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Name: Zach Rodriguez

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Godly parent: Demeter/Themis/Tyche

Mortal Parent: Kevin Rodriguez

Appearance: 5'8, dark brown hair, hazel-colored eyes, athletic looking

Personality: Zach likes to smile, laugh and generally have fun even when in battle. He's usually an optimistic person and is very determined. He would give fair and honest opinions when asked. Zach likes to stay outdoors. He has those very rare times when he becomes flirty but keeps it to a minimum since he's not really good with girls. He hates bullying in any form and would protect those who are important to him.

History: Kevin Rodriguez was your typical neighbor; kind, smart and fun to be around. For a man, he was good at things women do: cooking, cleaning and laundry. It was to be expected however, since he lived by himself. Kevin owned a floral shop as tribute to his mom who loved flowers.

One Tuesday, a stunning woman entered his shop, asking to be three dozen roses for a get-together party. Unfortunately, the roses woudn't be delivered til the following week. The woman kept returning to the shop even when she already got her flowers. Finally, Kevin gathered his courage and asked her out. The woman decided to show her love to Kevin. Zach was the product of this love. Not long afterward however, the woman had to leave due to "family affairs". She never told Kevin who she really was; a goddess. When the woman left, Kevin moved to Brooklyn, along with Zach.

Zach grew up to be just like his father only he had Dyslexia and ADHD. He would often spend time in their backyard or in his school's botanical garden, caring for the plants which have been forgotten by the other students. One day, while taking a shortcut home from school, he was ambushed by monsters.

There was a rustling in the bushes in beside Zach. Out of it came two dracaenae, one armed with a silver bow and bronze arrows, the other with a spear which nearly impaled Zach. The two monsters closed in on him. Then his instinct took over. Zach grabbed the spear's shaft and pulled, causing the dracaenae to let go and stumble. It was enough for Zach. He elbowed the one behind him and started running for his life. He took a couple of turns, forgetting about home.

His fatal mistake was to take a turn into an alley which happened to be a dead end. The dracaenae rounded the corner and pointed their weapons at him.

"Itsss time to give up, demigod." One said. "Be sssstill and let usss eat you." the other hissed. Crazy and incredulous thought were running through Zach's head.

These people are crazy! was what he thought. He balled his hands and prepared to defend himself as best as he could against the monsters. "I'm not going down without fight." One dracaenae, the one with the bow, took a step forward... and burst into a pile of gold dust after having an arrow pass through her.

Her companion turned just in time to block another arrow which was aimed at her head. Zach dropped his hands to his sides and watched in confusion as the moster burst into dust too. Standing in front of Zach was a teenage boy, about 18 years old.

The boy picked up the bow and threw it to Zach who caught it out of instict. The man motioned for him to follow him. Zach did, picking up the quiver of arrows on his way. He didn't know why he trusted the boy but he did.

"Name's Jack Evens, I'm a demigod. Let's go to your house first. I'll explain it there." Zach only nodded and led the way to his house, all while playing with one of the arrows. They arrived to a frantically worried father who was thoroughly surprised at the weapons and at the stranger.

"Mr. Rodriguez, why don't we go inside..." Jack explained who he was, why he was here and what happened to the dumbfounded mortal and demigod. After 2 arguments, a threat, and a display of powers (courtesy of Jack), Kevin (AKA Mr. Rodriguez) relented and packed things for Zach who was being taught by Jack how to use the bow and arrows as well as a knife in case of an attack.

An hour later, the two demigods were ready and prepared to start the journey to camp. The two were seated in a mini-van. After saying goodbyes, Jack stepped on the gas pedal. The speed didn't drop below 90 at all. In 45 minutes, the two go to camp without any casualties.

Zach was shown to the Hermes cabin where he stayed for three days before being claimed.

Weapons: silver-colored bow and celestial bronze-tipped arrows (previously owned by a dracaenae), a 13-inch dagger (given to him by Jack).

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