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Type of pet: Female White Pegasus

Character who owns the pet: Aquamarine

Why does the character have the pet: Poseidon gave it to her as a gift for helping him out so much with the errands in his palace. The pegasus was given directions to camp and flew there to be by Aquamarine's side. A note was attached and in ancient greek was (Aquamarine can read ancient greek)

Dear Aquamarine,

Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work here in the ocean. Since you have helped me and Amphitrite greatly here in our palace, we figured that you deserve a gift in our appreciation.

Again, thank you for your hard work in the past.


Surprised by this, Aquamarine took the pegasus and named it Delfinia (the greek word for dolphins), she then thanked Poseidon for his generous gift.

Where the pet is kept: Stables

Abilities: Telepathic connection with Aquamarine because Poseidon figured that she might want somebody to talk to in camp. (She currently doesn't have any friends) and like all other pegasi, Delfinia can fly.

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