ame and Yui. He said he had been watching Yui but had went to empty his bladder and the next thing he knew Yui was away somewhere. The satyr took over the battle and Ame retreated and grabbed Yui taking her over to his car. The satyr killed the Dracane but the Dracane made a promise:

"You may of stopped me Ssssatyr but how long can you do that. That mere demigod will be mine and I sssshall kill it!"

The satyr, Kasa, promised Ame it would never happen.

Ame got home and placed his daughter in his bed and waited. With that, her father watched her like a hawk and kept praying to Hecate, waiting for an answer while Yui slowly recovered.

After two days of recovering Yui stayed inside for one more day - ignoring school - and then told her father about the voice in her head. The question came out of her head and her father sighed and explained everything with the help of Kasa.

As the daughter of Hecate, she had to go to Camp Half-blood or she would die, and so she did so with the help of her father and a small help with Kasa who promised to her father that he would take good care of Yui. Ame promised to travel with her as much as he can. The walk to camp was long, but the worse part was the silence as Yui and her father had no idea how to talk anymore. It didn't help when Kasa made talk about how 'tasty cans are' all the time. Their silent world had turned upside down and thoughts just kept brewing in Yui's head as she ignored Kasa who would be her new best friend.

When they finally reached the gate of Camp Half-Blood she promised her father that she would one day return and on that day she would treat him to a home-cooked meal even though Yui couldn't cook. With a small smile on Ame's face he let his daughter enter Camp Half-Blood and has never seen her since but he has talked to her via Iris messages.

Yui has been in the camp for just over two days.


Magic (secondary) Two celestial bronze swords (Primary)

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Hey ill be your claim checker for today

  1. Red eyes are not an eye color any human has. Unless they have some kind of diseases or were contacts
  2. Please go into more detail of how Yui killed the Dracane. since it was her first monster attack and she was untrained.
  3. Using her powers would drain a lot out of her so they wouldn't be a very good primary weapon for Yui. Please add another weapon such as a sword or bow etc etc because dagger are not a good primary weapon either

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1. I changed her red eyes to brown

2. More detail

3. I changed primary to sword and secondary to Magic

Thanks for helping me ~Musician~ ^-^

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hey there I'll be your claim checker today and I have to say nice claim but before I can claim this I have a few question

  • how did the dad know where camp is??
  • who defeated the dracnea?? cause Yui fainted and if nobody came to her rescue she would die >.<
  • how long have she been on camp? please explain?

that's all the problem I see hope you can fix it for me :)

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1. I added that with Yui sword there was mail for Yui's father as well, it had to cords of the Camp

2. Yui's dad did, I stated that he had saved her but if you want I can further deepening it?

3. Put in one year

Hello! I'd just like to say that we have a two-week rule, where an unclaimed demigod can only stay in the camp for the max of 2 weeks, let alone a year. And she doesn't have to stay in the Hermes cabin since they are claimed immediately. And also, how did her father knew that she was being attacked by a dracanae?

If you were to write a story with me in the lead role, it'd certainly be . . . a tragedy.Boo

1. changed it to a week, therefore changing her age down to 13

2. Made her now stay in the Hecate Cabin

3. Enhancing the story about her dad coming to save her

sooo the dad came to save her? can the dad fight? more importantly can the dad see the monster??

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  • Fixed

Nice detail making a father daughter moment but I'm afraid I have to ask you to change it... sorry but monster dont give up when they lock on a demigod so how about you make a random satyr fight the monster and went to the dad (giving him the shock of his life yada yada yada etc etc you know the story) but then again this is just a suggestion you can do your own version of course :)

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  • Made the dad fight a bit, Satyr came in and helped him. Dracane died but last words were she was going to kill Yui (blah-blah-blah x3)

wait wait wait wait I dont get the part you change.. soo the satyr took over and then he went to 'empty his bladder' soo was he fighting the dracnea? and what do you mean by 'he's been watching her' does that mean he's been suspecting she was a demigod? so why didnt he confess to her? and bring her to camp when he's suspicion is proven true??

Behind those cold hard computer screens.....SuitIsASexyWhoreThere’s a human heart beating away its emotions…

Yui's been asleep but I mentoined that the Satyr helped a bit on her journey to Cmap :3

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