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Type of Pet: Horse (Stallion)

Character who owns pet: Lindsay Alison Waters

Pet name: Chrysanthemum

Why does the character have this pet: Lindsay was in the stables, just feeding the animals and talking to the horses and pegasi. She suddenly "heard" a horse say, Please, help me! Lindsay looked around, and finally saw a beautiful white stallion. Attached to the horse was a note that said, I can't take care of this horse. Name her what you want. She deserves a home. Nobody signed it, so she decided to keep the horse, naming her Chrysanthemum after her favorite flower. The horse actually came form a former camper who was about to go on a dangerous quest. He had consulted an orcle, and the orcle said that he would die on the quest. Knowing that he might die, he decided to put his beloved horse in the stables, where he knew a horse lover would take care of her.

Any special abilities: Lindsay and Chrysanthemum can communicate, but that's about it.

Being Kept: The stables

Strawberrywaters. (talk) 14:19, November 11, 2014 (UTC)


Could you please explain where the horse came from, even if Lindsay doesn't know?

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Please don't forget to provide an image for this pet :) Approved1.png

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