Type of pet: Gecko (Most of the time)

Owner:  James Graecus

Name: Gek

Gender: Male

 Why the character has this pet: It was a present from Iris for James's 9th birthday.

Powers (if any): 

Gek has a mental/telepathic link with James and can be used as a spy by James.

Where it is:  When he isn't spying or in combat, Gek can be found curled around James's ear.

TheLordOfTime123 (talk) 08:39, January 23, 2017 (UTC)


Hai there dearie! I'm Dolt~! X3 I'm one of the two claim checkers around here and I'll be checking your pet claim for today. Unfortunately, you have to have a claimed character before you can put up a pet for claiming. So be sure to finish Jason first, I'm sure me and the other claim workers would be delighted to check your demigod claim :3

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Since the character owning this pet has been claimed, this pet claim has been taken off hold, now on to my comments

  • The telepathic link between the two is fine but, Gek being able to turn into a lion, cobra, and a wolf is to OP. I think it would be OP if the pet could turn into any other animal beside the one it already is.

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Sure thing, ill take it out know. TheLordOfTime123 (talk) 08:32, January 25, 2017 (UTC)


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