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Name: Catherine Elizabeth Adams (but she never lets anyone call her Catherine only cat)

Gender: female

God Parent: hades, Ares, Hermes

Mortal Parent: Annie Adams

Appearance: she has long straight black hair that falls to just below her shoulders which she usually hides behind and dark grey eyes almost like a silvery color. She has very pale skin almost like death

Personality: shes very quiet and shy but can be very brave when she wants to be. She hates when people make fun of her or her friends and will never back down from a fight.

History:: annie adams was sitting alone in a coffee shop she owned. Business was slow that day so she was enjoying a nice cup of coffee before she went back to working. Just as she finished her coffee a man walked in and sat at the table closest to the counter. annie got to he feet and began to serve the man they chatted away happily and she ended up telling him of her worries about the business. The man told her she should not worry so much and that everything would be fine. For some reason she believed him. the talked in the café until it was closing time then she invited the man back to her flat. one thing lead to another and A few weeks later annie found out she was pregnant with the mans child. The childs name catherine elizabeth adams.

Cat tried to be normal although she always knew she wasn't. she was rubbish at school and found it very hard to make friends. her teachers kept threatening to hold her back a year and she hated it. the only thing she was good at was sports and would often be found at a swimming pool or the gym trying to forget about her worries. It was on one of these days. The day before her 12th birthday she began to wonder who her father really was. Whenever she had asked he mother had always said wait until your older. Tomorrow she would turn twelve old enough to find out and hopefully she would. When she asked her mother the next morning he mother told her all she knew. That her father had been a wonderful man she had met one night at the shop. Cat listened whilst her mother described him and cat got a good picture of him in her mind.

the next day she was walking to school with her best friend lilly when what looked like a monster jumped out. "hellhound" her friend cursed. she pulled out what looked like a dagger and in a matter of seconds the monster was reduced to ashes. lilly turned to her "ok cat your not going to beleive me but that was a hellhound from the greek myths and you are a daughter of some greek god. we need to get to a special camp where youll be safe"

confused about what she just saw she agreed to go with her friend after all she had never steered her wrong before who quickly called a cab to take them to this place, after giving the cab driver the address and him giving them a strange look they drove off arriving a few hours later at what must be the 'special' camp. upon arriving she was given a bow and arrow which since she had used a bow and arrow before she was relatively good at it. she is just beginning to settle into her cabin and get use to her daily schedule

Weapons: a bow and arrow but she can also use other weapons Pandy589 (talk) 19:32, December 22, 2013 (UTC)


So how old is she now? Can you elaborate more on her childhood? How did the cab know where camp was?

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O.O How did her mother fall pregnant? You just mention that she's talking to a man at a cafe and then BOOM! baby.

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Why are you saying she's already been at camp for a month? I really don't see the point in that.....

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