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Name: Aion YueZheng

Meaning: Aion - Hellenistic Deity of Time, Eternity, and the Zodiac

Childhood Name: YueZheng Ting

HanZi: 乐正霆

Meaning: YueZheng - Governor of Music; Ting - Thunder

Courtesy Name: YueZheng YuShi

Meaning: Yu means universe, Shi means Time

HanZi: 乐正宇时

Age(Physical): 22

Age(Actual): 2,899

Titan Parent: Kronos

Mortal Parents:  ZhuGe YuanHua (mother), YueZheng WangYu (Adoptive Father)

Species: Demititan 

Faceclaim: Wang YiBo

Personality: Aion has little words and usually don't talk, especially if the conversation doesn't interest him. Yet if you talk about something he has interest in, Aion has the most words out of everyone. To many, Aion seems like a cold and unapproachable person. When standing next to him, one would feel the temperature drop several degrees. Yet, he isn't like that. This is just his natural disposition. If you get to know him, you'll find that he can be very childish and caring towards the ones he care about.

History: Aion's mother is a noblewomen from the Shang Dynasty who had traveled to Greece on a trip. ZhuGeYuanHua is a rare beauty born with peach blossom eyes and fair skin. This exotic beauty entered the eyes of Kronos not long after her arrival. He begans to court her and YuanHua who also shows this handsome blonde foreginer that's unlike any other almost immediately hit it off with him.

By the time it's time to go back home, ZhuGe YuanHua already became pregnant with Kronos' demititan offspring. This is also around the time Kronos left her after telling the young woman about his true identify. And because the woman left a more pleasant memory in his mind and because he didn't have to worry about his mortal offspring overthrow him, Kronos left her 2 gifts. One is a Scent Cover in the form of a earring and as long as he stays in China, monsters won't come and find the demititan offspring. The other one is a lock that has a 1 time use and can stop the time of everything within 5ft diameter, intended for escape use but late used differently by Aion. 

Because the fetus is the offspring of a celestial, YuanHua is allowed to keep the child. She's married off by her family soon after while keeping the child a secret. Because she's only been pregnant for a month, the fetus was easily passed off as the child of her second husband. On a thunderous night, Aion was born and named YueZheng Ting as his childhood name, Ting for the thunder. As a child, YueZheng Ting is loved by everyone for his beautiful appearance and blue eyes (YuanHua hired a taoist to lie about his eye color, saying it mean he's destined for heaven changing things), especially Lord YueZheng, his human father. 

Young Ting shows his versatile talent as he excell in the Four Arts, politics, and military affair. Adding on that he practice martial arts and swordplay, YueZheng Ting is what people calls, Wen Wu Shuang Quan. (Skilled at both literature and martial arts) The Shang Dynasty is consider in it's early years and things were going great, so Lord YueZheng who's a high ranking politician very happily nurtured him. At his Coming of Age which was especially grand, teenage Ting was given the courtesy name, YueZheng YuShi. At age 18, what should have been the start of his glorious military career never came. 

Lord YueZheng was caught between the princes' fight for the throne and killed along with his Mother. His mother urged
him to escape to Greece while telling him his birth identity and giving him the time stop lock. YueZheng Ting escaped to Greece on his mother's advice and met another demititan, Deios who was a mercenary and a son of the titan, Iapetus. He learned Greek and about his powers from Deios who know several languages.

His meeting with Deios is around the time of his first monster attack. Because the scent cover can't be of use anymore, monsters are starting to sense him. The monster that attacked him is a pair of telekhines. With Deios' help and his own skill with the sword, they successfully kill the pair. 

At the time, the Titan War is on its middle stage and Ting wanted to gain Kronos' acknowledgement. Since the Titan Lord had quite a few offsprings, he wasn't too stingy on this aspect. Like a father generously acknowledging an illegitimate son, Kronos give him a Greek name, Aion. 

He participated in the Titan War and when the Olympians won, Aion escape back to China, knowing it wouldn't be good if he stayed. He hid in KunLun Mountain just in case as the area is out of the Greek celestial's scope and used the lock that Kronos that left behind, stopping his body's time and putting himself to sleep. At the time, he was 22 of age. 

Aion finally woke up during the 21st century and quickly inserted himself into modern life because he's a fast learner. He worked as an investor in a top company and picked up many hobbies. Motorcycling, skateboard, extreme sports, and the like. Aion also make sure to know what's going on in the Greek Circle and found out about the Champion of Othry. Wanting to find a place to settle and not have to fight monsters all the time, Aion let himself be known and joined their ranks, not wanting to mingle with the god folks.

Reason for Joining: Aion got pretty fed up with being on high alert all the time and want to find a sanctuary to relax a bit. He didn't have to mingle with the god folks so he went to find CcO who are made of demititans. Not to mention the gods imprison plenty of titans and their allies, so Aion didn't think he'd escape.

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Mostly checks out! Just a couple details to patch up:

  • Please add a description of his first monster attack. The mention near the end that he's been fighting monsters is enough for all the rest, but the first should be explained a bit more - what monster it was, how he dealt with it, etc.
  • For Champions of Othrys claims, add a Reason for Joining section after the history. This'll be what the CoO council members use to accept/deny him.
  • Placing himself into temporal stasis for 3,000+ years would be well beyond the power of a typical demigod, exhaustion or not. Please explain this in a bit more detail (potentially a god's blessing, item, magic properties of the mountain, etc.).
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