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To see the policies behind the missions and how they work go here. To see other missions that have happened or that are currently going on go here. You must be a level 3 to join a mission, and you must be a level 4 to lead a mission.

Missions are tasks assigned to the members of the Broken Covenant by people of power within the Broken Covenant. This includes: Heinrich, the leader of the Broken Covenant, his lieutenants, faction leaders and their second in commands. Missions can be assigned for a multitude of purposes: to gain advantage for the Broken Covenant (or a specific faction); to recruit more members; to achieve another goal in the trail of each faction's goal or anything else you can imagine. If you have any questions at any time before making the mission or while on the mission contact an administration team member.

  1. You must be a level 3 to join a mission
  2. You must be a level 4 to lead a mission
  3. Mission requests that have not been edited in over 7 days are subject for deletion


  • To submit a request simply put the title of your mission in the box and hit request mission.
  • When in the forum, please fill out the following form:

  1. Name of Mission: Self explanatory; give a fitting name to your mission, e.g: "Pursuit for the Arcane Rune", "Racial Liberation", etc.
  2. Leader: The character who leads the quest.
  3. Assigner: The character with the position of power who is assigning this mission in character. The possible assigners are Heinrich, his lieutenants, faction leaders and their second in commands.
  4. Objectives: What the aim of the mission is in a general sense.
  5. Members: Any requirements to become a member. For example, if the mission is assigned by a faction leader and the mission is specific to its faction, a requirement would be being in said faction. The number of members must also be given here. This can range anywhere from two to six members.
  6. General Outline: Monster encounters, locations, etc.

Then, proceed to sign your with four tildes (~)

  • An administrator will look over your form and work with you on perfecting it. Once it's good to go, the administrator must sent a talk page message to the user who owns the assigner (unless it's Heinrich, in which case, he skips to the next step) to provide an in character assignment to the quest.
  • The assigner gives the objectives of the quest in character to the leader of the quest and the quest is approved.
  • The mission page can now be created. Title it the name of your mission (e.g: Mission: Racial Liberation) and categorize it under "missions". The mission page must include the list of mission members and the requirements to become a member, the in character assignment (under "Objectives") and then the mission itself. Note that members joining the mission will be exactly the same as questers joining quests.
  • Roleplaying within the frame of the mission will be identical to that of a quest's. However, the quest must also end with the returning of the members with (or without, in case the mission is failed) success to the assigner. The owner of the assigner must step in once more and finish the mission. As such, assigners are advised to be generally aware of the events of the quest.

Need Help? Want to lead a mission but no idea what to do for one? Well here's some general ideas you can borrow. These are all very generic, you can't use the idea straight as they are, you need to just use these as a start point. In order to get them approved you'll have to add more details and customise them to fit your character.

If you use one, please remove it from the list.

Generic Ideas


Missions officially given by a Faction leader of by Heinrich himself.....

If you have a faction leader or you are an Administrator or Bureaucrat that can roleplay with Heinrich, feel free to add mission requests here... If you use one, please remove it and then message the leader so that they know it's being used.

Heinrich Alten


Liberi Superum


Civitas Popularis


Ortu Justitiae


Opus Superum


Veritum Unitum


Are you having a hard time getting your mission approved? Getting frustrated? Here's some helpful tips to either avoid or remember when making a claim for a mission....


  1. One of the most important things to remember when building a mission, is why there needs to be mission approval to begin with. You see early on people were wanting to do all sorts of crazy over the top over powerful stuff, like even kill gods. The approval forum is just to ensure that nothing crazy absurd is happening. It doesn't mean it has to be a script that you follow to the letter once the mission is made, just a general guideline.
  2. WIP

Missions to be Approved


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Missions That Have Been Approved

Has your mission been approved? If so, go ahead and make a page for it....

(Note: Don't forget to give your mission the category Category:Missions. And remember do not make a mission page if your mission has not been approved yet. Once you make the page, list it below under active missions.... :) Cheers and Happy travels!)

Missions that Have Begun

Detailed List of All Active Quests

No Edits in 3 to 7 days

No Edits in Over 7 to 14 days (After 14 days mission gets pulled)

Missions that Have Not Started

Missions Missing Members

Missions On Hold

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Mission: The Gilded Throne16:38, October 19, 2013BachLynn23

Some may remember when quests were first made, we had moderators. They were voted done away with because many felt they were holding the quests back both time wise and creatively.

Some however, may like the option of having a moderator, someone that can roleplay the monsters or gods, toss in some unexpected things to keep the quest interesting. So this is an entirely optional part, if you as the leader want help moderating a mission, it's entirely up to you. If you'd like to volunteer to help moderate a mission, again you may sign up here as an optional moderator. You may also double up with mods and have two people helping.

How it Works

If you'd like to have a moderator for your mission, pick one from the list below and message them on their talk page.

The moderator would work with the leader of the mission to help the mission along so that it goes in such a way that the leader of the mission hoped for.

What a Mod Can Do
  1. Roleplay the monsters during battles
  2. Roleplay any extra characters such as gods, mortals, etc
  3. Keep in contact with the users on the mission to remind them to post and keep the mission moving
  4. Toss in events that fit along with the leader's vision for the mission to keep things interesting
  5. If a user has to go inactive, they could ask a mod to rp their character for them

Mod Sign-Up

If you would like to help moderate a mission sign up below...

Single Mods

Sign up here if you can or want to be the only mod on a quest:

Double Mods

Sign up here if you can or want to pair up with someone to help mod a quest:

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