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New Athens characters must meet specific entering requirements.

  1. They must be 18 or over (in lived years)
  2. It’s an extension of CHB, so they must, at least face wise, be loyal to the Gods (be willing to put up with giving food sacrifice during meals, etc)
  3. Pass the Themis test (their mind will be checked)

Personality and Appearance requirements stay the same. At least one sentence of personality, and having a specific appearance is not necessary. Don't forget to also have their

  • Name
  • Age
  • Creator/ godly parent
  • Species

A total of at least two paragraphs (10 sentences minimum)

  • Childhood
    • Meeting of the parents / when the child was born
    • Establishment of the leaving of the godly parent
    • Early childhood
  • Teen Years
    • The first monster attack
    • An explanation as to how they would’ve dealt with other monster attacks/ adding more monster attacks (although adding more attacks is not mandatory)
    • Why they never went to camp half blood (if they never ended up going)
    • Summary of their life up until the age of 18 (or over)
    • We should get a feel for how they survived for such a long time
  • Arriving at New Athens
    • How did they learn about New Athens?
    • How were they able to arrive
    • Any other pertinent details about their arrival

  • Must be a paragraph at least
  • Character must have a physical and or actual age of at least 18
  • There must be a mention of why they chose to stay in New Athens instead

  • Please list at the top of the page the one or two Gods the legacy shall be taking powers from
  • Their history must at least be a paragraph, or five sentences. Their history can be as encompassing or non encompassing the user wishes, but the two things it should have is
    • Mention of who their God ancestor(s) are, and how they came to be this legacy’s ancestors.
    • There must be an included reason as to how they know about New Athens, and why they decided to move to New Athens
  • Their history may include monster attacks, but it is not necessary.
  • Legacies MUST have a section for their powers. They can pick up to ‘’’three’’’ powers from the supplementary or passive lists of their respective god ancestors. If you choose for your legacy to not have powers, write that down.
  • Legacies are Allowed to live ‘’’only’’’ in New Athens, but can visit camp and camp locations
  • Legacies are the only ones allowed in New Athens to be underage, and underage legacies must live in the legacy house in character.
  • If claimers see a lack of clarity in the history, they reserve the right to ask for an elaboration. If certain power combinations come off as too op, claimers may ask you to change it.


Type the character name into the box and click "Get Approved" to start your claiming process.
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