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  1. Type of Pet - Wolfdog (Wolf/Dog Hybrid)
    Havoc - Cecilia's Wolfdog
  2. Character who owns pet - Cecilia Spall
  3. Pet name - Havoc
  4. Why does the character have this pet:

Havoc was a present from Cecilia's mother Rhea. Cecilia found Havoc while she was walking around the forest, getting used to camp. When she found the animal, it was bleeding lightly, and Cecilia (due to being a former assassin), used the basic first aid kit in her bag to bandge the wound up. When she was finished she noticed a note on the animal's collar, one addressed to her. It read:

​"Dear Cecilia,

​I know I have not been in your life that much, or really, at all. Just know that being away from my children is one of the hardest things I've had to do, but even I cannot change the rules. I have watched over you, and I know how hard life has been for you, especially after your father died. While I cannot change what has happened, I hope that you may now find some comfort at Camp, where I know you will be safe. I have sent this Wolfdog to you, in order to help and guide you on the next stage of your life. You always did love these animals.

​Love, mum."

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