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1) Type of pet: Chartreux cat

2) Owner :Caitlyn Edison

3)Pet Name: Azure(meaning Blue)

4)Why Have The Pet: A friend of Cait thought that the cat would be a great companion for her .This is because he thought Cait might not have that much friend nor can coop with her grandfather's death so he sent this pet to her.

5)Abilities: Azure can find her way through mazes as well as have incredible senses of direction. If she likes you very much she will follow you even if you try to hide and she will stop when you say so. She also likes swimming(check it out its true) and is quite intelligent on operating things(check this one out too and its true)

6)How She got the pet: was sent by mail and she cant return it as it is from a friend.

7)Where does the pet stay: with Cait (and if can Ariadne's cabin)

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