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Type of Pet: Snowy Owl

Character who owns pet: Opal Cowen

Pet name: Hedwig

Why does the character have this pet:

Athena was watching the Athena Cabin, to check they were okay, and saw Opal crying, clutching a picture of Tula, the only thing that she kept from her home. Athena watched Opal cry herself to sleep. She saw that the said sleep was fitful, and knew the girl was having nightmares. The next morning, Opal was wandering the forest, when she saw a cage, that was protected by the mist so only Opal could see it, with an owl inside. A note was attached. It said I love you Opal. I need you to know that I'm sorry about Tula. Love, Mum. Opal took it to the Athena cabin, and, after getting a child if Hecate to remove the spell, named it Hedwig, after the owl in Harry Potter, as the two looked very similar. She keeps it in a cage in her cabin. She sometimes lets it free with strict instructions to return.

Any special abilities:

No, but, as a child of Athena, Opal can talk to it, and give it short commands.


hi there nerdy I'll be your claimer today and this claim is good to go just answer me this where does this pet stay?? (sorry for being nit picking ><)

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