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Name: Kyu ‘Sera’ Klaus

Age: 19

Gender: Transgender Male

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God Parent: Perses

Mortal Parent: Kyu Seoyoon

Personality: Klaus is a very poliet, but introverted young man, and generally doesn't speak to others, unless he's forced to. Otherwise he'll speak to you in his native language whether you understand it or not. Because of the situation he grew up in, Klaus doesn't like being touched and if he is touched it will turn into a full on panic attack, which will also cause the boy great embaressment. Klaus is a tough nut to crack, and will not open up to others on a whim, or even let others know about his past. If his past is brought up, Klaus is known to either get angry and close himself up or break down in a fit of tears and panick, as the guilt of his parents murder still haunts him. Klaus doesn't trust people, and will generally think of others as just people, not even using their name, as he doesn't want to get too attached.


Parents meeting:

Seoyoons best friend was being put up for execution, yea you heard right. She was forced to attend, though she really didn't need anyone to tell her to, as she had already planned on going. her heart wasn’t being ripped into tiny pieces as she had led on. The opposite actually, she was thrilled to see another person being punished for doing something that went against the beliefs she had been brought up into. Telling someone who talked out of turn, against the government, was one of them, and she wouldn't hesitate to tell on someone even if it was her own father.

The execution wasn't for a few more days, as they were attempting to get more of the people on the list rounded up. Ahh, the list, Yuna was so stupid. Why would someone put a list of resistant fighters on a single sheet of paper? Just leaving it there for anyone to find, people these days were pretty dumb. Her so called friend, had apparently only gained her friendship to get info out of her. How that worked out, the girl was now on death row, and nothing would save her, ever. The thought of Yuna made her so angry, she just wanted to rip the girl's hair out and watch as she withered in pain. Yes, this woman was the sadistic type.

A few days had gone by, and Seoyoon was standing behind a sort of fence, her father and brother beside her, as they had all the prisoners line up, hands over their heads, kind of like hostages. Which was exactly what they were. A few seconds later and bullets firing could be heard as they sank into human flesh. Seoyoon actually disliked the sight of blood and refused to look as the lifeless forms started to form a pool of red. Destruction, that's what she liked, the aftermath not so much.

At the execution a young Greek man started to speak with her, she was all too surprised when he actually started speaking Korean. Seoyoon might of been a b****, but she wasn’t a ho, and never would be. A few weeks went by and they eventually slept with one another, seoyoon losing her v card to the young man. The next day when she awoke he was gone, where had the mysterious man gone? When she looked around she found a note on the night stand. It explained that he had to leave and she was probably pregnant, and yes he had planned it, after all causing destruction was his forte. The note also stated that he was the Titan of destruction. Was this guy pulling her leg? She'd probably walk down stairs, him waiting for her in the kitchen, though that scene was immediately chucked, as there was no noise in the house, and she sobbed into her pillow. How was she going to tell her father that she was pregnant with some guys kid.

A few weeks went by, she and her father sat down together for lunch, and everything came out all at once. He was immediately beyond pissed and wanted her to get an abortion before someone important found out about it and their family name was tarnished. She refused, and attempted to come up with a compromise, one that benefited them both. Well more her father then she. she was going to give the child up or marry one of the suitors that had been asking for her hand in marriage.

In her opinion she really didn't want to do either, most of the men who wanted to marry her were gross old men. Which she tried to put it off for as long as she could, which only lasted 2 months and then she was married to a man who Sera looked up to as a father until he passed away when the young boy was only 3 years old. His mother had slowly grown to love the man, but then he was gone, which changed who she was, from an okay mother, to one that just didn't care.

Early life:

Sera grew up a very difficult life, as he was always told to do and think a certain way as being different was looked down upon by others, especially within a militaristic society. though he grew up not feeling as if he were himself, especially since everyone continued to call him a girl, which he wasn’t. At the age of 6 Sera was sent to a military boarding school in the capital city of Pyongyang per his mum's request. Since Sera’s grandfather was a high up military official, he was always looked on as the, one of the many, prime example of how a young N. Korean girl would act: Polite, respectful, and all round fake. Everything he did was an act, he hated being told he was girl, and he knew he wasn’t, because he, himself, knew that he was a boy. He also knew he couldn’t be different, and it hurt him so much to lie to himself and everyone around him. He couldn't deal with it most days, especially when the teachers said it was bad to be different than what you were born into, which made him distance himself from his fellow peers.

The years he spent in school were plain miserable as he learned more and more about the outside world. He learned about the bastard American, though he thought it was wrong to call a whole country of people bastards, just for wanting to stop a complete takeover of another country. He even stated this once, to a friend, and was punished severely for speaking out of term against the government. He was let off easy, as he was only 7, though he thought it was because of his grandpa's position, as people were usually put up to public execution for these thoughts, regardless of their age. Unless they had enough money or enough influence.

When he was visiting his mum, around the age of 9, and her new husband. He liked him, and thought he was a pretty nice guy until he started sexually and physically abusing the young boy. it happened more often as he got older, and the abuse would get harsher if he didn't listen to him. His mother would often ask him where the bruises came from, and he'd tell her, but why would she believe him? He was only a child. No one would believe him, not even the teachers. They all saw Sera as a problem child and would often punish him when he brought it up, as his step dad was a high up government official, therefore he had to be a great guy right? That wasn't true, and never would be. Sera eventually closed himself up all together, and would only speak to his best friend, Taekyo, who actually listened to what he had to say, and he'd often cry to the boy.

A few years later, 11 years old, had gone by and he had come back to school after visiting his mother again, but his best friend was nowhere to be seen, where was the boy at? It wasn't until later on in the week that he heard the boy and his family were accused of wanting to defect, and the accusations were later proved to be correct. The boy and his family were sentenced to public execution by firing squad, this whole situation hurt Klaus dearly. Why would a leader want to kill its citizens? To control the population with fear, which was the only thing he could think of. The loss of his best friend caused the boy to become closed once again, not opening up, truly, to anyone until he met Valencia.

Now Klaus was nearing the age of 13, and things were getting insanely hard for him to act like a girl. He couldn't take being told to act like the perfect upstanding girl he was born to be. This led to him doing something completely uncharacteristic of him, as he was on leave from school once more. He decided to go buy male clothing, which he did, and he wore them when his mum and step dad weren't home. One day his mum came home early from work and saw what the boy was wearing and she started yelling at him, and then went straight to physically abusing him. This went on for almost a half hour, and he was told to tell everyone he'd fallen down the steps or something worse would happen to him. He was so scared of this woman who was supposed to be his mum that he decided to not say a thing when people asked. He eventually went back to school, and became more introverted than he already was. He became a social recluse, always deterring any who tried to speak to him from doing so by subjecting the other party to abject silence. This caused him to become bullied by other, more socially active students. Which in turn caused him to become extremely depressed, and he started thinking about leaving the country, though that would prove extremely difficult due to the country’s isolationist policies.

It was around this time that his mother started to follow his stepfather’s example and began to participate in the daily abuse, mainly hitting him and subjecting him to verbal tirades on how she wished that she had given birth to a better child and how ashamed she was of him. His mother was still clueless about the sexual abuse. This broke the last vestiges of sanity within him as his own kin turned against him and as his paranoia increased, he would often lock himself in his room, refusing to come out for days at a time. Initially, this worked out and his parents left him to his own devices. However, their laissez-faire approach came to an end when both his parents came back home one night and in their drunken stupor, they broke down his door. Immediately, Sera’s’ primal instincts kicked in and he managed to avoid being caught by them, ending up in the kitchen area where he drew a butcher’s knife. In his drunken rage, Sera’s’ stepfather reached out to attack him and on instinct, he swung the large knife at his step father, killing him. His mother, now hysterical from a combination of intoxication and having seen her spouse killed by this ungrateful child also lashed out and once again, the knife cleaved into her, killing her. Now gripping a bloody knife and sitting in a pool of blood, Sera could only sit in silence as his mind tried to comprehend what he had just done, a complex mix of horror, relief, fear and sorrow battling each other in a heated engagement inside his feverish and delusional mind.

Sera was scared at this point, as he knew what happened to people who murdered. They were sentenced to death, and he really didn't wanna die, as he was now feeling intense regret and guilt. a knock could be heard at the door, causing the young boy to panic, and throw on a jacket as to cover most of the blood. When he answered the door, the person there was one of the neighbors, Yongjoon, who'd heard the commotion. When Yongjoon noticed blood on the boy's pants, he was immediately worried that something bad had happened The look on the man's face made the boy break down, and fall to his knees sobbing. The neighbor had noticed that something had been going on for years, with the young boy, but he had never once done anything about, due to him wanting to stay out of the boys business. Yong then went and searched the house, he found both the boys parents lying on the ground lifeless. This alarmed him, as knew the boy would never do something like this without cause, which meant something was seriously wrong. Yong took the boy to his house and started planning out how to get him out of the country, before someone found out about the gruesome scene next door. If Yong was caught sneaking the boy out of the country, it would be a death sentence for both of them, though he had nothing to lose.

Yong started consulting people who had known defectors, though he hadn’t mentioned why he was looking into it, this happened over the course of a day. The questioning had gotten him looks and he knew he had to get the boy out soon or both of them would be dead. With the help of a few, wanna be, defectors who had wanted to help, they started making their way towards the chinese border, as they had been told, if they even made it, that they’d get plane tickets into South Korea. That was only if they were successful, which in the end they were, partly.

The trek to China was brutal and lasted for days. As it was the middle of summer, the heat constantly battered the 2, and as they walked on Sera eventually opened up to the neighbor who had decided to help him. He told Yong that he’d grown up different from everyone else, and that he wasn’t a girl. The young man didn’t really know how to reason, therefore he just accepted it as it was, and started calling the boy by the name Klaus. This made Sera elated and he eventually kept the name, as she thought of it as a token of the young man's politeness.

As they crossed the border something went wrong, bullets started to ricochet off the surrounding scenery which made the young boy run for his life, holding his head down in an attempt to not get shot. He ran and ran for what felt like hours, in reality it was only about 15 minutes, until he finally stopped. When he looked around Yong was gone, nowhere to be seen, this immediately scared the boy, as he didn’t know what to do in a foreign country. He decided to stop and wait for Yongjoon to come find him, which never happened. Eventually he left never to return to that area again, as it held terrible memories.

Monster attack & Joining the BC:

Klaus spent his first few days within the chinese borders running and running. He’d rest for short periods of time, but due to a law, he’d overheard people speaking of, the young boy had to keep running The law stated any N. Korean defectors found near the borders would be taken back to N. Korea. The thought of going back, and all of the bad things he’d done just made him want to run more and more. When he rested his thoughts went to Yongjoon, the young man that had helped him, he’d cry and cry, but he wouldn’t let others see him, no way would he let people in a foreign country see him so weak.

As the days and weeks passed he finally came upon the province of Jilin, in Northeast China, he finally stopped and actually rested, but the rest was short lived, because when he awoke he felt eyes on him. As if someone were watching him, waiting for him to make his first move. the feeling made his skin crawl, and he started running again. He really hadn’t known where he was going or where he was running to, but being somewhere completely different would make the boy feel better. After what felt like hours, the boy stopped, and scrounged around in the bag he had brought with him, but the boy didn't have a chance to look up before he heard the inhuman sound of growling. Just as he turned his head something large came down on his back. It was heavy enough to the point that it’d probably cause bad bruising if he lived. The boy was scared out of his mind as a stream of hot breath was spewed onto his face. As the creatures muzzle neared his face Klaus shut his eyes, until he heard the sound of metal cutting into flesh, and the pressure on his back was gone. He tried to move, but there was an excruciating pain in his right arm, that indicated he’s broken his arm, probably when the creature's paw had crushed him into the ground. Klaus wanted to back away so badly, and get away from whatever it was, but then a humans voice asked him if he was okay. This immediately alarmed him, was it the authorities taking him back? It couldn't be, but none the less the boy was still scared.

Klaus managed to flip himself over, with little difficulty as he had wanted to see who was there. He was also sure it was the same person who had been following him, for a few days. He was sure the person had been following him, but when he turned the man was dressed in regular street clothes and covered in soot. Klaus was taken aback by the boy, not much older then him, he had a weapon in his hands that reminded Klaus of a katana, but the way it was curved made it a different weapon. Klaus didn't have to ask who it was, as the young man bowed in a respectful manner and then spoke. He'd told Klaus his name was Jason and that he was apart of a group of people called the BC. Now Klaus thought the boy was completely mad, as he'd never heard of the BC before, but what the boy told him next scared him.

He told Klaus that he was called a demigod, a Greek one to be exact. Klaus started panicking was this guy trying to trick him into going with him, and then do something terrible to? As he pondered this as another person showed up, the girl was obviously completely different from her partner or whoever he was. The girl made everything calmer as if the air had shifter completely just from her presence. Klaus was still inwardly panicking but the girl, named Jenny, seemed to soothe the situation and explained more about Demigods, a place called camp half-blood, and more about the BC. He still couldn't believe it, but when the boy created a staff out of sunlight, and Klaus was sold.

It took the group a few days to get the necessary paperwork to get Klaus out of the country, and of course the paperwork was forged, but due to him physically being a girl he went by the name Amanda, but only to get out of the country. As they traveled, by plane which took a few days, Klaus eventually told the pair he was a guy, they didn't question it once, as Jason was gay. Therefore being different was a good thing, and the pair called him by his new name, Klaus.

Upon reaching their destination, Klaus ended up cutting all of his hair, and not speaking once of his past, until Valencia came along. He had also decided to join the least extreme of the factions; Civitas Popularis.

BC Days:

The first few weeks as part of BC were different than anything he'd ever experienced, as people accepted him. As the weeks droned on, he was claimed by his father Perses, the titan of destruction. When people heard who his father was, they started steering clear of the young boy, as many people didn't want to anger him. He wasn't easy to anger, and he never got angry for anything that didn't have a legitimate reason. The avoidance went on for a few more years until a boy and a girl joined the BC, her name being Valencia, and the boys being Osian.

The friendship between Valencia and Klaus grew, until they knew just about everything about one another, though he never told her about him murdering his parents. Why would someone tell their best friend that? A normal person wouldn't. Therefore when parents came up, he would brush the subject away, as he didn't want to get into it. Though Osian eventually went snooping around and found out about it, though he didn't tell Valencia, so long as he backed off. If someone threatened you to back down, would you? Even if the person was supposed to be your friend? Quite frankly it made the young boy fear for Valencia's safety. He started interacting with her less and less, but watching her more from the sidelines, at an attempt to protector.

Joining the Champions of Orthys:

A year or so in he over heard them speaking about the Spire and the Champions of Othrys. Klaus knew what the other boy was going to do, he was going to force Valencia to join. Regardless if she wanted to or not. She was a very gentle girl, at least in his eyes. From what he knew, the girl had been forced to join the BC to begin with. She didn't want to destroy the gods, nor did he, but this was the only place he was accepted. Civicus was the only faction that wasn't as radical as the rest, and, in Klaus’ eyes, the faction that murdered the least. He knew at this point he had to turn on everything he believed in to protect his only friend. A few months later and he was at the spire, joining a group he didn't quite share the same views with.

Klaus was eventually paired up with Valencia on a mission, and it being the first time he'd had a conversation with her in a long time. The young girl hadn’t known that Klaus had joined, but that didn't seem to bother her, though he didn't tell her the reason he’d joined, as that would probably kill their friendship right then and there. He lied to her and told her that he shared the same views as the CoO. at this point he hadn't cared what Osian had to say, this time he wasn't going to leave his friend.

As time went on, things started to brighten up for everyone except Osian. Who seemed to be sad and pissed off all the time, as if something bad was going on in his life, though Valencia hadn’t seemed to notice what was going on, but Klaus knew the signs of depression that seemed to seep out of the boy. He attempted to talk to the boy multiple times about depression, but each time had resulted in a huge argument. Then one day the boy offed himself, leaving Valencia and Klaus behind. Now, Klaus attempted to comfort his friend as best as he could, but that didn't seem to be enough, as rumors of an impending attack kept popping up in the gossip. Klaus didn't know what to do at this point, as he didn't want to fight or hurt anyone, not even if it was justified, at this point he was wondering what he would now do; Turn on the CoO or stay and become a murderer.

Reason For Joining the CoO: Why do the gods still rule? One reason, because the mortals are undignified idiots that assume there are no such thing as the Greek gods anymore; So called myths? These creatures or mortals need to be wiped out for good and a new clean world created for the titans to rule once more.

Weapon: Note: His weapons are also is in his face claim photo.

His weapon is a set of metal clawss, that he chose upon becoming apart of BC. The metal claws are made of celestial bronze that turn into a set of 2 rings.


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