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  1. Type of Pet: Rottweiler
  2. Character who owns pet: Clara Siofra
  3. Pet name for male puppy: Gizmo
    Clara's dog 7
  4. Pet name for female puppy: Cyber
  5. Why does the character have this pet: One day when Clara was going to the corner store, she learned from a filer that a person is town was selling rottweiler puppies for $100 which is pretty good price considering that the dogs are usually sold for $300 -$2500. After long thought she decided to buy two puppies. So she went to the address in filer and found that only Gizmo and Cyber were left, since all the other were sold prior to her arrival. She decided to by the puppies immediately, and afterwards purchasing the animals she brought them back to camp.
  6. Any special abilities: Cyber and Gizmo has had obedience training,but out side of super cuteness they don't have any special ability.
  7. If the pet is larger than a horse or a pegasus, the animal can not be kept at or around camp, so you need to explain where this pet is kept when you are living at camp. Also, if the animal is normally dangerous in nature, such as poisonous snakes or more wild animals such as tigers, etc. If they stay in the cabin what precautions are taken if any, etc.


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