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Type of Pet: Wolf

Character who owns pet: Arista Mireldis

Pet name: Myth

Why does this character have this pet?: Aris was exploring the forest when a white wolf walked out of some under-brush. Aris stopped and watched the wolf for a moment before the wolf walked toward her and sat in front of her. Aris noticed a small necklace and a note tied to its chain like collar. She removed the note and necklace from the wolf's neck and read the note. The note said "Dear Arista, this wolf is your late sixteenth birthday present. The necklace is enchanted so if your wearing it then you will be able to speak to each other through your thoughts. Happy late birthday ~ Melinoe".

Any special abilities: Myth can talk to Aris through her thoughts when Aris' is wearing her enchanted necklace.

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