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Type of Pet: Pegasus

Character who owns pet: Clovis Webster


Pet name: Beri

Why does the character have this pet: This is part of Clovis' history. His mother had just been killed and he was living in the forest outside of camp, trying to find his way to the camp. He had been living of the berry bushes that grew out of the side of the river. One day, he fell asleep near one. The next day, much to his shock and surprise, he saw a Pegasus a few steps away from him. She was eating the berries from the bush. Clovis got up and tried to approach the animal, but it flew away.

The next day this happened again, and he got a little closer to the Pegasus before she flew away. One the third day, the Pegasus allowed Clovis to approach her, and they were together ever since. They have bonded on an emotional level, and can understand each others emotions and feelings. They have been together in many battles and close-to-death situations since.

She is named Beri because she was first found eating the berries that grow out of the side of the river. She is fond of them.

Any special abilities: Beri is a very gentle Pegasus. It will not hurt anyone, but will only fly away and try to escape it threatened. She will hurt people in the most dire of circumstances tho, but only in life and death situations. She is loyal, and will not let anyone mount her other than Clovis.

She is quite brave, and will ride into battle with Clovis without hesitation. She will not necessarily hurt any of the the fighters herself tho, and will only defend herself and Clovis if necessary via kicking.

Where she is kept: In the forest around the camp. She is wild at heart and would never tolerate or allow herself to stay in the confined spaces of a stable.


Funny to how the pet is approved before the char itself...


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