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Name: Kiran Verity Ellis

Age: (Physical: 19); Mental: 73

Mortal Parent: William Ellis

Godly Parent: Hecate

Personality: Kiran's a girl with a dangerous intelligence, and a thirst for ambition. She's bright, unpredictable, and very strong-willed. She's dangerous, and she knows she's pretty, and she's not afraid to show it.

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History: Hecate was one of the few immortals who actually got involved in World War II, working under a disguise as a nurse in London during the Blitzkrieg years, and that was when she ran into a wounded soldier sent home from the front, Major William Ellis. Hecate, who was going by the name of Isabelle Hall during those years, worked her schedule so she spent as much time as possible with William, and was with him throughout his entire recovery. After he recovered fully, but still stayed in London, he asked Isabelle out for dinner, and that changed their entire lives.

However, when Isabelle/Hecate discovered she was pregnant, she knew she had to leave and she left with just a note explaining where she had gone and vanished. Six months later, William was working as an army recruiter when one night, a basket appeared on his doorstep with a baby girl inside and a small note. The note said her name, Kiran Verity, and her date of birth in mortal time: June 6, 1944.

William brought Kiran into his home, raised her as his own, and watched with pride as she grew from that tiny baby she used to be to a beautiful young woman. When she was eleven, she spotted her first monster: an empousa, but managed to avoid it and hurried on home where dinner awaited her with her Papa. When she was 13, she was attacked for the first time by a hellhound. Kiran deftly dealt her opponent blows with her powers, but exhausted herself, and woke up in the hospital a day later.

This attack resulted in Hecate coming to both in a dream, explaining everything, and giving the girl a shining celestial bronze bracelet that could turn into a spear and shield combo. The years went by with monster sightings and attacks, and she found her skills improving almost every day. Hebe, upon seeing the girl's rising skills, decided to stop her aging so she could be more helpful to those trying to fight against the olympians. The years went by quickly, and she soon found herself being recruited by a group called the Champions of Othrys, a demititan group wanting to overthrow the Olympians. She did reading of how the titans were treated after both titanomancies, and that's made her decide that the olympians had been in power too long and treated every titan unfairly despite their aid to the olympians in the end. Over the months, she worked her way up into the council ranks, and is now serving as a council member... Kiran feels ready for this responsibility and will do anything to make sure that Olympus falls. She is tired of her mother, and other titans being treated like crap just because of the acts of two or three others.

Weapons: Celestial bronze sword and shield that turns into a bracelet

Reason for joining CoO: She doesn't believe that all Titans should suffer just because of the actions of a few, and she feels that Olympus has been in power for long enough... It's time for new rulers.

Edison Mae 2

Son of Atlas • CoO Councilmen

"Welcome to the Champions of Othrys, Kiran Ellis, daughter of Hecate. I'm Edison, son of Atlas and I'm in charge of training and combat. Generally I'm not the one to come to if you have any questions, but if you have no other options I'll try to help out. Otherwise, see you in the combat hall."

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