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  • Name
Valentina Gertrude di Ambrosia
  • Age
  • Titan Parent
Her actual parent is Nyx, though she's passing off as an Astraeus kid for her own safety.
  • Mortal Parent
Alberto di Ambrosia
  • Appearance
Her faceclaim is Adelaide Kane.
  • Personality
Valentina is never opposed to having a good time, especially with the shitty life she’s currently leading. She’s happy to have a distraction, despite the fact it angers those she’s affiliated with more than anything else. She’s kind when she wants, an absolute sweetheart, but a total douchebag when she wants, too. She’s not exactly emotionally stable, but she knows how to put on a good façade when it’s called for.
this is the base; i'll develop her as i rp her.
  • History
Valentina di Ambrosia fucked up - big time. She isn't a daughter of Astraeus and she sure as hell isn't an advocate for the destruction of the gods and their precious reign. She's happy with the way things are right now. She sees no reason to change the way things are going. And yet somehow, the stars just didn't align with her, and she wound up as part of the Greek world's equivalent terror-spreading organization, blackmailed by none other than the first son of Perses and a daughter of Hecate into committing crimes you can't even fathom.
Things began when Italian immigrant Alberto di Ambrosia met the Greek primordial goddess of the Night. They didn't exactly get along too well at first; Alberto was dealing with his wailing infant and Nyx had a headache, as she was trying to run errands in the middle of the day, like any other goddess would. (It was a big mistake, as night incarnate.) Lothario's wails didn't facilitate things and in the heat of the moment, Nyx wound up lashing out at the child's father to get him to shut up. Like any other protective father would, Alberto snapped back, defending his kid against the attractive yet very irritated woman. It led towards a short but heated argument, where particularly tasteful words were exchanged.
They saw each other again multiple times in the weeks that followed, every single encounter during the time in which Lothario was with one of his plethora of nannies. They might not have gotten on at first, but as time went on, that perspective of one another began to change. They frequented at this small pub, barely recognizable, nobody who you’d know would go there. It was perfect. Subdued, dark and with a wide array of drinks and music. It became their spot – a night a week, for eight whole weeks. They’d grown considerably close, but truth be told, all Nyx wanted was a good time away from her hectic life. In that eighth encounter, they finally had sex, and consequently conceived Valentina Gertrude di Ambrosia.
As you can imagine, it was Nyx that named her daughter, as Alberto himself doesn’t have… that kind of gift. She was left at the front steps of di Ambrosia Home three months after her conception, as naked as the day she was born, but at least with a star-themed thick blanket. Alberto? He wasn’t as shook as he was when he got Lothario. He’d gone through this before, and what Nyx was doing was exactly what Pandia had done. The immediate disappearance, no way of finding them – it all made sense. His confirmation came in the form of a baby and a note with the name Valentina di Ambrosia. Now, the middle name – well, Lena just wasn’t lucky enough to be graced with an equally as stunning one as her brother’s. It’s something she’ll come to envy later on, as childish as it might be.
Valentina was raised in the better side of London, with a father that loved her and a brother that looked after her. Admittedly, she and Lothario bickered a lot, but they had a good relationship overall. Her childhood is full of good memories, but none like those she made during Christmas seasons. Christmas is her favorite time of the year, and a lot of the traditions she preserves to this day are those she created with her father and brother. Before she was first attacked, she never really gave a thought to her mother’s absence. She didn’t need her, that much was clear from all her years raised without one. And to be fair, she turned out just fine. But it was like… something didn’t fit, at the same time.
She was twelve when her brother was first attacked, and a little older when he was forced to attend Camp Half-Blood, facing this whole new side of him nobody except Alberto had known existed. He was a demigod, and a son of Pandia no less. It was in that age she began to think; who was she? Was she like her brother? She imagined so, but there was hardly a way to know for sure. Until, of course, she got her first attack. It was a small flock of stymphalian birds, and she was defenseless to stop it. Had it not been for the sudden distraction and the sound of stick against drums. Oh, Lothario, her savior. Fuck yeah she was lucky. She was thirteen when that happened.
As sister of a demigod, Valentina knew she likely had the blood of a goddess running through her veins. However, she wasn’t sure which goddess. She didn’t have her half-brother around to help her theorize who it could be, though, so she turned towards someone else she knew: Kiran Ellis. She was a friend, though she was considerably older than Valentina herself. The times they saw each other were few and far in between, but Kiran provided a sense of comfort that Valentina only found in her brother. Since he was gone more often than not, Valentina looked up to her for advice, especially since she was aware of Kiran’s status as a demigoddess. Oh, my bad, demititaness.
Kiran and Valentina studied the latter’s newfound abilities, those she was able to use subconsciously. They were in the hunt for a god who was related to the darkness, to the night. There were a couple of possible godly parents, but Kiran seemed to be focused on just one possibility: Astraeus. It made sense, especially from how she felt inherently stronger at night. It blinded Kiran. All of a sudden, between the trips she made back and forth from America to England, she separated some time and reserved it for aiding Valentina and training her in combat. Given she knew little of the extent of Valentina’s powers, she focused on that aspect only (with two battle axes made of solidified shadows and dipped in Celestial Bronze, a gift from whoever Valentina’s godly parent was), but that didn’t stop her from beginning to feed her negative opinions of Olympus and the reign of its gods. Unfortunate for Kiran, Valentina was already up to date on Olympus, its gods, and the ways they aided their chidren. Lothario was Valentina’s knight in shining armor, and Lothario and Kiran alike were oblivious to the fact. Trusting her brother more than a friend she knew could easily lie, Valentina didn’t believe her. However, she knew how powerful Kiran was, and for that reason only, she feigned believing her. She feigned her ire towards the gods. She feigned a lot of things, and with good reason too, as otherwise… she might not have survived her encounters with Kiran Ellis.
Valentina was sixteen and a half when it happened. The big incident that shaped the course of her life. It’s an event that led Valentina to where she is now – her own personalized hell. She was out with Kiran, yet unable to break her the news that she wanted to go to Camp Half-Blood and live with her older brother, at a pub that had no qualms with serving minors. It seemed to be a hotspot for demigods and other deities. It just so happened to be the same pub where Nyx and Alberto met seventeen years before. Kiran was making a ruckus there, outraged by the fact that there were children of the big three who found themselves worthy enough to attempt to bed them. It was no lie that the daughter of “Astraeus” (Nyx, really) had no qualms with having sex with a stranger – she’d done it before, many times around, with men and women alike. She was quite the insatiable teenager, truly. The situation escalated to the point where swords were out and people were using their godly powers left and right. That night, Valentina killed six different demigods, from a powerful outburst of her abilities. It left her unconscious, but the memory of the demigods’ pained screams would never be erased from Valentina’s mind.
Kiran knew it was time she took Valentina to The Spire. She knew it, and she told Valentina what she thought. Valentina was in a state of disbelief. How was it that the person she thought was her best friend… wanted the gods of Olympus off their thrones? It disgusted Valentina, and the fact that she wanted every demigod killed only worsened her opinion on the daughter of Hecate. She told Kiran as much, and as you can imagine, she didn’t take this lightly. That’s when everything worsened by a hundred, as the events of that night – they’d been recorded, and Kiran had total control of it. She could ruin Valentina’s life, as people were out and about, hunting for the murderer of those six demigods. It couldn’t have been a monster – there was no way. She could destroy the ground where Valentina stood on, and she was powerless to stop her. She didn’t have an option but to agree to join the Champions of Othrys in their quest to restore “justice” to this world. There was no way out of it, as unfortunate as it was. And Lothario – he had no idea. The situation she was in was nothing short of depressing and anguishing, especially when she arrived at New York and wasn’t able to flee to the safety of Camp Half-Blood.
She avoids that Camp like the plague, under the guise that she’s staying with a couple of friends at a warehouse. Her brother and father seem to believe her, luckily enough, and the fact that she meets up with Lothario every weekend at the nearby town to get smashed and pick up some girls (or guys, honestly) contributed to his never finding out about her secrets. But of course, the situation couldn’t just stay like that. No, she just had to be claimed by her godly parent, who was no other than – you got it, Nyx. It wasn’t Astraeus. It wasn’t even a titan, like the Champions of Othrys required it to be. She knew if either one of her secrets got out, she’d be killed. Or, you know, got out to anyone other than those who knew it, because not only was she claimed by Nyx, but she was claimed by Nyx in the presence of one of the other Champions – the original son of Perses, who took it upon himself to become her personal trainer. The man is vindictive. He’s an asshole who feared nothing more than to live out the rest of his life on his own. He uses this knowledge he had to blackmail her, to manipulate her into staying by his side. He looks at her as though she’s his daughter, but Valentina can only see him for the monster that he truly is.
Right now, Valentina is in a compromising situation. Tensions are rising and she knows the Champions of Othrys are about to begin executing their perfectly crafter plans. She has to make a decision, make a move, but she doesn’t know what it’ll be, let alone how she’ll do it and leave unscathed.
  • Reason For Joining the CoO
Valentina has no actual reason for wanting the titans in power, especially since her actual parent isn't even a titan. Moreover, she's done some bad shit and it just so happens Kiran Ellis knows how bad that shit is, and is under the presumption she's an Astraeus kid. She also happens to be powerful - incredibly so, for someone her age - and is consequently being blackmailed into staying in the Champions of Othrys.
  • Weapons
She has two Celestial Bronze battle axes.


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Kiran Ellis - Champions of Othrys Councilwoman ✨ Daughter of Hecate

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