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Name: Zacharia 'Zach' Harrison

Age: 19

Birthday: 1 May 1920

Gender: Female

Species: Dream Nymph

God Parent: Morpheus

Mortal Parent: Ethel Grayson (birth mother, deceased), Mary Harrison (adoptive mother, deceased)

Model: Valentina Zelyaeva

Personality: Zach is usually clumsy and shy towards people she doesn't know. She is quite gullible as she usually believes almost anything people tell him. Zach is very forgiving and gets lost in her thoughts frequently. She is very impulsive, however; she seems to have a tendency to act upon her initial emotional response. To those she likes, Zach's very caring, sweet and funny. She usually never gets angry and never holds a grudge, but when she does, she can be violent. Zach is usually insecure, always lacks faith in herself. However, she is really protective to people she cares about and never wants to see them get hurt. Zach is quick to defend the helpless, and always stands up for what she believes in.

History: Ethel Grayson met Morpheus while attending a secret party at a speakeasy. Morpheus introduced himself as 'Robert Jenkins', and the two hit it off almost immediately. For Ethel, it seemed like love at first sight. The two continued to meet each other at the speakeasy and only a few weeks after their first meeting, they began dating. Almost a year later, however, Ethel discovered she was pregnant. But when Ethel went to tell Robert about the pregnancy, she discovered he had disappeared without a trace.

The heartbroken Ethel was shunned by her family and friends for becoming pregnant out of wedlock. With nowhere else left to turn, Ethel went to a convent in Maryland, pleading with the head sister there to let her stay. Pitying the young woman, Sister Ada let her stay. From the day she arrived until 1 May 1920, the sisters were kind to Ethel and tried to give her the best care. But Ethel suffered from haemophilia, so when it came time for her to deliver the baby, she died from hemorrhaging, or profuse bleeding, only 12 hours after giving birth.

The sisters at the convent named the little girl 'Zacharia', but fondly called her 'Zach'. The sisters spoiled Zach, acting as if she was their own. But when Zach was nearly a year old, a fire started in the convent. No one was killed; luckily, everyone escaped, but the building burned to the ground. Knowing that they now couldn't support a toddler, the sisters decided to sent Zach to a local orphanage, where she would be cared for by their fellow nuns.

Zach only lived in the crowded orphanage for a year before she was adopted by a 23-year-old uprising singer named Mary Harrison. Mary, who had just suffered a miscarriage after divorcing her husband, moved with Zach to a small city in Maine only a few days after adopting her. It took a few months for Zach to get used to living with Mary, but the young girl soon grew close to her adoptive mother.

Life after that was normal for the two. Mary began performing at carnivals and at taverns around the state of Maine, and Zach began going school. But when Zach was 13 years old, while walking home from school, Zach was attacked by a harpy. It tried to pick her up, but Zach struggled out of its grip, punching and kicking and screaming. The harpy released her and recoiled in surprise and in pain. Zach ran home with the harpy following close behind.

Luckily, Mary was home and, seeing the harpy, she tapped both of her bracelets, both turning into knives. She ran at the harpy, telling Zach to get in the house. Zach watched from a window as her mother fought and killed the harpy. When Mary came back into the house, she began to explain to Zach that they were both demigods (Mary being a child of Notus), and that the thing chasing her had been a monster wanting to kill her.

Mary then gave Zach a choice: be taken to Camp Half-Blood or stay with Mary and be taught to fight. Zach chose to stay at home, and with that, Mary began to teach Zach how to defend herself against monsters; Mary giving her one of her knives to use. A while later, Zach was claimed by Morpheus. The two lived - and trained - together for 6 more years before 1939. That year Mary performed at a local carnival like normal. But, while she was in a forest near the stage after her performance smoking a cigarette, a group of men approached her. The leader of the group began to flirt with her, but she was quick to reject him.

When she tried to leave, he grabbed her and tried to pull her back. Mary hit him and tried to run, but the leader yelled for the other 3 men to grab her. They hesitantly did and they obeyed him when they were commanded to hold her down. The leader then began raping her; but while she was being raped, Mary noticed Zach watching in horror from behind a tree.

Mary screamed at her to run and when he noticed her, the leader yelled at the men to grab her, saying he didn't want any witnesses. Mary began screaming and begging for him to spare her daughter, but the men just grabbed a hold of Zach and dragged her towards the lake there. They tried drowning Zach, while Mary continued to scream in agony of losing her child. Mary begged Morpheus to spare Zach, before the leader grabbed a rock and struck Mary in the head, killing her within 5 hits.

The leader then asked the boys if the little girl was dead. The men were unsure if she was truly dead, but they told him she was. The four then fled the scene, leaving Zach and Mary. Zach hadn't drown yet though; she was unconscious and barely alive, but was dying quietly. Morpheus, hearing Mary's pleads and feeling pity towards his daughter, decided to save her and changed her into a nymph.

Zach, now a nymph, mourned over her mother's body until it was dark out. It was then that a woman approached her. She introduced herself as the goddess, Artemis, and, seeing that Zach had nothing left, offered Zach a chance to become a Hunter. Zach thought about it, before agreeing and joining Artemis. Zach served Artemis as a Hunter for 74 years until 2013. It was then that Zach remembered the Mary's offer from when she was 13 and, wanting to do something new, Zach told Artemis that she wished to leave the Hunt to go live at Camp. Artemis, though disappointed, agreed and took Zach's immortality away, before taking her to camp.

Possessions: Bow and arrows; Mary's knife

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