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Name: Shadow

Gender: Male

Animal: Cat

Owner: Astrid Myx

Appearance: Black cat

Special Abilities: He seems to understand her in and unnatural way, and he communicates with her using human like body language. Although no special ability is actually obvious Astrid finds this quite strange.

Relationship: He never leaves Astrid Side.

History: Astrid was wondering around the forest at night star gazing and listening to nature when she heard a weird screech. Pulling out her sword she went to go check it out. She found a cat laying on the ground injured. She checked him out and saw that all he had was a splinter and maybe a spranged ankle. "I guess cats don't always land on their feet" she laughed. The cat glared at her and growled, causing her to jump back and ask, "Are you a nymph?" . The cat twitched it's ears and shook it's head, opening it's mouth slightly making a hacking noise almost like a laugh. She looked at the cat sceptically and picked him up." Is it okay f I call you shadow?" she asked it, knowing she sounded a bit crazy asking a cat a question, but it simply closed it's eyes and nodded lightly purring. "Good, cause you're kinda shady", she joked and laughed. The cat simply glared at her.

Now here she is waiting for him to be allowed in and acknowledged, so she can bring him to the imfarmary. 

RAAAAWR! I'm a mighty kitten! Oops! No I'm not, I'm just Astrid 19:20, January 7, 2013 (UTC)


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