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Character Name:Iya Lysenko

1 God parent choice:Aigaios


Current Age:17



When deployed onto the battlefield she dons a leather jerkin and a set of thin chainmail for protection

Mortal parent name:Vika Lysenko (maiden name) Vika Walkers (Current name)-mom Kyle Walkers-step dad

Personality: Iya is a staunch girl she would rather die then betray her values . Although she does not have much time to dedicate to hobbies she is a great swimmer and before she found out she wasn't a mortal she aspired to go to the olympics. Other than swimming she likes fishing as her mother and grandpa both were commercial fishermen so she holds some pride in it. She has always felt safe in storms and that holds up until this day when a storm happens if she has any excess stress or anxiety it usually weakens. Iya was always a very pious girl to a point where you could even call her a zealot before she found out she was a demititan she took the bible as her guide in life although it shook her up a bit finding out about Hellenism she soon adopted that as a strict religious code for herself.

History:Vika Lysenko was a young woman just turning 26 when she left her home of ontario,Canada when she left to work with the crew of a greek fishing vessel in the aegean sea. The trip went well for the first two months. However one particular morning May 12th they caught sight of a small shark in the waters it was following a school of tuna. The captain saw a chance for money as he was a heavily greed influenced man. After a bit of following around the shark they managed to catch it all seemed well after they cut it up and stored it. The following morning the ship encountered a large rogue wave soon after the ship capsized. This of course was no mere accident as the god Palaemon saw them kill one of his divine creatures and it severely enraged him so he sent a rogue wave to punish the greedy mortals. Vika opened her eyes they stung badly of the light hitting her and salt she coughed up water and closed her eyes again she tried recalling what happened she remembers sliding off her vessel after a wave hit it then darkness. She remembered the strong taste of salt and darkness the captain falling to the bottom of the sea then more darkness…. then a figure grabbing ahold of her and that was it.

She once again opened her eyes she felt the blistering sun upon her forehead she was drenched and reeked of salt she sat up. She was on sand and it clung to her wet clothing she heard the crashing of waves against the shore and smelled the bitter salty smell it brought as well. Her eyes adjusted to the brightness she was nauseous beyond belief she felt a sandwich she had last night making its way up soon following was a unpleasant taste mixture of watery salt, ham and mustard. She stood up and tried to get a feel of her surroundings again she felt a blistering heat on her forehead she decided she should find shade before she died of heatstroke she mumbled adding onto it saying “knowing my luck it probably will happen” which she said in english but then the fact hit her she may not be alone so she shouted “Είναι κανείς εκεί έξω”.

Thoughts of her childhood heaped upon her at the thought of using greek when she was clearly alone. Her mother was from greece and her father was a ukrainian descendent born in Canada. her grandpa was also a Canadian born ukrainian. although his father came from ukraine and wasn't born in Canada unlike most of her family. Her mother taught her greek at a young age and her school taught her english so she was raised bilingual. Her current position snapped back into her mind she saw a figure walking toward her in the corner of her eye. she blinked and turned to face what she thought was a hallucination.

It was not, it was the captain of the ship his name was Sotiris Zabat a quick image flashed through her head, a image of him floating in the water below her but she quickly deduced it was someone else she was mistaking with the captain. That thought made her sick she so quickly threw away the sorrow of someone dying simpily because she found another living person she mentally scolded herself. She started screaming “Sotiris Sotiris over here!” The man she believed was Sotiris stood there for a few seconds before walking over to her. The man did infact look heavily like Sotiris he said “Hello”, he sounded like him as well but. . . something was off she couldn't quite put her finger on it. Sotiris was holding a list she caught a glance of names? no.... her fellow crew mates at the top of the list was the name “Sotiris” with a small check. He then said “I am sorry but could you inform me the proper spelling of your name?” Vika then responded “V-I-K-A - L-Y-S-E-N-K-O” Sotiris then confirmed with a happy smile appearing to place another check on his list over what she assumed was her name.

Sotiris then broke the silence with “We should get moving then shouldn't we? there has to be more survivors” They found nobody else, they however found some dry driftwood on the beach and a slightly damp box of matches along with a few other things that made their way on to the shore from the wreck. They sat by a small cold glowing fire they huddled together. If they were not experiencing minor hypothermia she thought this might be romantic. She was awoken to the hot tropics sun and Sotiris’s beardy deeply tanned face.

She heard the crashing of waves and the loud sound of seagulls calling the familiar strong scent of salty water filled her nostrils as she took a deep breath. She saw Sotiris open his eyes and get up she of course was quite idle and didn't think he noticed she was awake. After a few minutes she got up she saw Sotiris in the distance appearing to be hunting for fish with a spear she decided to go into the small tree littered center of the island which should contain a few herbs and some dry wood. When she got back the sun was setting Sotiris used a match from the box to start another small cold glowing fire. They talked for awhile about the intensity of their situation the loud calls of the seagulls and chirps of crickets in the distance. Sotiris suddenly kissed Vika filling her nostrils with his strong smell it seemed to be a body wash or knowing him it could very well be the faded smell of exotic fish. She didn't resist him and that night they made love.

The final day of their “Vacation” as they joked about their situation a plane flew overhead looking for survivors of the sinking apparently they had been the subject of many local new stations over the last week or two. She went to find Sotiris he had went back to the camp away from fishing a half hour ago but he was nowhere to be seen they informed her they have to go now a storm was rolling in and they would send another search team for Sotiris. A month passed since she checked into a hotel in Kavala the dead body of Sotiris Zabat was found on the beach of the island they were stranded on but the body already showed heavy signs of decay meaning he had died at least a few months prior. Another month passed with her doing minor commercial fishing jobs before it became clear she was showing signs of pregnancy she returned to her home in Canada. Her pregnancy was going smoothly her family being very proud and traditional christians discouraged abortion so she kept the baby and they helped her through her pregnancy. The day came when her water broke and she was rushed to the hospital by her mother Philyra as her father was out fishing at that moment. The small baby came out fighting like a sailor she was quite loud-mouthed with the ground shaking cries she unleashed. Vika came to the conclusion of naming her Iya the name was cute but also fierce a perfect example of the creature she was holding.

Three uneventful years past any money Vika made now went to the household cache and her father's alcoholism. However Vika did start to take fancy to a young Canadian man only a few years older than her, 32 he also seemed to like her. A year passed Iya was now 4 and just barely getting enough attention now that her mother Vika married a man named Kyle Walker whom she met a year prior.

A few more years passed in a blink of an eye with the new marriage and toddler in a snap the now Vika Walker moved into Kyle Walker’s house. Iya was now 7 and after a year in school it was quite clear she was not a good listener. This did not look good to the teacher who was called Mr. Geen who recognized the beginnings of ADHD.That summer Iya had private tutoring sessions set up her grades meagerly grew the next year.

Iya smiled as she blew out the candles that made the numbers “9” that year in its own was quite interesting as Iya’s mother now was pregnant with another baby Kyle’s baby in particular but besides that Iya spent the summer at her very religious grandma’s that summer it was in that time where Iya started being raised as a devout orthodox christian.

Iya yawned and stretched as Mrs. Oatly droned on with her speech about the french-indian war as she was a 11 year old girl who did not find these topics very interesting and with that note she proceeded to stare out into the clouds that shown through one of the classes windows.

Her eyes suddenly focused she saw a shape?. . . . No a silhouette moving through a nearby forest that was just seeable from the window. Iya burned with curiosity and as soon as the bell rung signaling that 10th block was over she ran towards the forest as fast as she could toting her backpack and lunchbox. She heard giggling then a short “Hello” proceded by a girl who seemed to be about decade or so older then her came out of the tree. Iya’s eyes exploded in shock as her knees quivered in a meager tone she managed to spit out “a-are you an angel?” the girl giggled and then ran off into the forest Iya was too shaken to try and follow her.

After that the next two years flew by in a flurry of boys coming and going and fleeting friendships as well as the new baby who was named Kyle jr. Iya liked him quite a bit. Iya was now 13 and in the mists of puberty as well as flunking 8th grade but little did Iya know this particular day was going to be the beginning of her new life.

Iya hummed a tune as she walked down a windy path she was hearing lightly padded clothing as it was autumn at that moment as she walked the tune seemed to lift her feet up a little higher she usually had this “musical” walk home but then all of a sudden her eye focused she had the urge to puff out her shoulders she felt something was very wrong. Iya then heard a tree rustle as something came swooping from it within a few seconds she felt a very painful mark on her shoulder she saw blood trickling out from under her sleeve and a large rip on her shoulder revealing a bright red spongy claw mark. She looked at where she heard the sound and then her ears shattered at the sound of a large wail she spun to the direction behind her to find a large woman with…. wings? flying into the sky. Iya could see the light tips of the womans talons and claws when she saw these her mark burned and she winced out of pain. She bolted into the forest pushing her legs foward with all her might her heart beat faster then she could think she was frightened. Then she saw the approaching ground and a numb pain from foot she embraced the dirt like it was her mother it was the only thing that seemed to be sane in that moment. Reality snapped back to her she jumped up and looked at what she tripped on. . . It was covered in leaves she brushed them off and try picking it up. It was submerged in mud she had to yank it she flew back when she finally managed to pull it out she looked at it as she layed down on the dirt it seemed to be a bronze colored sword?. . . . she brushed some mud off of it there were the initials E. G. The sword was not small but not exactly large either it could probably span from her hand to her shoulder. Her ears perked up at the wailing of the woman she jumped to her feet and put the sword between her two hands and readied herself for the coming battle. A light breeze stuck Iya’s face then out of left-hand corner of her eye she saw the outlining of a wing beating dodging the tree canopies. Iya winced in terror she closed her eyes and meagerly stuck the sword out she felt a light “squish” and a sudden pressure on the sword then it was gone and when she opened her eyes she only saw light dust flying in the wind and only heard the breeze flowing by. Iya deduced that that was only a hallucination as there no hint it was ever real besides the dirty blade that was hidden under her bed.

Iya layed on her bed watching the movie “Kingdom of Heaven” she had Kyle jr. on her lap he was now 3. From Iya’s door came a knock and the distorted voice of Iya’s mother. Iya then lifted kyle off her lap and sat him down on her bed as she went to open the door. Iya’s mother smiled at her as she said “Sweetie come downstairs your friends are going to be here for your birthday soon” it was Iya’s 14th birthday.

Her birthday was pleasantly nostalgic reminding her of the time before her mother moved it was just her and her friends in her family's kitchen. After the party was finished Iya and a small group of friends went into the town to watch a movie. After the movie finished Iya processed it overall she thought it was so-so not the best movie she has seen not the worst. After the movie was done Iya said goodbye to her friends Stacy & Naomi. Iya decided to take the long way home which is a path diverting from the street and into a dirt road it was a good 20 minutes until she got home so she took out a MP3 player she got for her birthday and put on a song by a popular band at the time. after about 5 minutes of walking the song ended Iya was going to grab the MP3 player and put on another song when she heard a low-pitched growl.

Iya cocked her head slightly to the left and saw what looked a rugged great dane it was snarling at Iya. She stood still and tried to slowly back up before she knew it she was struggling on the ground with a large dog which she was not aware was called a “hell hound” even more so she was lucky as this specific specimen was particularly small compared to many other hellhounds.Iya struggled on the ground the huge hulk of a dog was trying to get any sharp point on its body into Iya’s flesh, Iya grabbed a handful of dirt and groped her hand onto the beasts head and smeared the dirt into the hounds eyes temporarily blinding it.The hound snapped and snarled at the hand that was there a few short moments ago but it always was retracted Iya pushed off the blinded hound and put all her strength into pushing herself off the ground she bolted and made it to the bridge before she was pounced on again she tried to push the hound off of her but she couldnt however the force she was exerting was enough to throw them out of balance and sending them into a roll into the pond which the bridge spanned over.They landed in the water with a soft splash Iya felt a sudden juke of adrenaline she thrust down on the hound pushing it towards the bedrock of the pond.Oncce the soft thud of the beasts back was heard Iya grabbed a rock with the sharpest edge she could find she then proceeded to smash it again the beasts face as it scratched her arms to hell with its sharp paws after a few moments Iya had deep gashes down her arm and the beasts snout was extremely disfigured although it did not seem to deter the beast.Iya winced as another barrage of clawing attacked her she bolted to the surface and with extreme dexterity grabbed ahold of the rim of the bridge and like a experienced sailor pulled herself up with only the tips of her fingers.once on the bridge she bolted away as she looked back she saw a wet paw dripping with Iya’s blood grab ahold of a patch of mud.

Iya’s life throughout the next two years had similar events of these beasts attacking Iya but besides that she lived a normal life atleast as normal of a life that a teenage girl who happens to be a child of a immortal can achieve.

Iya jolted up from her bed she was sweating she couldn't remember it but she knew she just had a nightmare Iya did not find this unusual ever since the accident at the dock she has been having nightmares. Iya groggily rubbed her eyes and started her morning routine. Iya made the last dash Iya was taking a bus to her aunts house as today was her 17th birthday and her mother wanted them to celebrate it at her aunts house so the whole family could be there as her aunts house was in a central location between the various members of the family.

The singing of people around her snapped her out of her comatose state she snapped her eyes open and tried to do a little stretch of her waste without anyone noticing. Iya blew out the candles on her cake which her family had made for her, internally wishing that her life would remain normal for atleast a short while.Iya decided she wanted to get away from everyone for awhile as she was feeling unaturally jittery that day she thought to herself “My ADHD must be acting up” Iya walked out on a dirt path into the small stands next to her aunts house although she didnt forget to take her bag with her which contained a few goodies from her house and for some reason the blade she had recovered from a forest a few years prior she was not quite sure why she did but she felt the gut instinctive too.

Iya looked curiously into a shallow of water on the forest bed she saw her reflection looking back at her. Suddenly a horrible metallic grinding noise flooded her ears she let out a small squeal and felt goosebumps raise along her skin. Then a sight appearing to be 5 or 6 metal pigeons appeared in her view she knew something was wrong about what was going on just by the appearance of the birds. She lunged for her bag which was slung on a tree branch and ripped open its zip. She pulled at the hilt of her blade with this action she felt a strong deep burning sensation on her back. she pulled back a hand from the hilt of her blade to feel the burning sensation she instantly recoiled her hand back when she felt the burning she looked at her hand it was soaked in blood she knew she had just been on the receiving end of a laceration.

Panic overtook Iya her heart started to beat fast she tore her blade out of her bag and swung it wildly around it hit nothing of course. Iya burst her eyes to the sky remembering the first incident that occurred to her the bird woman. She saw the group of metal pigeons circling around her and then another sharp burning pain occurred on her shoulder as she saw the image of one of the bird creatures accelerating back up to the circle. Iya felt the urge to run it overtook her she couldn't even make the simple movement of adjusting her hand on the hilt of her blade without having the urge to bolt. She winced again there was a deep sting on her lower back and in the corner of her eye again a metal pigeon made its way back into the sky. Iya snapped back into reality she knew this was not turning in her favor she pushed her feet forward. Another burning sting this time on the back of her right arm she heard a sharp whistle of air she swung her blade in the direction she heard the faint sound in clank she looked back and saw a cloud of golden dust following in her trail. Iya filled with another burst of adrenaline from the mini-victory she had just made bolted even faster through the debris of dead plant-life.

Suddenly a loud pitch came into Iya’s ears the sound of reed pipes. The bird that was swooping down at Iya suddenly fell to the ground as well as 2 others behind her there was only 1 bird remaining in the sky and they were wobbling unsteadily Iya heard a faint voice she made out the words “Finish them off while they are disoriented” Iya kicked the dirt in front of her giving her the propellent to do a complete 360 in her position. She lunged forward and thrust her blade first into a squirming bird on the ground that seemed to be trying to flap its wings while thrusting its head she then proceeded to smashed the hilt of her blade into the second bird and finally grabbing the final one that was within reach as it was about to take off and slice its head off leaving behind nothing in her path she darted her eyes towards the last one which was wobbling in the air she was filled with confidence as she threw her blade towards the last metal pigeon. Dust burst into the air as Iya grabbed the hilt of her blade with both hands she heard nothing besides footsteps then she heard the voice of Mr.Geen “Iya kid its me”.

Iya squirmed uncomfortably in her seat everything smelled of old people Iya sighed as the previous events that had unfolded appeared in her head. Iya was going to this so called camp according to Mr.Geen he was a mythical creature they call a “satyr” and that everything strange or dangerous that had ever happened to Iya was because of her parenthood and specifically what species she really is. Iya’s mom was heavily against sending her to a so-called “camp” for people like Iya, Iya felt extremely conflicted as under the cover of her mind she was having a fierce battle in her mind between the evidince of the greek mythology that Mr.Geen was informing her about and her upbringing as a very devout orthodox christian.Iya rode the destruction of everything she knew in the form of a yellow cab.She informed the driver she was going to “Camp Half-Blood, Half-Blood Hill, Farm Road 3.141 Long Island, New York” and within the days break she was there physically although where she was emotionally and mentally could be debated.

She walked down to the large house down the valley. Iya rubbed her head as she layed to rest in the hermes cabin she had spent a few weeks so far at this camp she did not enjoy it at all her mother was lacking it seemed no one talked to her she felt unbelonging her father had not even taken responsibility for her she thought maybe this was all just a big mistake and perhaps Stacy was the special one.

A voice appeared behind her one night in the hermes cabin it was a young boy around 14 or 15. The voice said “You dont like it here do you?” Iya replied with a short “No” he responded with “Me either my stupid mother has not even claimed me” he added onto his statement with “I think I might leave this place my friend was also a immortals child in fact a child of a titan he joined up with a group called “The Champions of Othrys” I want to go too.

Over the next few weeks Iya and this boy who apparently was called “Dakota” talked about the champions and Dakota one night exclaimed “My friend sent me a letter telling me the location of this place called the spire apparently that's the headquarters of the champions!” Iya instantly knew that Dakota and her had to go there she felt it with every inch of her bones. Iya stretched as they walked into the moonlight outside of camp they were finally going to do it they were running away from camp and joining up with the champions Iya’s head was filled with thoughts about her father about how he looks, how he talks and what he would think of her.The travel was a few days long before they finally made it to the spire however just as they made it a fiery symbol appeared over Dakota’s head they told him to get out demigods aren't welcome he was a child of hephaestus. Dakota burst out into the cold with tears in his eyes Iya felt a hole inside of her she felt guilt she felt sorrow but she also felt pride that she could come in and he couldn't she hated herself for such thoughts.She then awaited the response of the champions.

Reason for joining the CoO:When Iya learned about the immortal world it was never about hate or liking the immortals for her it was extreme piety that drove her to serve her father and his race when she arrived at camp and found no cabin for him she was extremely dissatisfied and this drove her to find a place where she could help serving her father and the titans

Weapon:Iya uses a CB arming sword for close combat and also duels a medium-sized wooden kite shield. When approaching an enemy or an enemy encampment she uses a wooden longbow paired with a quiver of CB-tipped arrows

Signature:Digiorno 3] Bu bhi imma go make a microwave pizza  and pass outDigiorno 3   


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  • This is just my opinion.. but i dont think 'uptight' christians would encourage children out of wedlock.. however so you may argue..
  • the grandfather was an Alcoholic?? but you just said they were uptight christian people... is it even possible? I thought Christianity didnt allow that?
  • Who is the girl? do explain?
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  • I'm gonna assume Mr Geen is a satyr as you never mention what he is.. so let me just ask.. why didnt he bring her to camp on the first attack?? Cause satyr job is to bring them to camp "as soon as possible" not wait till she almost die..
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Edison Mae 2

Edison Mae Son of Atlas • CoO Councilmen

As the entrance to The Spire opened up, Edison could be seen standing inside once the doors had opened fully. His arms were crossed and he had a very bland look on his face as he eyed Iya up and down quickly. "Welcome to the Champions of Othrys, fresh meat. I'm sure you'll enjoy it here, and if you have any questions you can ask myself, or my fellow council members; Kingston, Aileen, Abel or Ji-Woo."

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