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Rules/Guidelines/Worker List

Rules and Further Information on Pet Claiming
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Summary of Rules/Guidelines

General Rules: The reason we have pet claiming, though it may seem silly to some, is that in the past we have had all sorts of users claiming to have crazy absurd and over the top pets. One user claimed their character had like 4 full sized dragons living at camp with her. Claiming is simply to ensure that no pets are over the top powerful, insane, large, unrealistic or in some cases not even real animals in Greek Myths or Real Life.

Pets, especially large pets or any pet with a special ability, need to make sense and be realistic, so we will now ask that all pets be claimed first, for approval.

  1. Creatures not native to Northern America need to have a reason why they are there, how they got there, and how they are able to live there, as some creatures need a very specific environment to live in that Long Island does not provide.
  2. Pets larger than say, Great Dane dogs, or pets that get that large and are generally wild creatures cannot remain in the cabin past adulthood. (Obviously Pegasi, Horses, etc. would be in the stables. Things like bears, hellhounds, etc. are things that get very large, too large for the cabin, but obviously not something you'd keep in the stables. Things like that would have to be trained/tamed and kept in the forest.
  3. Hellhounds can ONLY be owned by children of Thanatos or Hades, and can only stay in the cabin as very young babies, as full grown adult hellhounds can be as large as a full sized garbage truck.
  4. Pets should not have absurd abilities beyond what it would normally have, for instance an empathetic connection is fine between the owner and the pet, as long as it's explained why that connection is there, but a dog that flies would not be OK.
  5. Pets must be somewhat realistic, something like an extremely deadly and poisonous snake hanging around a cabin would be absurd.
  6. If a claim is completely absurd and the user is unwilling to change anything or the user decides to give up, those are grounds for denying a claim.
  7. If a user does not edit their claim for over 7 days, it is subject for deletion

Things Not Allowed:

  1. Pets never have the ability for speech, outside of their normal barks/growls/mews/etc. They can not speak like people, ever, no exceptions.
Info Needed for Claim

This is the information that must be in the claim:

  1. Type of Pet
  2. Character who owns pet
  3. Pet name
  4. Why does the character have this pet
  5. Any special abilities
  6. If the pet is larger than a horse or a pegasus, the animal can not be kept at or around camp, so you need to explain where this pet is kept when you are living at camp. Also, if the animal is normally dangerous in nature, such as poisonous snakes or more wild animals such as tigers, etc. If they stay in the cabin what precautions are taken if any, etc.
    1. NOTE: It has come to my attention that user's working in pet claims have been asking on claims for even the simplest and most normal of pet where it is being kept, when it has always stated quite clearly IF the pet is LARGER than a horse or pegasus, or if the pet is dangerous in some nature like poisonous snakes or normally untamed/wild things like tigers/bears. If it is a simple pet, that most any mortal would have, birds, cats, dogs, etc., this question is not necessary. For instance, if the pet is smaller than a horse it's only logical it's with the camper in their cabin. If the pet is a horse or pegasus, it's logical that the pet is kept within the camp stables.
  7. Be sure to sign your claim, please!
Claim Workers

Claims are run by the Administrative Services Department. Please keep in mind that all of us are here voluntarily, we do not get paid to run this site. Because of this, many of us have real life responsibilities to attend to also. We promise to get to your claims as soon as possible, but badgering us will not get them looked at any sooner.

Department Head

  1. Demi-hunter13

Department Administrators
These are the administrators in charge of this department in my absence.

  1. KMØ
  2. Waves of Wisdom

Department Members
These are the rollback users who work in this department assisting me and the administrators here.

  1. Mel
  2. Margaery Tyrell

Department Helpers from other Departments
These are users who can accept claims, but don't generally help out in this department on a regular basis. All members of the administration team are able to accept claims.

  1. Brocky292
  2. LyreOfOrpheHyus
  3. Windsword7
  4. Wonder
  5. Hidden

Department Helpers
These are users who are not in the Administrative & Support department, but help get claims ready to be approved, so you may see them making comments to claims from time to time.

  1. DrXax (Active)
  2. Theawesomeperson202 (Semi-Active)
  3. Nat25 (Semi-Active)
  4. Music (Officially Inactive)
  5. Undead Sparkz (Semi-Active)
  6. Slay (Active)
  7. Ash (Active)
  8. Pandora (Semi-Active)
Need an image for your pet, or inspiration for one, check out these, if you see one you like just make sure to remove it from the gallery, thanks :-)

If you have any questions about how this template works, please see Demi, Thanks!


Type the pet name into the box and click "Click Here..." to start your claiming process.
Unprocessed Claims

These are claims that are on hold, WIPs or have yet to be edited by a member of the Claim Workers.
Claim Claim Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By
Pets/SamShellFire616:23, June 30, 2020EmiChannel

Unapproved Claims
These are claims that have been looked at by a claim worker and are not yet ready to be approved.
Claim Claim Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By

Denied Claims
These are claims that have been denied. If a user has one here that was denied and wishes to resume working on it to fix it, please notify an Admin first.
Claim Claim Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By
Pets/NovaVenomrunaway00:57, January 22, 2019KMØ
Pets/BobEmiChannel21:18, July 11, 2016EmiChannel
Pets/CocoJosphine03:10, June 10, 2015Broken fire
Pets/CerberusRavenpuff199619:07, February 16, 2015KMØ
Pets/BusterAziza Laweretta06:22, October 12, 2014Demi-hunter13
Pets/OrthrusAziza Laweretta19:34, September 26, 2014KMØ
Pets/SadieQwertyD03:02, August 10, 2014Broken fire
Pets/ SkystallionSutirthosaurus14:51, April 18, 2014KMØ
Pets/Eva Coralo's black and white wolvesMissnumber117:59, September 20, 2013BachLynn23

Approved Claims
These are claims that have been approved.
Claim Claim Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By
Pets/DipYuble27305:35, June 25, 2020Broken fire
Pets/DominoVicctory10:54, June 14, 2020KBØT
Pets/Fang's WolfAngeli di Angelo19:32, June 10, 2020Aeriesol
Pets/Sam's DogStarbucksChick19:27, June 10, 2020Aeriesol
Pets/Dakota's HorseShadowGoddess19:22, June 10, 2020Aeriesol
Pets/Taylor's DogShadowGoddess19:18, June 10, 2020Aeriesol
Pets/Krystal's WolfShadowGoddess14:04, May 24, 2020Aeriesol
Pets/Thought and MemoryUniPacific1603:19, May 18, 2020Aeriesol
Pets/RubyHara Ynaguinid02:02, May 18, 2020Aeriesol
Pets/SoratobuEuphoria9719:06, May 13, 2020KMØ
Pets/TerraAlterdevil10:15, May 3, 2020Zany Knave
Pets/RoseEllerbyBrit10:15, May 3, 2020Zany Knave
Pets/PeidraBroken fire10:15, May 3, 2020Zany Knave
Pets/LiloYukaronachan10:15, May 3, 2020Zany Knave
Pets/JüriDYSUTOPIA10:15, May 3, 2020Zany Knave
Pets/AmberElemental9910:15, May 3, 2020Zany Knave
Pets/NarccisTomBush108:20, April 28, 2020Aeriesol
Pets/Luna and SalemRiri2514:45, April 27, 2020Zany Knave
Pets/Rhi's KittenStarbucksChick19:25, February 24, 2019KBØT
Pets/Mouse- gift from AnjalikaTheFabulousBarbie19:25, February 24, 2019KBØT
Pets/Quinn's Persian CatFarctated Cat19:25, February 24, 2019KBØT
Pets/Lani's Horse and PegasusSonofboreas1619:25, February 24, 2019KBØT
Pets/OzymandiasOliver1157619:09, December 19, 2018Aeriesol
Pets/Nefaria BastetAeriesol17:30, December 19, 2018Aeriesol
Pets/Sebastian Highland - AdolfTimeLord1515:49, August 16, 2018HaleTheKing
Pets/FlashAjacopia110:18, May 1, 2018Summer June
Pets/ByeolTheRebelOfSlytherin03:04, March 26, 2018Summer June
Pets/DarcyGeorgieCate14:10, February 3, 2018Summer June
Pets/ZoeyAlterdevil22:00, November 17, 2017KBØT
Pets/MelodyAlterdevil22:00, November 17, 2017KBØT
Pets/CaramelDirael-fduser21:55, November 13, 2017KMØ
Pets/KaseyReesesPeaces02:46, July 19, 2017KBØT
Pets/Zoe's Bat: EsmeraldaFrumpfest200102:46, July 19, 2017KBØT
Pets/Kassiani's dog - NaerysWatcher0102:46, July 19, 2017KBØT
Pets/BiscuitBookTwerk02:46, July 19, 2017KBØT
Pets/Cecilia's Wolfdog - HavocParanormalHuntress13:09, May 6, 2017Meloney
Pets/BlaghdenThe Damocles13:39, March 30, 2017Summer June
Pets/Carlton's four dogsUniPacific1609:50, January 25, 2017Summer June
Pets/GekTheLordOfTime12309:47, January 25, 2017Summer June
Pets/BellaHaileyElizabeth03:13, January 9, 2017LyreOfOrpheHyus
Pets/FirebrightSummer June06:32, September 8, 2016~The Musician~
Pets/HopeReesesPeaces16:47, August 31, 2016Meloney
Pets/Sir Maximus RabbiterusShadowOfOblivion711913:40, June 6, 2016Meloney
Pets/GraceBookworm384810:28, April 25, 2016~The Musician~
Pets/RedUniPacific1622:35, March 25, 2016KBØT
Pets/Steven's kittenTheDeadlyOne06:17, January 10, 2016Broken fire
Pets/BarbIceblock71514:18, December 25, 2015Meloney
Pets/Kasey's PuppyShadowGoddess00:33, December 17, 2015Aeriesol
Pets/HipatiaSonofcirce922:46, December 14, 2015Margaery Tyrell
Pets/YuYuThatNerdyBoy09:12, November 4, 2015~The Musician~
Pets/TyrkouázOceanhalo1220:34, September 17, 2015KMØ
Pets/NevermoreYewcauldron2046413:56, September 13, 2015Meloney
Pets/ViperaQwertyD17:26, July 14, 2015Meloney
Pets/AviatorKaneity01:26, July 11, 2015Kaneity
Pets/SeraphimThe Lovely Rachel00:47, May 20, 2015Aeriesol
Pets/BaryshnikovXerxestheb-rabbit04:26, April 25, 2015Meloney
Pets/MaguayanLegendofFour01:21, April 20, 2015KBØT
Pets/WinnieMargaery Tyrell01:14, April 20, 2015KBØT
Pets/BeriAegis743110:27, April 12, 2015Meloney
Pets/HuckleberryDrXax06:26, April 8, 2015Meloney
Pets/Pilot- Wil FitzgeraldZany Knave09:21, March 17, 2015Meloney
Pets/Melanie's Owl - SophieWaves Of Wisdom21:48, March 13, 2015SkylarBot
Pets/SpectreHyacinth-Is-Bae13:25, February 5, 2015HiddenRealm
Pets/OreoOboeduck15:51, February 4, 2015Meloney
Pets/CaligoRoderik2715:43, February 4, 2015Meloney
Pets/AstraHyacinth-Is-Bae15:39, February 4, 2015Meloney
Pets/HedwigNerdylove15:23, February 4, 2015Meloney
Pets/PenthesileaLittleKitten11:07, December 29, 2014AliasKit
Pets/aerisRoderik2701:16, December 25, 2014AliasKit
Pets/AresIllepidus Opium04:51, December 21, 2014Waves Of Wisdom
Pets/MistySummer4ever02:14, December 21, 2014Summer4ever
Pets/ObsidianAliasKit02:00, November 28, 2014AliasKit
Pets/ChrysanthemumStrawberrywaters.01:37, November 23, 2014AliasKit
Pets/CharlieQwertyD01:28, November 23, 2014AliasKit
Pets/Asyline's Snowy OwlTheDarkHollows19:35, September 13, 2014CoreyBot
Pets/Astrid's catAstridMyx02:16, September 12, 2014KMØ
Pets/DustDanChan12300:16, August 26, 2014DanChan123
Pets/SkyQwertyD03:03, August 10, 2014Broken fire
Pets/Sydney's OwlKaneity11:12, July 26, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Cheryl's two lynxesPandoraStar41111:11, July 26, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Rosella's CrowPandoraStar41111:11, July 26, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Rebbeca Hylton's Pegasus, LouieBeccabear10111:10, July 26, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Hugo's Raven-ClaudiusHybrid Shadow11:10, July 26, 2014DaMigster
Pets/KujoI Like Bow Ties Bow Ties Are Cool11:09, July 26, 2014DaMigster
Pets/PennyDancin4evah11:09, July 26, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Vanessa's DogGummyBear123411:08, July 26, 2014DaMigster
Pets/SolomonIsabella Chase11:07, July 26, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Serina's German ShepardsPandoraStar41111:07, July 26, 2014DaMigster
Pets/StringIsabella Chase11:06, July 26, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Veruschka's Red Fox-SorinaBird of Winter11:06, July 26, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Lilian's Pet Gecko, FredDancin4evah11:05, July 26, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Hoshiko's HuskiesPandoraStar41114:15, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/GrayDeathIsBliss14:14, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Paige's pegasus, MichaelAliasKit14:14, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Lailani's Hellhound, DiwataAliasKit14:14, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Jae's HorseRedflower0214:13, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/ZivaMeloney14:13, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Vic's Automaton DragonNhlott14:12, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Ty's GriffinSonofboreas1614:12, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Tula's SheepdogRedflower0214:11, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Trey's DogWolfRunner14:11, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Trenton's PuppyTheWondefulMaskedMadame14:10, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Totoro the KittyShademoon14:10, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Thomas' WolfFloatingInDarkness14:10, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Takeshi's Spider MonkeyHydrocarbon199714:08, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/SkittlesShademoon14:07, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Shira's tigersShadowGoddess14:06, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Shiloh's DonkeyShadowGoddess14:06, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Serra's CanaryBroken fire14:06, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Scott's Automaton Dog WallaceCraftman14:05, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Sasha and ViktorShisaac14:04, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Ryann's PegasusStarbucksChick14:03, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Ruth Althea's PegasusAngeli di Angelo14:03, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Remi's DogJrite1014:02, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Raina's Pegasus, PastelTheDragonEmpress14:02, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Ori's dogTheDeadlyOne14:01, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Olivia's BeagleShadowGoddess14:00, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Nev's Zebra SharkSonofboreas1614:00, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Naomi's ParrotStarbucksChick13:59, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Nancy's PetsSonofboreas1613:59, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Moonlace, Hunter Grace's wolfTheDragonEmpress13:58, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Mia's WolfShadowGoddess13:57, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Meaghan's PuppyShadowGoddess13:55, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Meaghan's DogShadowGoddess13:55, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Matthew's BunnyArteminx13:54, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Marcella Nicolae's Gypsy Vanner HorseJrite1013:54, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Marceline's DogAngeli di Angelo13:54, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Makena's puppyTheFabulousBarbie13:53, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Luthers leopardFloatingInDarkness13:53, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Luthers kittensFloatingInDarkness13:53, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Luna's wolvesShadowGoddess13:52, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Luna's DogKookoo and Kreme13:52, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Linza Alessandrini's Lion Cub AngeliaTheDragonEmpress13:51, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Lily's PegasusKookoo and Kreme13:51, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Lillian Blue's FoxGMKH9913:50, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/LightItsjustJake13:50, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Ligeia's LambTheFabulousBarbie13:49, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Lexi Mansin's Bunnies- Thumper and DexBrocky29213:49, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Leonor's CatRubyRose1713:47, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Leon's GeckoZer0TheNinja13:47, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Leia and Tiffany's puppiesTheFabulousBarbie13:44, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Lane's eagle/pantherJrite1013:43, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Kyle, Jess' kittenTheDragonEmpress13:42, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Kuke's Jack RussellSage of Earth13:42, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/KiskaGalaxyWanderer13:37, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Karen's DogSlayingthehalcyon13:37, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Juliet's PegasusShadowGoddess13:36, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Jin's KittenSilver Love13:35, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/James's eagleFloatingInDarkness13:34, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Jagger's Basset HoundICanLoveYouMoreThanStan13:34, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Jacob's KaimanawaJacob.radon2413:34, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Homer's pegasusHidden Magic13:33, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Hailey's PegasusJrite1013:33, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Essence's PegasusShadowGoddess13:32, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Dor's FoxSonofboreas1613:31, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Devan's MecklenbrugerRofLFERBERG13:31, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Demetria's PetHidden Magic13:30, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Dan's English Bull dogHadesVIP13:30, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Dallas' DogMagicMagikarp13:29, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Clara's dogsHidden Magic13:29, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Chubbi and SeoulShademoon13:28, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Chayton's Buzzard HawkZer0TheNinja13:27, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Catalina's CatKookoo and Kreme13:27, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Camilla's Black CatHermione Fleur13:25, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Callista's OwlLyreOfOrpheHyus13:24, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Caitlyn Edison's CatMeloney13:24, July 24, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Coral, Pearl's PegasusDemigodSwan15:40, July 23, 2014Hydrocarbon1997
Pets/Skylar's Cat and Glen's DogTheWondefulMaskedMadame19:15, May 5, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/Nika's MiceFuzziebear1204:01, March 29, 2014Broken fire
Pets/Natalie's ocelot and tiger cubsBird of Winter22:01, March 22, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/LaikaLeGruff21:29, March 22, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/Amanda's cat, DianaWaves Of Wisdom18:04, March 8, 2014Waves Of Wisdom
Pets/Ajax's PegasusShadowGoddess15:52, March 7, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/Hidden the ferretHiddenRealm15:19, March 6, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/Carmen's BelladonnaIsabella Chase16:48, March 2, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/ConnorA Son of Hades20:43, February 18, 2014Waves Of Wisdom
Pets/Broedy Maslow's DachshundBrocky29207:20, February 16, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Brock's HellhoundLittle Unusual Me07:20, February 16, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Blake Taylor's Screeching OwlZer0TheNinja07:18, February 16, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Ivy's HorseRoyaldoggie23:09, February 14, 2014Broken fire
Pets/Kate's HorseShadowGoddess01:09, February 12, 2014Waves Of Wisdom
Pets/Automaton 135's KittenJacob.radon2409:59, February 1, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Austin's stymphalian owlMazsqurad09:59, February 1, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Aura's PegasusShadowGoddess09:58, February 1, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Ashtyn's KittenLittle Unusual Me09:57, February 1, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Aris' WolfShadowGoddess09:56, February 1, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Aria's Automaton Dragon -TheWiseOne09:56, February 1, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Aquamarine's PegasusPandoraStar41109:55, February 1, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Annie's DalmatianShadowGoddess09:55, February 1, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Amanda's Maine CoonChocoKat09:46, February 1, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Ali Melanthe's Tiger CubGypsyThief09:44, February 1, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Alex's hellhoundLives in Death09:43, February 1, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Alec's WolfNhlott09:43, February 1, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Aisha's pet lab StoneIsabella Chase09:37, February 1, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Aerin's Cat-ButterballRoyaldoggie09:36, February 1, 2014DaMigster
Pets/Teddie's Pet RockTheWondefulMaskedMadame15:53, January 27, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/Julia's DogsShadowGoddess15:49, January 27, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/Julianna's Siamese KittensKookoo and Kreme16:40, January 26, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/Lanson's Robotic WolfIceFireWarden003:05, January 25, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/Calixto's RookRofLFERBERG03:03, January 25, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/Chantelle's StagKaneity02:26, January 25, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/Marie-Ann's canary,sunnyBeccabear10101:03, January 25, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/Skylar's KittenTheWondefulMaskedMadame21:26, January 24, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/Holly's HellhoundHidden Magic21:24, January 24, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/Diara's Egyptian MauShadowGoddess21:24, January 24, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/Courtney's PuppyShadowGoddess21:23, January 24, 2014BachLynn23
Pets/Cori's MareShadowGoddess21:23, January 24, 2014BachLynn23

  1. = How to approve a pet claim




Pet Pages
When making a pet page, please always remember to title the page like [[Pet Owner/Pet]]. The only categories that should be used are the "Pets" and "user category that owns the page", nothing else. Examples can be seen below:
Pet Pet Owner Last Edited On Last Edited By
Jasper Meng/SoratobuEuphoria9703:13, June 9, 2020Petite'likkle'elf
Logan Hunter/NarccisTomBush116:11, April 28, 2020Zany Knave
Caleb Summers/BrunelleschiDrXax23:45, April 8, 2020DrXax
Gage/HopArteminx19:21, February 24, 2019KBØT
Minka Collias/Nefaria BastetAeriesol02:50, December 18, 2018Zany Knave
Ellie Williams/BiscuitBookTwerk21:20, December 16, 2018Koserein
Sebastian Highland/WolfricTimeLord1515:49, August 16, 2018HaleTheKing
Zane Khyllian Lystad/FirebrightSummer June12:12, June 15, 2017Summer June
Damon Lawson/BlaghdenThe Damocles14:25, March 30, 2017The Damocles
James Graecus/GekTheLordOfTime12308:28, January 27, 2017Frostleaf1615
Dove Paxton/ HopeReesesPeaces12:20, September 5, 2016Summer June
Audrey Finn/ KaseyReesesPeaces12:20, September 5, 2016Summer June
Carlton Fairchild/Fortá, Yee, Aehra and NeròUniPacific1603:33, August 17, 2016Summer June
Aria Sinclair/GraceBookworm384809:57, May 30, 2016UniPacific16
James Spall/RedUniPacific1609:57, May 30, 2016UniPacific16
Arabella Carmichael/BellaMargaery Tyrell23:14, February 8, 2016Margaery Tyrell
Terrence Smith/AresIllepidus Opium03:45, October 5, 2015Illepidus Opium
Lennon James/AviatorKaneity00:48, July 18, 2015Kaneity
Wilbur Carter Fitzgerald/PilotZany Knave20:48, May 23, 2015The Lovely Rachel
Yavanna Witte/Foo Foo & CottonBachLynn2301:14, April 20, 2015KBØT
Justin Mirase/PetsJustin211100:50, April 20, 2015KBØT
Natalie Coceancig/Fenneck and JontiBird of Winter22:14, March 14, 2015BrocklesBot
Colum McLoughlin/FaloffleBachLynn2323:15, February 27, 2015BelladonnaTook
Fynn Schönberg/Cersei & JaimeBachLynn2323:11, February 27, 2015BelladonnaTook
Adeline Schulten/DustDanChan12300:55, August 26, 2014KMØ
Brock Garreth/Pidgey & PudgeyBachLynn2318:38, August 9, 2014BachBot
Korsan/CricketBachLynn2316:54, July 5, 2014BachLynn23
Amatae/Robyn48 & Nem0BachLynn2315:49, July 5, 2014BachLynn23
Rex Gadway/PerriBachLynn2314:13, April 4, 2014BachLynn23
Alfred Stannis/PetsBrocky29219:39, March 14, 2014Brocky292
Satoru Nakamura/HiddenHiddenRealm17:02, March 6, 2014HiddenRealm
Gale Woode/StringIsabella Chase10:23, March 3, 2014Isabella Chase
Stan Gold/SolomonIsabella Chase10:12, March 3, 2014Isabella Chase
Carmen Davis/BelladonnaIsabella Chase10:08, March 3, 2014Isabella Chase
Aisha Dent/StoneIsabella Chase10:23, February 5, 2014Isabella Chase
Marie-Ann/PetsBeccabear10117:22, February 2, 2014Beccabear101
Melyssa Flynn/PetsBrocky29222:12, January 11, 2014Brocky292
Rosella Pearl Shaw/PetsPandoraStar41108:06, December 30, 2013Demi-hunter13
Jonas Queen/PetsBrocky29202:59, December 10, 2013Brocky292
Lexi Mansin/MapleBrocky29202:46, December 10, 2013Brocky292
Amanda Foster/DianaWaves Of Wisdom13:40, December 1, 2013TheWondefulMaskedMadame
Skylar Lune/TourniTheWondefulMaskedMadame12:45, October 12, 2013TheWondefulMaskedMadame
Nyx's Cabin/HemeraOblivion2619:10, September 20, 2013BachLynn23

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