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  • FULL NAME: Zaphkiel Wu (武志鯊)
  • GODLY PARENT: Poseidon (Poseidon's on the medium cabins category anyway, so I rather not list other choices)
  • SPECIE: Demigod (Son of Poseidon)
  • BIRTHDAY (CURRENT AGE): August 15 (16)
  • MODEL: Shim Chang-Min (Max of TVXQ)
  • PERSONALITY: Zaphkiel Wu is an interesting individual. He is chatty and witty. With a glance of the situation. Kiel is able to see various connotations, patterns, and possibilities; he, at times, becomes very philosophical and inattentive. In fact, Kiel, being raised by a liberal mother, makes him a challenge to impress; contrary to being funny and affable, the boy distributes his trust and respect stingily-with distinct levels. This son of Poseidon abhors any type of inefficiency and wastefulness.

Inside everyone's heart, there is a special place one can never forget; for Meri Wu, a daughter of Zeus, it was the United States of America. A score ago, Meri become tried of her extravagant and demigod life; at that time, she was a twenty-seven year old daughter of Zeus, and her mother was persistently pushing her to marry. Fortunately, a vacation trip to America changed her life; through a group tour, she met a "Japanese" man by the name of "Takumi Kaito." The pond waters reflected his warm blue eyes, and the wind adorned his soft brown hair; her heart pounded once more.

For a month and a half, the “Takumi” and Meri toured around America and fell in love. They dined lobsters in Chicago, rode boats in Boston, closed business deals in New York, visited museums in Washington, and much more. Their love was more of an child’s: cute, innocent, and unforgettable.

Of course, dreams end–especially good ones. Accidentally thrown off a cruise ship in Malibu, Meri sank down the waters hard, and “Takumi” jumped after to save her. The ferry’s officers were alerted but nothing could be done; far from their thoughts, Meri and Takumi were healthy and alive. Meri woke up in a secluded section of Malibu Beach; images flashed back into her mind. She stared at the familiar ocean eyes, praying it was another demigod; yet, instead, Takumi revealed himself as Poseidon, the big god of the seas.

Being a demigoddess, the daughter of Zeus dreaded the fate of her future son; however, bearing a child can stop her mother from letting Meri marry incompetent men. Plus, she loved the idea of having someone to eat dinner with, to pass on her genes, and to inherit her businesses (a renowned law firm and an elite hotel empire). Meri knew her parents’ heart; after the scolding, they will surely accept her future child. She thought things through and agreed. To cut things short, before parting ways, the couple loved through the night in a nearby beach house. That fateful night, Zaphkiel was conceived.

Born on the 15th of August, Zaphkiel was hailed a promising child; in fact, fortune tellers would read the babe's palm and compliment his mother. While leaving his English name unknown, the pleased Meri decided to imprint her ambitious predator-like persona by naming her son "Zhi Sha," the ambitious shark; wanting to remember "Takumi" who saved Meri, the name was homonymous to “suicide.” Just as anticipated, his grandparents, superstitious as ever, finally decided to accept the love child; they loved how his black-ish eyes twinkled into ocean blue ones when immerse in water.

As a young lad, Zaphkiel was curious, intelligent and playful. He gave his maids headaches by hiding around the house, giving witty comebacks, and feigning innocence. He even got his head stuck between the railings of his staircase. With a mother fostering independence, Kiel was adventurous in trying new sensations, which delighted and worried his mother.

In modern Taipei, Zaphkiel was given one of the best education any Taiwanese could beg for. His mother enrolled Kiel in an international school, hoping to let him study in DC one day. Although he didn’t excel in subjects like math and science, Zaphkiel was exceptionally bright in business and language classes; he aced them like sleeping through the night.

At merely the age of eight, the mother (daughter of Zeus) and son (son of Poseidon) duo's godly heritage attracted the attention of two harpies. As Zaphkiel was casually snacking on his ice cream, Meri single-handedly slayed the two beasts; it was simple due to more than a decade of training. After the deed was done, Zaphkiel, with no trails of remorse, asked his mother of the two; their trip in Greece continued–so did Zaphkiel’s awareness in the Greek arts–this includes its monstrosities. One night (still eight years old), Zaphkiel had a dream chat with his father, receiving a watch (shield) and two black earrings (twin hooked swords) in the morning. No doubt that the monster attacks continued on, allowing Kiel to spar with at least three easy-to-medium-difficulty monsters in a year; however, Meri strictly trains her son every weekend, which heightened his combat skills and prowess.

People say first loves are hard to forget; this is specially true for Kiel. On a clear morning, the twelve year old boy entered his classroom to find Sumi, a classmate he admired, being kicked to the corner; rumors of her family getting bankrupt had already spread across the school, so children would treat her harshly. The son of Poseidon boldly defended Sumi and shouted for the teachers' attention; of course, the bullies were expelled, and the rich boy couldn't be scratched. What worried Kiel more was Sumi. Seeing her pretty face was bruised, Kiel volunteered to take her to the infirmary; there, she called Zaphkiel her cunning angel, which led to Zhi Sha claiming the name "Zaphkiel." Soon, the two became the best of friends.

One day, coming home from Sumi's house, the son of Poseidon was suddenly grabbed into a van and stunned unconscious. He was delivered to an abandoned warehouse; apparently, the rumors of Sumi's family were true. While his friend treated his wounds and begged to set him free, her father, a son of Hermes, dialed numbers for a ransom. It didn't take a long time before a negotiation was made. Before the money was transferred, the police barged into the warehouse. The officers saw three figures: Zaphkiel, Sumi, and Sumi's dad. The unshackled boy ran to Sumi's father, giving him a large embrace and calling him "uncle." Zaphkiel, who was once considerate of a friend, lied to the officers, stating that Sumi and her father tried saved him. Though not buying the child's words, the officers had no evidence to oppose; Kiel's family, seeing him unharmed, decided to let it go. Unable to face her friend, Sumi and her father secretly flew to the States to start a new life, crushing Zaphkiel's "heart."

Four (not really) uneventful years have passed, and Zaphkiel, despite the monsters he had to deal with yearly, has grown into a fine young man. Just as the fortunes have declared, his room was decorated with medals, trophies, and recognition from various events (fencing, speaking, swimming; name it!). His grandparents received many business proposals with arranged marriage strings. When he was twelve, Sumi wrote a letter to him with an enchanted case of needles from her demigod father to compensate him; the casing can transform into a pouch. Although he was gratefully blessed, Kiel never really had joy; he felt emotions for a small around of time then reverted into nothingness. The world was simply an interesting monochrome image to him.

Months prior coming to camp, Zaphkiel, along with his four-membered team, traveled to a city far from home. They dominated a young entrepreneur competition with their pitch and captured the business cards of many venture capitalists; howbeit, their glory came to a bad end. After announcing the winner, a group of contestants shifted into empousas, burning the presentations and room’s cameras. Taking opportunity of the chaotic state, the son of Poseidon quickly spots the extravagant fountain nearby; he water travels back to his home, fainting in their home swimming home. At the sight of her son’s unconscious body, Meri knew it was time to send him away.

In May, 2015, Haze Ryong, a distant cousin, was invited to Meri’s birthday party. The two childhood friends chatted all evening, catching up and discussing their philosophical ideas. As the guests left, Haze served her purpose by having a little chat with Zaphkiel about her heritage. With three Big Three children together, the daughters of Zeus insisted to leave as soon as possible; thus, Kiel forcibly complied. Along with Haze, Zaphkiel packed his bags, fixed his school documents, and flew to Camp Half Blood, New York.

  • PREFERRED WEAPONS: Hooked Swords (Main) & Needles (Sub)
  • SIGNATURE:Such is life~ lol. Jap32Broken

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