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Name: Yumi Kiyoshi

Gender: Female

God Parent: Persephone

Mortal Parent: Daichi Kiyoshi

Appearance: Yumi has a slim figure and medium-long light brown hair. (although she cuts it once in a while) She has dark brown eyes with a tint of hazel in them and her skin tone is rather pale.

Personality: Rather shy, yet childish and cheerful at most times. Can be really hyper and is a loving friend.


Daichi Kiyoshi was a well-known designer in Tokyo, Japan. One day when Daichi was walking down the streets of Tokyo (and of course, there was a mob of people surrounding him) he bumped into the most beautiful women he had ever seen. Of course, he fell madly in love with her. The women had brown-black eyes that were very dark and here skin tone is rather pale. She introduced herself as Misaki Satou. They began to chat and Misaki enjoyed Daichi's company, and soon fell in love with him.

As time went on they began to date and one sudden day, Misaki disappeared. When Daichi found out, he was heart-broken, for she was the only love in his life. A few months later Daichi found a basket with a letter on top, in front of his apartment's door. He carried the basket into his apartment and started to read the letter.

"Dear Daichi, This is Misaki writing this letter to you. I have disappeared, for I have things to do. And now I shall speak the truth; I am Persephone, a goddess. The child you see in the basket is our child, and she is a demigod. She is half human and half god. It is dangerous and hard to live the life of a demigod, so when she turns 13 tell her the truth. Everything. About me, her and how dangerous her life is. Do not be shocked when she comes home someday and say a monster was trying to kill her. So when she turns 13, I will come into her dreams and tell her to go to Camp Half-Blood where she will be safe. Further insturctions will be in the dream. Camp Half-Blood is in Long Island, New York. Name her what you would like. Love, Persephone (Misaki)"

Daichi was confused and then he understood. He gentally picked up the baby and thought of a name. He decided to name her Yumi, meaning beautiful child. Yumi had her fathers light brown hair and had Persephone's dark brown eyes and her pale skin tone.

As Yumi grew up, her father met a lady named Akiko Nakagawa. She was very nice and Yumi enfoyed her visits. A few days later Yumi pleaded to do ballet lessons. Daichi agreed. Yumi loved doing ballet and showed off her skills to Akiko. A few months later, when Yumi was 7, Daichi and Akiko decided to get married. Yumi was happy to have a mom (step-mom) and Akiko moved into Daichi and Yumi's apartment. When Yumi started school, she had many friends and as she got older she gto quite popular. When she turned 12 she met her first monster. Yumi and her friends were walking to their apartments as usual, but when the crossed the street and got to the other side, a monster with blazing eyes was rushing toward Yumi. Yumi screamed for help, but people only stared  and pointed at her. Her friends told her to calm down, and saying that nothing was there, but the monster was getting closer. A funny goat looking man appeared out of nowhere. Yumi croched down for a minute and stood back up. The funny goat looking man and the monster wasn't there. Was it my imagination? Yumi wondered. When she got home she told her father about what had happened. He shook his head sadly and said " It must have been your imagination Yumi." He desperatly wanted to help Yumi but he couldn't. The day Yumi turned 13, Daichi told everything about what Yumi was wondering about. That night she dreamed of her mother. Persephone told her to go to Camp Half-Blood where she would be safe and she told Yumi that under her pillow would be a silver braclet that could transform into a bokken when she tapped it 3 times. She said it would be her main weapon and she would master the skill easily. And there would be a new pair of ballet slippers to replace her worn out ones. And Persephone told her to go to Camp Half-Blood and at the airport a stry would be waiting. When Yumi woke up she immediately looked under he pillow and there is was, the silver bracelet and ballet slippers. She tried the silver bracelet and tapped it 3 times and Yumi found that she could handle it well. Then she practiced ballet in the new ballet slippers. When her father and Akiko woke up she told her father that she had to get to Camp Half-Blood immediately. He understood. The next day Yumi arrived at Long Island, New York. There was the stry waiting for Yumi just as Persephone said. After 2 days in Camp Half-Blood, Yumi got claimed when she was exploring Camp Half-Blood.                                                                                                  

Weapons: Her bokken (turns into a silver bracelet when you tap it 3 times)

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Everything is alright for me except the mastering the bokken in two hours of time. Please erase that part because to master a sword or any weapon, it must take yearS..alot of them.. PLease fix that and she's good to go ^v^There is a crime, but no criminal. ★❣Broken❣★Jap32 09:35, January 22, 2013 (UTC) 

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