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Name: Drew Yves

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Titan Parent: Eos

Mortal Parent: Noah Yves


Personality: Drew is described bold and adventurous, a daredevil, a thrill-seeker and everything else in between. She’s straightforward, confident and optimistic. Drew enjoys the rush of adrenaline in her veins and would most likely do something stupid out of a course of a dare. A good way to sum her up is “teaching someone how to swim by pushing them in the water”. She has a love of puns and cracking jokes to lighten the mood. Drew is also very ambitious, having great determination and not backing down from a challenge - no matter how risky it might seem.

Though she was known to be quite a troublemaker in the past, she’s grown mature and believes to become a better person due to her experiences. Drew knows when there’s a time and a place for joking and a time and a place to be mature. Showing great confidence on the battlefield, Drew keeps her cheery and playful attitude to her foes, often mocking them to provoke them because she finds humor in it.

Yet despite all of that, she likes to keep her emotions bottled up. Drew hates to be pitied and looked down upon. She thinks of herself as strong and doesn’t like showing emotions that are weak in her eyes, such as sadness or despair. If she does show any sort of weakness in front of anyone, Drew would forever deny it and play it off as it never happened the next day, not wanting to remember that it happened or showed any sort of vulnerability to anyone.

History: Noah Yves, in short, was pretty irresponsible until he made one big mistake. At age 18, he was kicked out of his home to live on his own. “Helps you become an adult,” his parents told him. Luckily, he had a friend, a kind boy his age named Parker, to take him in but that didn’t help him drink away his problems. Or hook up with any pretty woman he sees. But one morning, Noah was coming home from an entire night of clubbing, eventually kicked out, when he spotted a beautiful woman. Her skin was a gorgeous golden color, hair a soft blonde and light eyes. Noah was immediately swooning over her and the next thing he knew, he was taking her home.

He didn’t remember much after that, but when he woke up, he was in his own bed, clothes folded next to him and the woman was nowhere to be found. Noah was a little disappointed, to say the least. She was beautiful and she seemed nice, according to his fuzzy memory, but he doesn’t remember anything after that. It was a bit of a shame too, considering she was one of the most beautiful woman Noah ever laid eyes on and he let her slip away.

Around four months later - Noah cleaning himself up after receiving complaints and a long lecture from Parker - there was a knock at his door and opening it to find a newborn swaddled in a blanket. Picking up the infant, there was also a note on the ground. Rather confused, Noah picked that up as well and it read,

“Dear Noah, though I’m aware you most likely don’t remember me, but if you remember the woman you picked up four months ago, then that was me. My name is Eos, and you may or may not believe me, but I’m a titaness. The newborn is your child, and since I have duties to fulfill, I leave her in your hands. I hope she is safe with you and you take good care of her. Signed, Eos”

Noah did remember, how could he forget the beautiful woman? Looking at the infant, he realized that this was another step of becoming an adult, so, he took the child and named her Andrea.

Andre is nothing short of energy. Parker agreed to help Noah with raising Andrea, but neither of them realized it’ll be this hard. Technically speaking, Andrea basically grew up with 2 “dads”, even though Parker was not her dad, she still called him papa. For 6 years, Parker and Noah had to deal with little Andrea and her energy, but she was quite stubborn and didn’t like to listen very well which ticked off more than one teacher.

But when Andrea was at the emre age of 6, Parker got into a fatal car accident by a drunken teenager drinking and driving which caused the two to collide. Noah, to say the least, was devastated. And unfortunately, turned back to alcohol. Andrea would wait particularly long for her dad to pick her up from school which concerned some of the staff, and when he arrived, he was drunk up to the high heavens. Sadly Andrea failed to notice her father’s behavior until one night he was extremely violent and acted out in anger.

Andrea was mortified and fled the house to her neighbor’s, crying that her dad was scaring her. Now the couple that lived next door were a lesbian couple who were pretty okay but very nice when coming to Andrea since she was only a child. The couple let Andrea inside while one of the girls’ saw Noah and tried to talk to some sense into him. Ever since then, Andrea’s point of view of her father has changed.

She avoided him on the daily, going outside whenever he was home to ride her skateboard or go over to the skate park not far from her house. At age 12, she met a few kids around her age, 3 boys name Kasey, Joey and Rhett and another girl named Jessica, but she much rather be referred to as Jess. Andrea introduced herself, but one of the kids gave her the nickname “Drew”. Andrea seemed to take a liking for this nickname and wanted people to call her Drew.

Her father was trying to become a better father for himself and Andrea - no, his daughter wanted to be called Drew - and it was about time to tell Drew who her mother was. He couldn’t keep leaving her in the dark. Noah sat her down and told her the story of how she met her mother, but twisting the truth. Instead of meeting outside of a club, it was a chance of fate and dated. She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever met, but she wasn’t a woman, however, she was the titaness Eos. Drew didn’t believe him, but didn’t say anything to make her father happy.

However, at age 13, Drew was returning home from the skate park, the sky becoming dark and thought it was a good idea to return home before it gets too dark, when she heard growling behind her. Startled, Drew turned around and was face to face with a large black dog, its hackles raised, piercing, glowing red eyes staring right at Drew and teeth bared, growling lowly. Frightened, the girl backed up slowly - the beast inching closer - and broke into a sprint, the hound right on her tail. An idea popped into her head and began making twists and turns, hoping to get the hellhound off her tail.

The hellhound lost sight of her, but before the the beast could continue its search, it picked up another scent of a demigod and followed after it. And when Drew found herself at home, the sky was now dark, bruises and small cuts littered her body in her attempts to lose the beast. Her father tried to scold her for coming home so late, but Drew just went to her room, too exhausted to listen and Noah let her be, thinking there was no point in scolding her if she wouldn’t listen.

Unfortunately, this continued for a long time, once a year. Drew was able to escape the different kinds of monsters, whether it was hiding, outrunning them, or another demigod or two slaying the beasts. One year, however, 16 year old Drew found herself at mercy under a colossal sized hellhound. Before the hellhound could make a move to even attack her, it was blasted by high pressurized water. Drew looked over to where the water was blasted and found a group of kids as old - if not, older - as her who were shaking and cheering a boy with a smug look on his face. However, the water didn’t stop the hellhound and the rowdy demigods began to charge at it while one girl pulled Drew out of the commotion. She asked if she was alright, checking for any injuries in a frantic manner which Drew replied that she was alright, jokingly saying that the person who owned the dog should teach it some manners. The girl heard her name being called and ran off, but dropped something on the way back to her friends. Drew picked it the object and tried to holler back at the girl, hollering that she dropped her pen, but was out of range.

Drew looked at the pen and clicked it out of curiosity, but soon became shock as the pen became a katana, one that was made from some sort of bronze material. She quickly pressed the button on the bottom of the hilt and the katana turned back into a pen and stuffed the weapon in her pocket, looking around to see if anyone saw the weapon. Nevertheless, she decided to keep it. For what reason? She didn’t know, but if those monsters were to keep coming after her, then maybe she didn’t want to run anymore. Perhaps she’ll fight back instead.

Ever since then, Drew tried her best to defeat the monsters, which almost led to her demise a few times, but that didn’t stop her from protecting herself. And at age 18, she decided to move out with her friend, Jess. She packed her belongings, much to her father’s dismay, and said goodbye, moving from Michigan to New York. But, she did promise to call her father as much as she can and to not lose contact.

Leaving home was an exciting new adventure for the both of them and the new sense of freedom excited Drew. She hoped to escape the monsters, but moving to New York seemed to increase, much to Drew’s annoyance. But, it wasn’t until she was 22 where she was walking home from work where she was ambushed once more. Growling in annoyance, she brought out her weapon and sprung into action, trying to defeat the monster but with no training, she was being easily defeated.

The young woman was about to be killed when a young man appeared in front of her just out of nowhere, blocking the attack and killing the monster with skill and ease. The boy explained that she wasn’t safe out in the open and that she needed to come with him. However, Drew protested that he could kill him with that weapon of his and that she needed and explanation where he came from out of nowhere.

Annoyance crossed the boy’s serious features and his weapon turned into an ordinary hand comb, putting it away and explaining that he shadow travelled in front of her to save her and that if he really wanted to kill her, he would’ve done it already. He also explained that there was a camp not far from where they were and that it was safe, that there were people just like her that went through the exact same thing Drew went through.

Drew didn’t put up an argument and followed behind him. She felt weary as the boy led her into a forest, keeping a tight grip on her hand before reaching a camp. Once going in, she asked where the children of Eos stayed, which confused the boy. Children of Eos? This was a camp for demigods, key word being “gods”, not titans, the boy explained. Drew was rather offended. So, children of the gods could stay here but not children of titans?

Drew said that she refused to be in some camp that only favored the children of the gods and left. It wasn’t fair, was it? That there many other demititans out there that couldn’t be protected by the hellish monsters because of that camp? Drew found herself lost in the forest and was gradually getting deeper when she came ambushed by a couple of young adults, trying to taunt her that a camp scum like her was in the forest all by herself, which Drew defended herself that she wasn’t a camper nor a demigod, which greatly confused the two.

Drew said she was a daughter of Eos and didn’t want to be apart of that camp if they didn’t include children of the titans as well. Why should the gods get all the glory. Weren’t the titans there first? The two looked at each other before explaining there was a place for her - for all demititans - to go and have the same strive as her, which peaked Drew’s interest. They explained that they were the Champions of Othrys and Drew wanted to be apart of them. The gods have reigned for far too long, it was time that the titans took back their rightful place as rulers.

Weapon: Celestial Bronze Katana

Reason for Joining the Champion of Othrys: Some say it’s because of her rebellious attitude but there’s a far deeper meaning than just some “rebellion.” The gods get all the limelight, but what about the titans? There’s a camp for demigods, but last time she checked, she was no daughter of a measly god. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? How there’s a save haven for demigods but not demititans? That’s bullshit! Drew is fed up with the favoritism and should be a rightful place for the demititans. No more of these demigod or gods, it’s time to show all of them - the demigods and gods alike - who’s truly superior.

DaredevilSig I'm asking forgiveness for what I'm about to do. -Devil


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