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Name: Zeta DeWitt

Age: 14

Mortal Parent: Lisbeth DeWitt

God/Titan: Ares

Appearance (optional): Her model is Rosie Tupper.

Personality (at least a sentence or two): Zeta is a strong hearted adventurer, but there is a lot more to her than that.

Admittedly, Zeta loves a good fight, or just an adventure in general. She's quite a thrill seeker, but she very much knows when she's going completely overboard. However, she may not always see "the line in the sand", and might go too far, which is when she starts going all awkward and everything, trying to at least apologize for her actions, should she have caused any harm to anyone, for any reason.

She's also strong at heart, and a firm believer of "follow your dreams". Sometimes though, she might pursue more than her dreams. But she encourages people to do what they think is right, granted it makes sense in Zeta's head, which it does, more often than not.

Beyond that, Zeta is a bright ray of sunshine, and her daily goal is always to make someone's day better, in any way she can. She doesn't like seeing people who are feeling down or gloomy or anything of the sort. It makes her feel the same way, and Zeta doesn't like being sad. When she is sad, she'll try to find a distraction, preferably a person she gets along with, and attempt a happy conversation.

History (more than a paragraph): Lisbeth DeWitt's just your everyday Danish gal. You could say she kinda had it all; she was admittedly good-looking, well educated and whatnot. Well, that is not complete at all. In reality, Lisbeth was a gloomy soul, mostly let down by the fact that... no one wants to be in a relationship with her. That is really it. Lisbeth's only dream is to have children some day, but it is nigh impossible when no one wants to date her.

Then, one day, it's as if someone actually heard her mind. Lisbeth was feeling pretty bad and after things went on and happened... Lisbeth discovered she was pregnant. With who's child? She doesn't know. Little does she remember, a couple weeks ago, she got carried off into a one night stand. With Ares. But she doesn't remember this. She was too drunk and hungover from that time to even think straight.

Regardless, Lisbeth was ready to care for her only child, even if it meant she was going to do it alone. Many months later, and on July 4th, 2002, Zeta Emerald DeWitt entered the world. She was born right on time, and admittedly, she was a cute little one too.

Zeta's childhood was fairly normal. For the most part anyway. She lived a regular life, although, Zeta was diagnosed with ADHD at age 8. But that hardly changed a thing for Zeta herself. It was at age 10 when life took a full U-turn.

Zeta and her mother were out for a stroll in the park on a sunny day, when a small flock of Stymphalian Birds swooped in to attack Zeta herself. To make matters worse, a pair of Pit Scorpions joined in the frey shortly after. While Zeta was unaware of it, there were about 5 other demigods in her general area. Zeta herself sustained a number of injuries, but the well trained demigods dispatched the Stymphalian Birds first, before jointly taking down the Pit Scorpions one at a time.

It was there and then that Zeta discovered, that she was one of them. About a month later, Zeta received a letter from Ares, explaining everything. It explained how Zeta was his daughter, how she was a demigod, and it told of Camp Half-Blood. It wasn't until some time later that Zeta had legitimately thought about Camp Half-Blood.

In the years to follow, Zeta was attacked three more times, by hellhounds at age 11, Giant Scorpions at age 12, and a Harpy at age 13. Thanks to some decent training over time, from one of the demigods who helped Zeta during her first monster attack, Zeta fought them all off. Nevertheless, she still hesitated to go to Camp Half-Blood.

It was on her 14th birthday that she finally decided that she should go to Camp Half-Blood. A few months later, with the help of a Satyr, Zeta arrived at Camp Half-Blood on December 30th, 2016.

Weapon(s) (optional): Celestial Bronze Spear, originally given to her by the same demigod who helped train her.

Let all your walls come down and just hit play.

19:15, January 13, 2017 (UTC)


  • Five demigods, not including Zeta, being in the general vicinity of each other would have been enough to magnetize at least a few medium monsters, if not a suicide one. Stymphalian birds would not have been the only monsters they'd have to face. Here's the link if you don't already have it.
    • If you want to stick with this story, I suggest dropping at least two medium monsters in the fray and calling it a day. The demigods should be able to handle the situation if they're trained.
  • I'm going to be honest. Screaming demigods probably do not affect the birds since some are bound to do that when they're being pecked to death. Only way I can see it happening is if the screaming is part of the powerset. Also: five (presumably trained) demigods and no one knows how to deal with Stymphalian birds? Kind of unrealistic.
  • You skipped two years of monster attacks. (11, 13) Ares' letter and the other demigods would've made her aware, and thus her scent would be even more powerful. A sentence or two mentioning fending off monsters should suffice; you don't have to elaborate.

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Threw in a pair of Pit Scorpions in the initial monster attack, and reworded the second-to-last paragraph to include the missing years. Let all your walls come down and just hit play.
00:25, January 14, 2017 (UTC)
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