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Name: Zack Hunter

Gender: male

God Parent: Hephaestus

Mortal Parent: Laura Hunter

Zack Hunter

Personality: Zack is very friendly with others, but he is shy when it comes to meeting new people. Zack is usually energetic, but when he is in the work shop, his mouth is zipped up and he goes into full focus mode. Overall though, if you were to see him on a normal day, he will probably be pretty chill, and happy to see you. 

History: It was a normal day for the volcanologist, Laura Hunter. She was taking pictures of the molten rock and collecting samples as per usual. Then it things got interesting. A shining light glowed from the top of the mountain, and from it burst the "most handsome man" Laura had ever met. He introduced himself, and noted how much he admired Laura's work. After a few nights of getting to know each other, the man grimly explained to Laura why he must leave, and he took off into the sky with a burst of light and fire. Laura had a child shortly after his disappearance. Laura named the child Zack R. Hunter, and raised her with the love and kindness she gave to his father.

Zack grew up in his small brick apartment building, usually tinkering with his mother's tools and getting into trouble. He would always want to learn about his mother's work, and how machines operated. All he had in his closet were some plain red and orange shirts with 4 pairs of jeans. One day, he snuck away from his mother at the park, and shut down the camera system in a sporting store. He got away with a pair of red shades, and orange sports gloves. At about 7, Zack made go kart that could fit 4 people and shoot fire, all while going as fast as 100 miles an hour. At 12 years old, things started to get weird for Zack. He was walking home from a normal day at school, when he saw a really wierd looking... creature. It had the shape of a seal, but the head of a... dog? It started walking towards him. Zack turned around the corner of the school and quickly put together a machine gun like weapon. It had 8 slots where sharpened pencils were placed in, and he lit the tips of them on fire. The machine  was about the size of a loaf of bread. He fired all his ammo, which definetly hurt the thing, but he kept slowly waddling over. Zack took a deep breath. He opened his hand and thought about the sun, his fireplace, anything hot. The biggest fireball he could manage sprouted in his hand. He jumped out from behind the corner and threw the ball of heat at the beast. It let out a screach, it started retreating to the lake across the street, and Zack followed. He was really drained. The fireball took almost all he had, but he knew he must finish this. He reloaded on his pencil machine gun, thing and fired. It fell over, and Zack jumped onto it, he pulled out a ruler from his backpack and sharpened it by melting a pointy tip. Then he stabbed the creature with all the force he could manage, and it turned to dust. 

By the age of 15, Zack knew something was definitely wrong with him. He couldn't read anything, and no matter how hard he tried he always found himself fiddling with school materials. Ever sense Zack's first monster encounter, they we're becoming more frequent. They would happen yearly, to monthly, to almost weekly. Some Zack could handle with his wierd abilities and tools, but others he knew he didn't stand a chance against. The thing that made him sure that he was different, was the day he thought he was holding a baseball, and when he looked down, he was holding a fireball. He showed his mother, who's face turned as white as milk and had a face like she just saw Zack being murdered. Finally with astonishingly quick movement, they were in the car and on there way to a camp. Zack's mother explained that is was a place for kids like you and how it had to do with his father, and his strange abilities or interest in building. It was silence the rest of the ride, and when they arrived at their destination, Laura gave Zack one last hug, shed one last tear, and spoke her last word. She then pushed Zack down the hill they were on, and she sped away faster than the legal limit. Zack tumbled down the hill and came to a stop when he hit an oak tree. After recovering, he found himself on the porch of a ginat building painted with old looking light blue wood. Zack's first words inside camp we're "Holy Hephaestus."

Weapons: Mainly uses his twin katana's he obtained his first day, though after some personal additions, he made them so when slammed together, they form into one longer and sharper sword.

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Welcome to CHB. I have to say, your claim is definitely interesting. xD

  • Damn Hephaestus went all flashy mode. ANYWAY, uh, I have no idea what Zack did with the cyclops, but unfortunately it wouldn't have been taken down that easily. Cyclopes are classified as medium monsters, thus this can't happen without a good explanation. We generally suggest for light monsters to be used. 
  • Every single year after his first monster attack, Zack should encounter at least one monster. He doesn't have to beat all of them; fleeing also works. You don't have to expand on them either. A short sentence or two talking about the monster attacks will do.

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  • I linked you to the list of monsters. But 'kay: harpies, hellhounds, fire-breathing horses, giant scorpions, Myrmekes, Stymphalian birds, Scythian dracanae, and telekhines.
  • Ahhh, sorry, I missed a sentence. Ignore my last point.

Ok I think I fixed everything in my History, hope it helped :)

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  • The only problem now is your first monster attack, and it's easily fixable. A telekhine wouldn't be out of the water as much as possible (but that's excusable since you can say there's a nearby body of water). The thing is a single fireball wouldn't have killed it. >< That's the only problem. xD Sorry to be nitpicky. Fix that, and I can claim it.

No problem I'll get to work on it

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