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Name: Abaddon Estelle

Age: 15, born during the Winter

Titan Parent: Astraeus, Titan of Dusk, Stars, Planets, and the Art of Astrology

Mortal Parent: Apollyona Lumen

Personality: Abaddon is a fierce, passionate woman. She's got no true loyalties to anyone but herself and her father Astraeus. Abaddon, despite her ferocity, she is a skilled tactician and can be quite patient. She is flexible, and very adaptable to situations. Thanks to the teachings of Apollyona and her aunt, Aqua, she's developed a certain, manipulative cunning side to her. Abaddon believes strongly in Survival of the Fittest, and she's very cocky and arrogant. Abaddon is also morbid and sadistic, taking extreme pleasure in causing the suffering of others. Abaddon will not hesitate to kill another person, but she prefers to slowly break them. Abaddon is also highly loyal to any who can gain it, and stubbornly will resist any attempts to change her ideals. Abaddon does, however, have a small code of honor.

History: Abaddon Estelle comes from a long line of matriarchal halfbloods, starting with the first of their line: Lilith, the feared Daughter of Hyperion. Lilith grew up relatively wealthy, her mother, Elizabeth De'lgos, was very wealthy, and Lilith was very attractive like her parents. During her early 20's, Lilith went insane slowly, but not before giving birth to a daughter and son (both from Khione), who she killed the latter, and the former was abused severely. It was only due to Artemis' intervention that the daughter was saved, and Lilith finally killed from Artemis's hand, the elder daughter of Lilith joining the hunt as Lilith died, but not before Lilith spawned a final daughter: Amaris, who was conceived by laying with Mnemosyne, who carried the baby instead of Lilith.

From Amaris was born three daughters. Astarte from Hermes, Alia from Poseidon. Both of them produced their own families, but her youngest daughter, Amara, who was born from Amaris and Zeus, produced a great brood, including a daughter of Apollo. Apollyona Estelle was the Daughter of Apollo, and was cruel. Her elder half sister, Aqua, was born from Oceanus, and her younger sister, Ariana, from Iapetus.

Apollyona had left the family manor in New York, which was heavily warded against monsters, for a night of fun with her sisters when she was 20, Aqua, Ariana and Apollyona's own twin, Artemis, who was one of the few males in the family. They went to a club in New York City, meeting with their own people, except for Apollyona, who merely sat at the bar, declining any male or female who approached her. Reluctantly, however, she did entertain the black haired, blue eyed beauty that was Astraeus. Apollyona knew that it was Astraeus, with his strong muscles, blue eyes and black hair, as well as the star pendant. Apollyona dragged Astraeus back to the family manor, much to delight of the old Amaris.

Apollyona was woken up the next day by Amaris, who gleefully told her that her child would be special, in giddy excitement.

Nine months later, Apollyona began labor during the day. Astraeus appeared, comforting Apollyona before the birth began, placing a gentle kiss upon the swollen stomach of Apollyona, and on Apollyona's forehead. Muttering gentle words, Apollyona knew Astraeus' time was short. Amaris however, was the most disappointed at Astraeus' leaving, the old woman finding him charming, and demanding a kiss as well, to which Astraeus did. The entire family gathered around, as Apollyona gave birth to her daughter on the roof of their manor. Amaris swept the new child into her arms, humming an old tune, as Amaris named the child: Abaddon Estelle, for she would destroy any enemies of them, and she was from the Star god.

Abaddon grew up in a harsh environment, under the critical and narcissistic eye of Apollyona, who was disgusted with her daughter for taking Astraeus away. The support of her family however made her through it, especially under Ariana's loving, optimistic nature, and Aqua's stern, proud and regal nature, which held Apollyona's abusive behavior at bay.

Abaddon trained for years, taking advice and improving her strategies, and playing chess and other games to sharpen her mind. She was sent into the town for groceries one day, when she was around 11, when a duo of harpies flew down and tried to kill her. Unprepared against the harpies, one of the harpies managed to dig their claws into her shoulders, before a plasma knife killed one of the harpies quickly, the other was much more difficult. Abaddon quickly readapted her strategy, and with her bola's, gifts from her father. Abaddon flung the bola's at the harpy, missing. The harpy squawked and dove down at Abaddon, who brought her sword, a gift from her great grandmother, Amaris, the sword named όμορφη θάνατο, Omorfi Mortem: Beautiful Death. She brought the sword upwards at the last moment, slicing through the harpy's physical form like butter, and Abaddon smiled coldly, before frowning. Her sadism grew, the disappointment of there not being any sort of blood left.

A year later, at age 12, Abaddon was attacked by a Scythian Dracanae. Unprepared for a Scythian Dracanae, Abaddon swung her sword at the Dracanae, before gaining a few cuts. Abaddon, grudgingly admitting defeat fled from the scene, running to the manor, where Aqua drowned it. Abaddon trained even harder at the manor, pushing her power as far as she could, yet still, never earning Apollyona's approval. Abaddon continued to train, which culminated in her and her cousin, Lilith, leaving the manor to seek out monsters to kill. Armed with her Bola's, Luna and Sol, her sword, Beautiful Death, and her shield, Avenger, she left with Lilith to slaughter monsters. They were unexpectedly attacked at night, when Abaddon was 14, Lilith was 15. The monsters attacking were a pair of Giant Scorpions, in the forest. Abaddon charged the larger scorpion, dodging the tail, and thrusting her sword, coated in plasma, up through the Giant Scorpion, killing it quickly, the plasma spreading.

Lilith was not faring much better, her powers as a Daughter of Hyperion not as trained, for Lilith was much more involved in the more weapon side of things. Lilith was struggling to hold off the Giant Scorpion, before a quick lash of the stinger made Lilith loose conciousness, Abaddon however intervened in the last second, using her shield to hold the stinger at bay, using her sword to cut it off, the double-edged blade cleanly slicing it. Abaddon let out a fierce growl, jumping into the air and bringing the sword down onto the scorpion, swinging and jabbing, trying to cut it's head off. She failed, and the stinger pierced her right arm, blood oozing.

Abaddon refused to go down, and with a savage ferocity, she fired a hot beam of plasma from her sword (using it as a channeling tool), and stabbed at the joint near the neck, finally killing the scorpion.

Unbeknowest to the pair, Ariana, Lilith's mother, had secretly interfered with the mission. Apollyona was not happy with her daughter's, in her opinion, failure, at not instantly slaughtering the scorpions. This led to a progressively worse relationship, Abaddon striving to make her mother happy, and growing increasingly frustrated when the narcissistic mother did not. Any attempts to strengthen the mother daughter relationship, made by Aqua and Ariana especially made it worse, as Apollyona beat Abaddon for involving the rest of their family. It took a crucial turning point when Abaddon hit Apollyona back, slamming the older woman into the wall.

Horrified by the potential reactions of the rest of her family, Abaddon gathered her things, near her 15th birthday, and fled the manor, unable to live there any longer, not willing to bear the rejection of the rest of her family. Fleeing to the streets of New York City, she stumbled around for a bit, before being found by a Mnemosyne recruiter of the CoO, which she gladly accepted to join. She would gladly help the Titans rule. Why not? The Gods never did anything for her!

On her way to the base of the Champions of Othrys, her cousin, Lilith, approached them in her car, asking where she was going. Abaddon responded with "to a new faction". Lilith asked if she could tag along, to which the recruiter agreed.

Reasoning: Okei so Abaddon likes her family aside from dear abusive mommy Apollyona. She thinks they like Apollyona better though so that's why she ran away. She also thinks the gods, since a few demigods were born after her, but no demititans, that they don't care, since her great-grand aunt was saved by Artemis she's bitter nobody tried to help her.


  • Artemis hunters are virgins, fix it (Amaris' mom)
  • How did Apollyona know it was Astereus
  • She lives with a family of demigods and demititans, knows shes a demititans, trains as a demititan. 13 is not gonna cut it for age of first attack. At the oldest, 10
  • CoO is a secret group, picking up random people off the street isnt going to cut it
  • You need to write an explanation as to why she wants to be in CoO. It's not an "eh, i think imma try this out" group, i's highly selective

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  1. Amaris' mom didn't join. Amaris' older sister joined.
  2. She could see through the mist and all that mcjazz.
  3. Okey.
  4. Can you give an example on a potential way?
  5. I did write an explanation.  She would gladly help the Titans rule. Why not? The Gods never did anything for her! She's bitter. She knows how Artemis helped her Great-Grand Aunt, and she knows that gods frequently came into that family to mate. She knows her dad is a Titan, and personally thinks he should be a major deity, and all that stuff. Abaddon.gifI am The Prince of ShadowsAbaddon.gif

  • "the elder daughter of Lilith joining the hunt as Lilith died, but not before spawning a final daughter: Amaris, who was conceived by laying with Mnemosyne." this sentence does not suggest that, reword it
  • she could sense it's a god without the mist but i dont get how she just knows its that particular one
  • getting close to a member of the group and proving trust
  • Ok could you write that out under your history and put a "reasoning:" or something because you didn't go as in detail, you made it seem like it was an off the cusp teen decision
  • you didnt fix the age of first monster attack

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  1. Done
  2. Done
  3. Um..I'm not making no dang new char just for this >.<
  4. Done
  5. 13 is best age for the attack. She's Astraeus.

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  1. Okay I'm trying to cut you slack but tbh that reasoning really isn't strong
  2. You don't have to make a new char for this. We all accept their are more chars than the ones we rp, because if their weren't not much would get done.
  3. 11 oldest. There, added a year. No way in hell is she going to be 13 when she gets attacked unless you have a way to conteract all of the highly monster attack worthy things she has going. A monster doesn't care if she is a demititan. A monster wants to eat, and honestly, Abaddon would have a very strong scent.

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1. What?

2. Fine. I'll figure something out in a second.

3. I can work with 11. And a monster would have to go through hell to reach Abaddon in general, because a fun fact: Everyone there is trained, even Amaris. Abaddon.gifI am The Prince of ShadowsAbaddon.gif

  • Monster might have to go through hell, but you do realize that more monsters would attack them per year, and they'd probably attack more powerful monsters. So, it is not unfair to ask that you lower first monster attack to 11.

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The magical enchantments would at least dampen the scent SLIGHTLY. Also, it's my understanding I can only use Blue Template Monsters. Check it now. Abaddon.gifI am The Prince of ShadowsAbaddon.gif


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