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Elizabeth Peirce has been in the Broken Covenant for around a month now, but nobody trusts her because of her history. Most believe that because Elizabeth grew up and was trained on Olympus, her loyalties may be comprimised and she may still be loyal to the Gods. Heinrich Alten told her that by recruiting an already trained demigod, she will be able to convince him and her faction otherwise. When she found Benny, a child of Hebe, and realized she could recruit him to the Broken Covenant, she realized that she finally had a chance to give people a reason to start to trust her. But because Benny was so reluctant to join to Broken Covenant, she struck him a deal that as a Child of Charon, she would help him see his friend Alex who had died if he vowed to join the Broken Covenant.

Basic Information

Mission Name: A Stroll Through Hell

Mission Leader: Elizabeth Peirce

Mission Participants: 

Elizabeth Peirce (User:Merlin1119)

Theodore Green (User:Merlin1119)

Benjamin "Benny" Carraway (User:ScalesofFate)


  • For Elizabeth it is to recruit Benny to the Broken Covenant.
  • For Benny it is to talk to Alex, his dead mentor and friend.
  • For Theo, it is to make sure Benny stays safe.

Pre-Quest Roleplay/ Further Context

Please see this role-play forum for further context (This isn't necessary but it may make the mission make more sense):

Mission Outline

The Underworld

  • Elizabeth prays to Persephone and Persephone opens up a portal to the Underworld for them. Charon is off duty to avoid Elizabeth running into her father.
  • Persephone takes them across the river to Hades in Hades's palace
  • Benny makes his request to see his friend Alex
  • After much negotiating, Hades decides to throw all of them in Tartarus on a quest to steal the Mantle of Night from Nyx


  • Start at the River Phlegethon
  • Theo and Benny get lost. Theo doesn’t trust Elizabeth, leaves the boat to find his own way out.
  • Theo and Benny fall into Arachne’s web. Elizabeth has to save them.

Pass through the Delta of Despair

  • Charybdis and Cetus at Death Point (although these are both suicide monsters, they can still be destroyed. The questers will do this by riding Cetus straight into the mouth of Charybdis, and Cetus will eat Charybdis alive from the inside out. This is his weakness according to the monsters forum. Since they are both suicide monsters, forcing Cetus to eat through Charybdis would logically make Cetus temporarily quite weak. Combined with the fact that the demigods are already riding the beast and he struggles to keep up with his body, they should be able to defeat Cetus as they would a medium level monster.)
  • Reach Nyx's mansion but caught by Nyx
  • Confess to Nyx that Hades sent them to steal the Mantle of the Night
  • Encounter Nyx who swears on the RS to do everything in her power to get the demigods out alive and solve their issues with Hades because they warned her of Hades’ lust for power
  • Leave through the Doors of Death via Theo’s key (this is a key given to him on a previous quest by his mother, Ariadne, with the ability to unlock almost anything.

The North Pole/ Endgame

  • As the Doors of Death are always changing locations, they return back to the mortal world in the North Pole
  • The demigods come across Hyperborean Giants
  • Benny’s magical pendant (given to him by his mother) is broken while fighting the giants
  • Elizabeth prays to Ares and Ares saves Elizabeth’s life from the giants by granting her temporary ability to create and manipulate fire (pyrokinesis)
  • Ares takes Elizabeth away back to his fortress where they have sex, leaving Theo and Benny stranded in the North Pole (This will lead to complications with the BC in later RPs)
  • Elizabeth’s fertility is taken away from her by Hera when Hera finds out (which, as the goddess of fertility, she does. She is also “very disappointed in [her son]”)

Mission Rewards/Aftermath

  • Elizabeth receives a watch from Ares that points her in the direction of his nearest presence of Ares, (a war, battle, fight, civl dispute, etc.) so she "can be with him even when he isn't there"
  • Benny's mother will fix his pendant and upgrade it so he can use it to look back on memories from any point of his youth (years 0-12) and give her son a new sword as part of a "growing up" speech
  • Theo's mother will give him a map on parchment that maps out where Theo is at any given time. Essentially, it is a GPS on paper. The range can be adjusted by Theo telepathically to show 5 miles on the map to around twenty yards.

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